Top 19 Jobs In South Africa For Foreigners (2023)

With the unending searches and application forms, finding a job may be a difficult task. Knowing where to go and who to speak with for the greatest employment is the rest of the struggle. 

To help, we’ve provided some information on how to get a job in South Africa as a foreigner and also list of the best jobs for foreigners. 

What Is The Most Needed Job In SA For Foreigners?

1. Logistics supervisor

Logistics managers are in charge of a company’s product distribution and storage. They are also important since they assist in meeting the needs of clients.

2. Creator

Content creation is another rapidly expanding industry, not only in South Africa but globally. Many of them have considerable SEO abilities, which are in high demand by many internet businesses these days. Others are social media celebrities with large followings on many platforms who make money from their posts.

3. Marketing Manager

Marketing is a big industry, and there are several job openings in the industry. Experts are usually in charge of demographic research and product promotion. You can also find work in a variety of areas, including hospitality, tourism, technology, and more.

4. Project director 

These are senior project managers whose responsibilities include monitoring a construction project’s progress, making strategic decisions, and providing guidance to junior staff. It is one of the most in-demand project management courses in South Africa.

5. Plant Supervisor

Plant supervisors are in charge of the plant’s operations. They also provide direction to the lower-level employees. They also keep track of all of the plant supplies. Kemin, BQuad Solutions, and Fruitways are among the top employers currently hiring in SA.

6. Brand Manager

Due to the impacts of the 2020 pandemic, several organizations are attempting to create an online presence. As a result, many people look for brand managers to assist them. Brand managers create a brand plan for a company’s target market.

7. QA/QC Manager 

Quality assurance is another in-demand profession in South Africa. Most businesses nowadays are focusing on client centricity. Its main goal is to develop products that are tailored to the needs of its clients.

8. Demand forecaster

Production and demand planning are inextricably linked. Demand planners are lifesavers in the face of ever-changing consumer demands. They primarily influence demand and inventory levels.

9. Nurse Assistants

South Africa lost many people during the COVID-19 epidemic to a variety of causes, including a shortage of nursing assistants. As a result, you can be sure that nursing is one of the most popular courses in South Africa.

10. Sales Manager

Technical sales managers are currently in great demand in South Africa. They primarily negotiate prices with clients, generate new sales leads, and anticipate sales revenue. JobMail and Robert Walters are just a few of the companies hiring in South Africa.

Can a foreigner work in South Africa without a work permit?

No. Foreigners cannot work in South Africa without having a work permit. According to the South African Immigration Legislation, anyone who knowingly employs foreign applicants without work permits is in direct violation of the act and faces a fine or a maximum of 12 months in prison for their first offense.

Which jobs are scarce in South Africa?

1. Sheep Shearer

Sheep Shearers are in charge of removing our fluffy friends’ beautiful wool. This occupation is very scarce in South Africa due to the limited employment opportunities.

2. Protein Analyst

Protein scientists study the role of proteins in genetics, molecular biology, and evolution. Gym bunnies aren’t included.

3. Space Weather expert

Major space weather events, especially those that can damage infrastructure and electrical networks on Earth, are identified and forecasted by Space Weather Specialists.

4. Bioinformatician

Half the battle of comprehending this role has already been won if you can say Bioinformatician. Bioinformaticians use mathematics, science, and technology to understand, process, and study biological data.

5. Metrologist

Metrology is not to be confused with meteorology, which is the science of measurement. All theoretical and practical aspects of measurement are covered in this field.

6. Black Hole Scientist

As South African citizens, we may hope that the demand for Black Hole researchers might be the country’s way of getting to the bottom of missing Government funds, but it’s more likely to do with understanding deep space phenomena.

7. Metallurgical Scientist

The field of Metallurgy explores the behavior and composition of metallic elements and compounds. South Africa’s demand for Metallurgical Scientists is likely to do with the Rugby World Cup later this year, where the trophy’s authenticity will need to be confirmed upon winning.

8. Geomatics Technician

A Geomatics Technician’s job includes acquiring and analyzing geographical data, which is frequently for military objectives. 

9. Palaeosciences Specialist

Paleo is nearly always connected with the word “diet” nowadays. Palaeosciences, on the other hand, is a collection of academic disciplines that aims to chronicle the story of life on Earth.

Does South Africa hire foreigners?

Yes. South African do hire foreigners when there are no South African citizens or permanent residents with the necessary abilities. In this condition, general work visas may be awarded to foreigners and are valid for the length of the working contract.

How can a foreigner get a job in South Africa?

Go Online

If you want to gain control over your job search, going online is the way to go. You can sign up for daily alerts, which will send you fresh job openings every day. You may also post your resume to make it easier for employers to locate you.

Websites like “INDEED” collects job ads from other job portals, internet job postings, and even company career pages, for you to apply and bookmark. 

CareerJunction is another wonderful website since you can use the results of their salary comparison surveys to figure out what a fair wage for your job.

Contact Recruiting agencies

Most of South Africa’s major cities have recruitment agencies. They work in a variety of industries and have varying firm sizes. Some agencies have only three or four agents, while others have a large number.

The first step is to make sure you’re dealing with a trustworthy recruitment firm. Check the agency’s and agent’s credentials, go to the agency’s Facebook or Twitter sites to check what other clients are saying, and go to their offices.

In South Africa, you are allowed to use the services of multiple recruitment agencies. If that’s your preference, only apply for jobs through one recruiter. Allowing two recruiters to apply for a position on your behalf wastes the time of one recruiter.

In terms of fees, most South African recruiting firms do not charge for their services. Instead, an agency may charge a fee or commission to the company that employs you.

Check out this list we put together for a more thorough list of recruitment agencies.


You may find it challenging to meet people who can lead to job chances unless you have a South African friend or relative who works in the same field. Expat social and networking events are a fantastic place to start in this case. Not only will fellow ex-pats have contacts, but they will also understand the specific problems you face as a foreign skilled worker in South Africa.



It is not always easy to find work in a foreign place. A work offer is frequently required before a visa application can be started. Unfortunately, many businesses are hesitant to participate.

A foreign skilled worker on a vital skills visa in South Africa has it a little simpler. The visa comes first, followed by the employment offer.

Employers can treat you like any other South African as an added advantage. There are no additional responsibilities simply because you are a temporary resident.