Top 10 Jobs In Ireland For South African Citizens (2023)

While the Irish job market offers numerous opportunities for both foreign and domestic workers, it also attracts fierce competition. In order to find work in Ireland, expats must ensure that their CVs and cover letters are polished and will help them stand out among the hundreds of other applicants.

Jobs in Ireland for South African citizens

1. Automation Engineer

Salary Range: €50,000–60,000

With many companies failing to keep up with the demands of ever-shifting consumer trends in a recovering global economy where money is the key factor holding back innovation, automation professionals remain in high demand in Ireland and throughout Europe. An Automation Engineer is one who provides automated solutions for software processes. As an automation engineer, you’ll have to collaborate closely with other teams to identify and resolve issues by gathering requirements and automating processes.

2. Sustainability Manager

Salary Range: €60,000–65,000 

A sustainability manager is one in charge of analyzing and forecasting the firm’s present and future. They assess its impact on the environment’s health, particularly in the immediate vicinity of the company.

While the future is largely uncertain, one thing we can be certain of is the pervasive threat of global climate change. Addressing these environmental issues will eventually result in a stable infrastructure of jobs, such as sustainability development and management. 

3. Data Analyst

Salary Range: €60,000–65,000 

Data scientists use a combination of computer science, statistical modeling, encryption, and math skills to find answers to questions that help major corporations make objective decisions for their customers. These well-paid jobs have consistently risen to the top of the job market in Ireland and abroad.

5. Compliance Officer 

Salary: €40,000 to €50,000

Compliance officers are employed by a large number of companies in a variety of industries to ensure that organizational standards and practices are strictly adhered to. Jobs like these are only expected to become more in demand throughout Ireland and the world in 2021, with an ever-growing base of consumers buying products.

5. Software engineer

Salary Range: €45,000 to €55,000

Demand for software engineers and developers has grown steadily in Ireland over the last five years, similar to the demand for junior programmers and technicians – both of which are typically viewed as precursors to the former. Software engineers with strong language skills are well compensated, with flexible schedules and plenty of room for advancement.

6. E-Commerce Supervisor

Salary Range: €50,000 to €55,000

As more businesses and consumers turn to online shopping, the demand for e-commerce specialists, particularly at the mid-senior level, continues to grow. The primary responsibility of the Ecommerce Manager will be to oversee and manage the eCommerce department of a company with a significant online presence. They will be in charge of the website, social media accounts, and online advertising decisions.

7. Web Designer

Salary Range: €50,000–60,000

The demand for web developer jobs in Ireland was so high last year that applicants saw a significant pay increase over the previous year. Web designers combine a variety of visual design elements such as graphics, photos, text, animations, and videos to create and build websites and web pages. A web designer can either create a completely new website or make minor changes to the design and layout of existing pages.

8. Mortgage Underwriter 

Salary Range: €40,000–45,000

The person who approves or denies your loan application is a mortgage underwriter. They consider a number of factors when evaluating your application, including your credit history, income, and any outstanding debts.

Before approving or rejecting applications, mortgage underwriters examine and verify loan applications, assess loan risk, and determine eligibility. 

9. Construction Manager 

Range of pay: €45,000–50,000

The Irish government’s current Climate Action Plan, as well as Project Ireland 2040 and other timely factors, will continue to drive increased demand throughout the construction industry in 2021, resulting in a boom of jobs in a variety of industries.

The role of a construction manager includes:

Coordination of construction worker 

Supervision and selection of materials and tools 

Inspecting for safety and ensuring construction and site safety preparing and checking site reports, designs, and drawings

10. Healthcare Assistant

Range of pay: €37,500 – 40,000

Medical professionals have a bright future ahead of them, but it takes a lot of schooling and practice to get there. While the work is rewarding, it does come with its own set of challenges, such as a global pandemic. Many hospitals across the country were understaffed in 2020, prompting many governments and privately run facilities to re-examine hiring policies and pay in order to avoid future understaffing issues. Become a dedicated healthcare assistant, which is a great way to break into the medical field and is expected to grow through.

Can South African citizens work in Ireland?

Yes. As stated earlier in this article, Irish companies frequently recruit foreign workers. If you are a UK or EU national, moving to Ireland is relatively simple because you do not require a visa. Indeed, citizens of the United Kingdom, the European Union, the European Economic Area, and Switzerland are permitted to work in Ireland and are entitled to the same treatment as Irish citizens when applying for jobs.

However, South Africans will need employment permits. There are nine different types of permits available. Working in Ireland requires a visa for non-EU citizens. This can be found on the Irish Nationalisation and Immigration Service’s website (INIS).

Is Finding Work in Ireland Difficult?

Unfortunately, the answer is “yes,” necessitating the use of the websites listed above. The European Commission claims that job hunting in Ireland is more difficult than anywhere else in the Eurozone.

According to the Irish Examiner, there are up to 50 applicants for every job opening. In Ireland, around 300,000 people were unemployed on average from April to June 2019. Only 6,000 positions were available during that time.

Requirements to Work in Ireland

Requirements vary by job in Ireland, but there are a few that are fairly consistent, and the first is language. English is Ireland’s official language. Expats who are not fluent in the language should practice before applying for a job. Irish is also spoken in Ireland, but only Irish government employees are required to speak it (and primarily present on the Aran Islands).

A university degree is an additional qualification for working in Ireland, though it is not required. Because you will be competing against a large number of other applicants, you must stand out as much as possible. Earning a higher education degree is one way to improve your chances. The Irish immigration authorities will require your CV when applying for a work permit. This is to demonstrate that you have the necessary experience and qualifications for the job. The immigration authorities may refuse to grant your visa if you do not have a university diploma.


How can a South African get a job in Ireland?

To begin your employment process as a South African, you must obtain an employment permit. If your occupation is on the list of occupations that are ineligible for an employment permit, you will not be able to obtain one.

Good command of spoken and written English is also required for success. Working with multinational corporations can also benefit from knowing another language.

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