Telkom Data Bundles Promotion Prices (2023) Full List

Most people prefer to use a data connection for communication as it is cheaper than voice calls and more attractive with the fast-rising use of Social media platforms for communication. Telkom is arguably the biggest telecommunications provider in South Africa, and the provider of the lowest data bundle prices saw this as an opportunity to expand their customer base.

With various Telkom Data Bundles Promotion prices that start from as low as R2, you would not have to break the bank to get a Telkom Data bundle. Telkom has made data connections affordable to many subscribers with various data bundle promotion prices. These different data bundles are designed to meet the diverse data needs of a lot of subscribers, so all you have to do is to find the data bundle promotion price that best meets your data needs and suits your pocket as well. 

Telkom Data Bundles Promotions and Prices

FreeMe Bundles

This data bundle is the first and most popular package on the Telkom network, and all its packages scream freedom and affordable data connection. This package was designed to save you from high data prices while giving you several supplementary benefits, such as voice call minutes and SMS bundles. With the FreeMe data bundle, you can send messages, make calls via WhatsApp, play video games and stream videos on YouTube, and it has a validity of 14 days. The FreeMe prepaid options include:

  • FreeMe 300MB of data at R29.
  • FreeMe 500MB of data at R39.
  • FreeMe 800MB of data at R99.
  • FreeMe 1.5GB of data at R139.
  • FreeMe 6GB of data at R289.
  • FreeMe 11.5GB of data at R389.
  • FreeMe 28GB of data at R689.

Social Bundles 

Telkom social bundles are data packages designed to give subscribers access to all social media platforms cheaply. Telkom subscribers can use the Social Media bundles only on Social Media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. The packages are categorised into validity periods such as daily, weekly and monthly plans. All you have to do to choose your preferred social bundle on the Telkom network is to dial *180#.

  • Daily Social Bundles

This bundle was designed for individuals that desire to control how much they spend on Social media usage to avoid spending too much on excessive internet usage or paying for the data when they are unable to use it. These data bundles have a validity period of 24 hours only, and they include:

  • 25MB of data at R2.
  • 50MB of data at R3.
  • 75MB of data at R4.
  • 100MB of data at R5.
  • 250MB of data at R10.
  • 500MB of data at R15.
  • Weekly Social Bundles

Weekly social bundles are designed for individuals with a greater need for data for social media usage but still desire to cut costs. These bundles have a validity of 7 days, and they are cheaper than the daily social data plan as Telkom gives a discount on more significant data. The weekly social bundles on the Telkom network include:

  • 100MB of data at R5.
  • 250MB of data at R8.
  • 500MB of data at R12.
  • 1GB of data at R18.
  • 2GB of data at R35.
  • 3GB of data at R60.
  • Monthly Social Bundles

The monthly social bundles are designed for users who prefer the steadiness of monthly subscriptions. This data bundle seeks to give its subscribers more freedom to surf through their favourite social media platforms and also stay assured, knowing that they have paid for their subscription for the month. All you are required to do at the expiration of your subscription, which has a validity of 30 days, is to renew it. The Monthly social bundle subscription packages include:

  • 100MB of data at R10.
  • 250MB of data at R15.
  • 500MB of data at R25.
  • 1GB of data at R40.
  • 2GB of data at R70.
  • 3GB of data at R100. 

Once-off Data Bundles

Telkom designed the once-off data bundles to allow subscribers easy access to data services according to the amount of data they paid for. What makes it a once-off data bundle is that it does not renew automatically upon expiration, and it doesn’t cost much to subscribe to again. This data bundle was designed especially for individuals who require a data connection for a particular purpose, nothing more and nothing less. The Once-off data bundles packages include:

Current Month to the Next Month (31 days Validity)

  • 25MB of data at R7.30.
  • 50MB of data at R14.65.
  • 100MB of data at R29.25.
  • 250MB of data at R39.50.
  • 500MB of data at R69.60.

Current Month + two months

  • 1GB + 1GB (1GB Night Surfer + 1GB Anytime) of data at R100.
  • 2GB + 2GB (2GB Night Surfer + 2GB Anytime) of data at R140.
  • 3GB + 3GB (3GB Night Surfer + 3GB Anytime) of data at R201.
  • 5GB + 5GB (5GB Night Surfer + 5GB Anytime) of data at R301. 
  • 10GB + 10GB (10GB Night Surfer + 10GB Anytime) of data at R505.

Current Month + six months Validity

  • 20GB of data at R905.

Current Month + 12 months (One-year Validity)

  • 50GB of data at R1, 815.
  • 100GB of data at R3, 227. 

Monthly Recurring Data Bundles 

The Telkom network also offers recurring data bundles that are reactivated upon a validity expiration of 30 days monthly. In addition to the recurring data bundle, Telkom debits the leftover bundles from the previous month before reactivating the data deals. Monthly recurring data bundles include:

  • 25MB + 25MB data to be used at any time at R7.50.
  • 50MB + 50MB data to be used at any time at R14.45.
  • 100MB + 100MB data to be used at any time at R29.25.
  • 250MB + 250MB data to be used at any time at R39.95.
  • 500MB + 500MB data to be used at any time at R69.50.
  • 1GB + 1GB data to be used at any time at R100.
  • 2GB + 2GB data to be used at any time at R140.
  • 3GB + 3GB data to be used at any time at R201.
  • 5GB + 5GB data to be used at any time at R301.

Time-Based Data Bundles

If you don’t fancy surfing the internet, or you don’t desire to spend too much time online, or you want to be able to put a limit to the amount of time you spend online to be able to focus on essential things offline, then this data bundle was designed just for you. The Time-based data bundles that Telkom offers include:

  • Hourly data: 75MB that is valid for an hour at R5.
  • Daily Data: 150MB that is valid for a day at R10. 
  • Daily Data: 100MB that is valid for a day at R10.
  • Daily Data: 200MB that is valid for a day at R19. 
  • Daily Data: 500MB that is valid for a day at R29.
  • Daily Data: 1GB that is valid for a day at R49. 

Telkom LTE Data Bundles

Telkom designed the Telkom LTE data bundles for heavy users, which you can call the Big Boy’s Data bundles. This bundle comes with a super-fast data connection, uncapped contracts with a reliable data connection that you can trust for your business. If needing data that can permit you to do what you need to do without worrying about a set limit best describes you, then this data bundle was designed for you. The Telkom LTE Data bundle packages include:

  • Wireless 5GB of data at R249.
  • Wireless 20GB of data at R455.
  • Wireless 30GB of data at R555.
  • Wireless 50GB of data at R759.
  • Wireless 100GB of data at R1, 059. 



The Telkom network offers various cheap and excellent data bundles that suit every pocket and satisfy the diverse data needs of any individual. The Telkom Data Bundles available at promotional prices include FreeMe bundles, Once-off data bundles, Monthly recurring bundles, Social bundles, Time-based data bundles, and Telkom LTE data bundles. 

You can purchase any of the Telkom Data Bundles that best suits you at promotional prices on the self-service portal of the official Telkom website. Alternatively, you can dial *180# to purchase these data bundles using your airtime. The Telkom App is another company platform where you can buy any data bundle of your choice, all at promotional prices. If you have any comments or questions about this piece, please feel free to drop them in the comment section below, as they are warmly welcome. 


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