Top 11 Jobs In America For South African Citizens (2024)

Living and working in the United States as a South African is an excellent way to gain insight into the world. South Africans are looking for work outside of their home country as the world becomes more interconnected, but deciding which one pays more is an important factor.

This list consists of the best job in America for South African citizens including their descriptions and salaries, with the likes of Commercial Pilot and Sales representatives requiring no certifications.

Jobs In America For South African Citizens

1. Commercial Pilot

Annual salary range: 

Median: $93,300

High: $200,92

Low: $47,570

Flying aircraft for aerial firefighting, aerial photography, charter flights, search and rescue, does not require a degree. All you need to get a commercial pilot’s license, instrument rating, and certifications required by employers or the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), is a flight training. 

2. Web developer

Annual Salary:

Median: $77,200

High: $146,430

Low: $40,750

In order to get a job as a web developer in the US, you need only two things – strong portfolios and good references based on previous work. These two are the best promotion tools for professionals who build or modify websites. While a degree isn’t required to earn good pay in this field, web design and development training can help you get there faster.

3. Programmer

Annual Salary information:

Median: $89,190

High: $146,050

Low: $51,440

Despite the fact that many programmers have college degrees, it is not uncommon for people to succeed in this field after taking a few short computer programming courses. This is because employers are often most interested in your abilities in specific programming languages. Many programmers also work as freelancers, which allows them to choose their clients, pay rates, and projects.

4. Animator

Annual Salary information:

Median: $65,800

High: $116,350

Low: $27,860

Although there are many excellent degree programs available in this creative field, some animators and digital artists have found success after completing a short diploma or certificate program in animation. In either case, a strong portfolio or demo reel is the most effective marketing tool for landing high-paying jobs in the film, gaming, and visual effects industries.

5. Criminal Investigator or Detective

Annual Salary information:

Median: $86,940 

High: $146,000 

Low: $46,020

A degree isn’t usually required to investigate crimes through observation, evidence collection, witness interviews, and other methods. While there are criminal investigator training programs available, most criminal investigator training takes place at a police academy. However, taking some college-level criminal justice or law enforcement courses before applying to a police academy can help you stand out.

6. Editor or writer

Annual Salary information:

Median: $67,730 

High: $125,880 

Low: $36,380

Even in this digital age, written communication remains the most common means of conveying and exchanging information and stories. However, not everyone does it well. As a result, many companies are willing to pay top dollar for talented writers and editors. And there are numerous options for establishing a lucrative writing career (regardless of whether your interest lies in informational, technical, creative, or marketing-oriented writing). Furthermore, successful writers and editors have a wide range of educational backgrounds. Online writing courses can be taken almost anywhere.

7. Sound Engineer

Annual salary information:

Median: $53,520

High: $119,720

Low: $27,650 

The abilities of sound engineers aren’t limited to music recordings. Professionals in this field can also be found contributing significantly to film and television productions, video games, sporting events, theater productions, and live concerts. That’s why, at the peak of their careers, some of them earn $100,000. Training in sound engineering is widely available.

8. Customer Service Representative

Annual salary information:

Median: $58,770

High: $128,820

Low: $29,110

Selling goods or services is a special skill that can be learned in a variety of ways. However, if you want to make a lot of money through high-commission sales jobs, getting a business education is a good way to improve your chances of success.

9. Real Estate Agent

Annual salary information:

Median: $49,040

High: $112,410

Low: $25,100

Helping people buy and sell homes or businesses can be extremely lucrative. The majority of real estate agents’ income comes from commissions on the sale of land, homes, and office buildings, which can be worth hundreds of thousands (or even millions) of dollars.

10. Specialist in Computer Network Support

Annual Salary information:

Median: $151,150

Low: $90,430

Computers, internal digital information networks, and Internet access are used heavily by most businesses. Whether or not they have a computer networking degree, skilled network support professionals who troubleshoot problems with those systems and find timely solutions are often well compensated.

A bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology can lead to management-level positions overseeing an organization’s computer systems and related activities (IT).

11. Marketing Director

Annual salary information:

Median: $142,170 

Low: $74,620

Having the ability to spot new markets, forecast demand, and develop effective pricing strategies for a company’s products or services can be extremely beneficial. They can, after all, produce outcomes such as increased profits, market share, and customer or client satisfaction. That is why some marketing executives are well compensated. Online and on-campus marketing degree programs are widely available.

Can South African citizens work in the US?

Yes. A South African citizen can work and live in the United States if he/she has been granted a work permit.

How can a South African get a job in the US?

1. Look for job openings in your area.

You can walk around your neighborhood looking for signs that say “Hiring” in the windows of nearby businesses; this indicates that they are in need of a worker. Get to meet the employer, introduce yourself and inquire about the available job opportunities. If you’re looking for work, local newspapers and websites might be a good place to start. These publications will have job openings from small businesses or local businesses in your neighborhood, town, or city.

2. Fill out an application at a recruitment agency

Every city has a recruitment agency that can assist you in your job search. This agency will also assist you in finding your first job. Before meeting a recruitment agency, make sure you prepare your resume or at least a list of your professional experiences, dates of employment, and education information before visiting an employment center. They may request this information in order to register you in their system.

3. Look for job openings on the internet.

The benefit of looking for work online is that you can narrow down your search. You can search for specific types of jobs and career opportunities. Investigate the best position, location, and hours for you. If you don’t have access to a computer, the public library offers free computers.

There are millions of job openings online, as well as numerous websites that can assist you in your job search. The majority of employers post job openings on the internet. Some websites even provide information about a company’s compensation, culture, and benefits so you can get a sense of what it’s like to work there. 

LinkedIn, USJobs, Glassdoor, Upwork, SimplyHired, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and many others are among the most popular job search websites. Signing up for job alerts is available on all of these job search websites. If you provide your email address, you will be notified when new jobs in your field become available. Before applying to any open position, most of these websites will require you to create an online resume.



Whether you’re a South African student deciding what courses to take in college or looking to start a new career in the United States, these article has provided you with the most in-demand jobs in America for South African citizens. A brief job description is included, as well as the median salary and projected hiring growth.

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