How Much Do Braces Cost in South Africa? (2023)

Everyone loves a perfect smile and dentition and wishes to have one, but unfortunately, not everyone can have a naturally perfect set of teeth. A lot of people with a crooked set of teeth can fix that now, all thanks to dental devices known as Braces. Braces are dental devices that are intended to rearrange the teeth of patients with a crooked set of dentitions.

I am sure you are wondering how much braces cost in South Africa. Truthfully, braces are expensive in South Africa, and the costs vary according to the severity of the crooked dentition. Braces cost between R3,000 and R55,000 in South Africa based solely on the condition of the patient and the type of braces to be used. 

How Much Do Braces Cost in South Africa

Braces cost between R3,000 and R55,000 in South Africa, based on the severity of the dental condition. There are several kinds of braces, and their costs usually vary by wide-ranging margins because the required treatment for each condition differs from person to person. Individuals with severe dental conditions need specialised braces that cost a lot of money which makes the cost of braces vary significantly. 

There are orthopaedic procedures related to braces that Orthodontists take their patients through to determine the progression of treatment and the types of braces to recommend. These procedures usually add to the costs of braces in South Africa. Additionally, the cost of braces for children is cheaper compared to that of braces for adults. You should also know that the cost of braces differs from orthodontist to orthodontist. The cheapest Braces in South Africa costs an average of R3,000 to R8,000.

The estimated orthodontics costs, plus all consultations and alignment costs, are summarised below. Please note that these costs are just estimates intended to give you an idea of the actual procedure cost, so the actual prices could be higher or lower. 

First consultation: This includes x-rays, diagnostic photos and a treatment plan which is usually about R2,600. 

Inside or lingual braces: cost around R42,000.

Outside or labial braces: cost around R25,000.

Classic metal braces: cost around R25,000.

Invisalign braces: cost around R25,000.

Ceramic braces: cost around R25,000.

Optional tooth-coloured brackets: The upper part only costs R2,800, while the lower part costs R1,800. 

Post treatments: This includes post-treatment x-rays, photos and retention appliances which cost around R2,900.

The monthly cost of Braces in South Africa

1. Fourways, Johannesburg

We recommend that you check out Sunset Dentistry. Their consultation fee is about R500, and a complete treatment might cost about R24,000. The Hospital offers a monthly payment option of R1,400 until you pay the bill in about 17 months.  

2. Century City, Cape Town

If you reside around Century City, Cape Town, you can visit Century Medical Suites, Century City, Cape Town, South Africa. They offer services such as an Orthodontic retainer which costs between R4,500 – R8,000, and Braces which costs between R12,000 – R28,000.

Adults usually pay between R12,000 to R35,000, while children typically pay between R8,000 and R25,000. Please note that these prices are estimates, so we advise you to consult the orthodontist to determine the amount you will need to pay for braces.

3. Kromboom and Burwood Roads, Rondebosch East, Cape Town

If you reside in Kromboom and Burwood roads, you should check out Kromboom Dental Center. You can reach out to them on the phone on 087 550 3622. This Orthodontist will require that you pay between R1,000 – R3,000 for a retainership. Braces cost between R8,000 to R30,000. Adults will be required to pay between R10,000 – R30,000 for braces.

4. Pretoria 

You should check out Intercare Medical and Dental Center located at Glenfair Blvd Corporate Office Block, Ist Floor Lynnwood Ridge Pretoria if you reside in Pretoria. Generally, Braces and orthodontic treatment cost between R22,600 to R34,000 at Intercare Medical and Dental Center. This facility has braces of different types, designs and colours, so you can make a pick of braces that best suits you. 

Medical Aids that offer Cover for Orthodontic Treatment

Most Medical Aids Programs in South Africa do not offer to cover orthodontic treatment. However, some offer to deduct the expenses from the savings of the client in need of it. Some of them include:  

1. Fedhealth

Fedhealth pays for your orthodontic treatment from your out-of-hospital benefits or savings. However, you must have discussed the orthodontic treatment with the company and saved enough money for your out-of-hospital benefits.  

2. Momentum Health

Momentum Health pays for the cost of orthodontic treatment from your dental benefits.  

3. Discovery Health

Discovery Health pays for your orthodontic treatment from your savings account.  

4. Bonitas 

Bonitas uses the Denis Dental protocols to cover the cost of orthodontic treatment.

5. Medshield

Medshield pays for your orthodontics from your daily benefits. However, it would help if you discussed the treatment with Medshield for approval. 

Conditions for Getting Braces in South Africa

You can’t just walk into a Dental office to request braces without reason in South Africa. Certain conditions make an individual eligible for braces, and they include:

  • Overbite- This is when the teeth on the upper jaw are too far forward, thus, sticking over the lower jaw teeth. 
  • Crowding- This is a condition when there are too many teeth for space in the mouth. 
  • Underbite- This is when the lower jaw teeth are too far ahead, and the upper teeth are far behind. 
  • Crossbite- This is when the upper teeth do not come down slightly in front of your lower teeth during a normal bite. 
  • Spacing- This is a condition when there are gaps between the teeth. This condition can be caused by some missing teeth or naturally. 
  • Open bite- This is a condition when there is a space between the upper and lower teeth when biting. 



Braces are dental devices that restore perfect smiles and self-esteem for people with misaligned dentition. These dental devices are used to correct crooked dentition and malocclusion, and they are best fixed in adults to help improve their smiles, speech as well as chewing. However, braces are not cheap to fix. 

Braces cost between R3,000 to R55,000 in South Africa, depending on the type of braces, the severity of the dental condition and the location of the Orthodontist. The cheapest braces in South Africa costs an average of R3,000 to R8,000. It is tough to get free braces in South Africa. However, you can discuss this with your Medical Aid provider to see how they can help you.