13 Jobs in Australia for South African Citizens (2024)

Australia has one of the world’s strongest economies. It has breathtaking natural beauty and lively cities – little wonder why it’s a favorite destination for international workers.

However, finding work isn’t always straightforward. To make things easier, we’ve put up a comprehensive guide on how to get a job in Australia as a South African, including the list of jobs available.

Which jobs are in demand in Australia for South Africans?

1. Software Programmer

Annual Salary: $51,000 to $100,000

In Australia, there are numerous opportunities for skilled software developers. If you have a strong software development portfolio and development experience, you’ll be able to work for a variety of companies, from manufacturing to healthcare.

2. Electrical Engineer

Annual salary range: A$65K to A$120K

Electrical engineering skills are in high demand in Australia right now, and many businesses are looking to hire qualified electrical engineers. If you have an electrical engineering background, now is the time to brush up on your skills and technical knowledge in order to improve your chances of qualifying for these positions.

3. Sales Representative

Annual salary range: A$38K to A$71K

There are many different sales associate positions available in Australia across all industries, from retail to healthcare and technical sales. People with all levels of experience are welcome to apply, from complete beginners to seasoned sales professionals. Sales jobs appear to have good prospects, and many are even available to remote workers.

4. Construction Supervisor

Annual salary range: A$62K to A$190K

Construction management is one of the most lucrative options to consider among the high-demand jobs in Australia right now. If you have a background in construction management and consider yourself to be an excellent project manager, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to land one of the many positions available across the country.


5. Civil Engineer

Annual salary range: A$62K to A$110K

The demand for talented and experienced civil engineers is increasing as infrastructure challenges and demands grow. If you have a background in civil engineering and are looking for a new job in Australia, your chances are excellent. For recent graduates, there are many junior civil engineering jobs available.

6. Plumber

Annual Salary: A$58K to A$84K 

Plumbers are among the most in-demand professionals in Australia and around the world. Plumbers who can work on residential properties, commercial buildings, and everything in between are always in demand. If you’ve completed the training required to become a licensed plumber in Australia, or plan to do so soon, you’ll find plenty of opportunities.

7. Human Resource Manager

Annual salary range: A$63K to A$130K

Human resource managers play an important role in the hiring, onboarding, and recruitment processes. They also provide ongoing training and make an effort to ensure that employees are well-supported in their positions. There is a growing demand for skilled and experienced human resource managers across Australia, in a variety of companies, so career prospects are bright.

8. Distribution and Supply Manager

Annual salary range: A$83k to A$137k

The retail industry requires supply and distribution managers. They are in charge of planning, organizing, directing, and coordinating the supply of goods and services for various businesses. With the growing demand for fast and affordable shipping across the country and around the world, skilled supply and distribution managers who can oversee these processes are in high demand.

9. Project Director

Annual Salary: $61k to $160k

Having a talented project manager on your team can benefit all types of businesses in Australia. Project managers play an important role in keeping everyone motivated, productive, and on track toward their goals, from IT and web development agencies to marketing firms. This career has a lot of potentials, especially as the job market continues to improve.

10. Accountant

Salary: A$50k to A$160k

A business can always benefit from having an experienced accountant on staff, regardless of how big or small it is. Individuals can also hire accountants to help them manage their finances. Because accountants can do so much, there are a lot of job openings in Australia, many of which have a lot of room for growth.

11. Psychologist

Salary: $60k to $120k

Another example of in-demand healthcare jobs in Australia is the psychologist position. Psychologists and mental health professionals are in greater demand than ever before, and their career prospects are bright both now and in the future. After all, people will always desire and require high-quality mental health care.

12. Delivery Person

Annual salary range: A$42k to A$55k

The COVID-19 pandemic increased our reliance on delivery, and even as restrictions begin to lift, people are unlikely to order less. The demand for delivery drivers is expected to grow even more in the future, making job opportunities for those looking to break into the industry very promising.

13. IT Security Consultant

Annual salary range: A$107,680 to A$168,009

The demand for IT security specialists is expected to continue to rise as more businesses move their operations online and embrace future technology. Those with an IT background who understand what it takes to protect businesses from data breaches will find it relatively easy to find work in Australia.

Can South African citizens work in Australia?

Yes. South African citizens can work in Australia. However, you’ll need a work visa or permit to be eligible for employment.

Types of Australian Work Visas For Foreigners

  • Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) visa: This type of visa permits skilled employees from another country to live and work in the country continuously after being nominated by their employer.
  • Temporary Skill Shortage visa – allows an employer to sponsor a suitably skilled worker when an Australian is unavailable.
  • Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa – This is a temporary visa for skilled people who desire to live and work in regional Australia.
  • Temporary Work (Limited Stay Specialist) visa — a visa that allows you to work in the country for a short period of time and in a highly specialized field.
  • Temporary Work (International Relations) visa — a temporary visa that allows you to work in specific situations that help Australia’s international relations.

How can a South African get a job in Australia?

Update your Resume

Having a good resume is one of the most important aspects of finding a job. Make sure all of your data is up to date and accurate. Check for any grammar or formatting errors twice, and have someone else look it over as well.

Update your cover letter 

Always tailor your letter to the position you’re applying for. You can save generic versions of each and then tweak them to better fit the job’s specific responsibilities and qualifications. Look for keywords in job postings to include in your resume. This can assist you in getting past applicant tracking systems.

Always prepare yourself

You might be surprised by what happens during your job search. If a company needs to hire quickly, they may request an interview right away. Similarly, a company may contact you months later with a job offer. Being adaptable and prepared for the unexpected can help you improve your job prospects.

Apply for jobs for which you are underqualified.

Although you should focus on jobs for which you are qualified, you should feel free to apply to jobs for which you may not meet every requirement. The employer may decide to give you a chance and train you if you believe you are a good fit for the job. 

Follow up with emails.

Always send a thank-you email the next day after speaking with a recruiter or having an initial interview. Explain that you’re still interested in the job and had a good conversation with them. This demonstrates to employers that you are respectful and professional.

Keep track of the positions you’ve applied for.

When you’re looking for a new job, you might submit dozens of applications. Write down which jobs you applied for and when in an Excel sheet. You won’t apply to the same job twice this way, and you’ll remember when to follow up with an employer. If you apply for a job and don’t hear back from an employer a few weeks after the deadline, send them an email inquiring about their hiring process.



With a population of over 25 million people, Australia has a low unemployment rate of 5% and some of the highest graduation earnings in the world. With all of these advantages, why wouldn’t you want to travel to Australia to pursue your fortune?