Lithium Solar Batteries Prices In South Africa (2023)

Solar Batteries are quite popular and powerful, and usually very helpful too. They are properly made and configured to store either grid or solar power for later use. For instance, we are all aware of the fact that anything can go wrong with the traditional grid at certain times, and electricity will be interrupted. Solar power can prove pretty helpful in such cases.

Lithium solar batteries prices in south africa can be between R12,000 and R70,000 and higher for home use batteries. Commercial batteries can cost millions of rands.

How Much Are Lithium Solar Batteries In South Africa?

Lithium solar batteries prices in south africa can cost anything from R12,000 to R70,000. However, certain home use batteries and commercial batteries can be more expensive.

It must be established that there are several factors that determine how much you will buy your solar batteries. You should be aware already that there are various types of batteries in the first place, and it is obvious that they can’t be the same price.

Different types of lithium solar batteries have different types of capacities, hence, different prices. So, commercial batteries are usually more expensive than the average ones since they are made to be stronger.

Solar Battery Types

Before now, a lot of people are vehemently given to AGM batteries for various reasons. Nevertheless, things are changing and have changed too. Hence, right now, a lot of folks in South Africa are much more inclined towards Lithium-ion Solar Batteries, for obvious reasons too.

We can’t deny the fact that these types of batteries are much better, and thus, are far more in demand. These ones have much longer battery life (6,000-10,000 cycles). This indeed is an upgrade to what used to be the norms back then. It is necessary to add that while we can’t ignore the fact that there are still folks who still cleave to AGM, the fact remains that Lithium-ion battery is way ahead and should be given utmost priority.

Actually, while, when it comes to things pertaining to solar batteries and the rest, we usually give great thought to life span, the fact remains that lithium solar batteries are better than their AGMs counterparts on different grounds too. In other words, there are certainly other great qualities attached to lithium solar that the AGMs just don’t have.

For instance, lithium solar batteries usually have much longer warranty periods (5-10 years) ahead of their counterparts and have the reputation of having a greater depth of discharge (80-100%). These ones also have built-in BMS (Battery Management System) and are safe to a reasonable extent.

Lithium-ion Battery Mounting Types

The amazing thing is that you are given different options, and it is left to you to choose the correct battery. This is very necessary, so you know which is more appropriate for you.

Let’s see the battery mount options you can settle from:

1. Wall-mounted
2. Rack-mounted
3. Floor-mounted

One core thing that should always be noted is the fact that settling for a suitable battery mount will depend on how much space you have available. For those with adequate room at the installation site, they have the liberty to pick any battery they would like.

For those with very little space, the best thing that can be recommended is to get a wall-mounted battery. So, let’s say you have just a single garage, there are certain types of large solar batteries you obviously can’t purchase. In such a case, you can simply settle for something that won’t take up too much space.

Having explained all of these, it is necessary to inform you that solar batteries don’t work on their own. Hence, you will definitely be in need a few other pieces of equipment to function as it should.

First, there will be a need for a Solar Inverter. This is what is configured to convert your stored DC power into usable AC power. Aside from this crucial task, these types of equipment also manage one’s battery’s charge to see to it that the solar battery is in good shape continually.

For knowledge’s sake, you should know that a Solar Inverter with a battery and no panels is known as a Load Shedding Kit. On the other hand, you should also be aware that a Solar Inverter with Solar Panels but no Battery is referred to as a Grid-Tied Kit.

In addition to all of these, you should know that there will be a need for a peripheral kit that has disconnect switches and wiring. Now, when talking about all of these, it is necessary to include the fact that you must be safety conscious. Hence, always see to it that you disconnect switches installed for adequate protection. This is protection for your home and anybody that must work on your system.

You will need Solar Panels if you plan on getting them. We should also add it here that one can have a load shedding kit that does not include solar panels and then proceed to add them later.

Finally, you can purchase great solar batteries online, as you will come across different sizes and brands too. You will definitely see that certain prominent factors will determine the price of a Solar Lithium-ion Battery. If you will buy a PylonTech Battery, it can be from around R13,000 for a 2.4kWh battery to around R60,000 for a 9.6kWh battery bank. Of course, AGM batteries are cheaper, considering the fact that one can get these for only R2,000 for a 100Ah battery and just under R5,000 for a 200Ah battery.

In Conclusion

Lithium solar batteries prices in south africa can be between R12,000 and R70,000 and higher for home use batteries. Commercial batteries can cost millions of rands.