UNISA Grade R Courses Fees (2023)

Grade R is the year of study before Grade one. The education at the Grade R level is meant to prepare children for structured lessons with formal curriculums. This means that Grade R is a level that intensely lays a solid foundation for the academic developments of children new to the schooling system. Grade R courses at University are created mainly to teach people how to educate children at the Grade R level. 

UNISA – the University Of South Africa is one of the most prominent and reputable universities in South Africa. The institution consistently works towards equipping students with the right skills to become experts at the various fields of study they choose. UNISA is one of the best institutions in South Africa to study Grade R teaching courses. 

UNISA Grade R Courses Fees

Name of Course/Programme Cost per module Cost per programme
Short course in the functionality of school governing bodies R5400.00 R5400.00
Programme for Career Guidance Practitioners R1000.00 R5000.00
Programme for Practitioners in early childhood development R1550.00 R6200.00
Course in dealing with problem behaviour of children R1350.00 R2700.00
Short course in sport management R3000.00 R3000.00
Course in school management R1600.00 R3200.00
Short course in Gifted Child Education R3000.00 R3000.00
Course in Early Learning Support (CELS) from birth to five years R1750.00 R7000.00
Introduction to Leadership, Administration, Law and Policy Practices R6000.00 R6000.00
Short course in Norm and Standards in Early Childhood Education R5400.00 R5400.00
Short course in The support of Children at Risk R3500.00 R3500.00
Teaching Methodologies in Education R4500.00 R4500.00
Short course in Multigrade teaching methodologies and assessment in school R3000.00 R3000.00
Course in sport psychology R1800.00 R3600.00
Course in Education Management in Early Childhood Development R1850.00 R5550.00
Programme in Grade R Teaching R1300.00 R6500.00
Course in teaching foundation phase mathematics R2000.00 R4000.00
Programme in language Teaching in foundation phase R750.00 R3000.00
Course in mathematics teaching (intermediate and senior phase) R2000.00 R4000.00
Course in mathematics teaching (FET band) R1100.00 R4400.00
Course in Teaching Foundation Phase Mathematics R2000.00 R4000.00
Certificate programme for mathematics literacy for FET teachers R1100.00 R4400.00
Programme in technology education R3500.00 R3500.00
Course in Life Skills Teaching R5400.00 R5400.00
Shourt course in Teaching Biodiversity: Life Science Grades 10 – 12 R5000.00 R5000.00
Intergrating Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in teaching and learning R4000.00 R4000.00
Short course in the design of integrated assessment for learning programmes R2800.00 R2800.00
Course for environmental educators R5000.00 R5000.00
Short course in the functionality of school governing bodies R5400.00 R5400.00
Course in teaching foundation phase mathematics R2000.00 R4000.00
Programme in Advanced counselling programme R1100.00 R3300.00
Short course in Braille Literacy for Teachers and Practitioners R5400.00 R5400.00


What Do You Need To Become A Grade R level Teacher IN South Africa?

The qualifications that you need to possess before becoming a Grade A Teacher in South Africa will be provided in this section

  • A four-year Bachelor of Education; Foundation Phase of Teaching (B.ED Foundation Phase) or
  • A Three-year diploma in Grade R Teaching or
  • A Bachelor degree other than a B.Ed. plus a 1-year Post-graduate Certificate of Education (PGCE), specialising in Foundation Phase teaching or
  • An Educare National Diploma (N6)

How Much Do Grade R Teachers Earn Per Month In South Africa

Grade R teachers earn quite a lot in South Africa. Besides, per month, the average salary for Grade R teachers is around R7411. 

What Are The Roles Of Grade R Teachers

Grade R teachers have multitudinous roles to play in the lives of children. Their service is arch and important in creating children’s academic inclination and readiness. The services of Grade R teachers are usually evident in the performance of children at the Grade One level. Moreover, the major roles of Grade R teachers will be discussed

  • Grade R Teachers Expose Learners To Different And New Things

Grade R teachers’ main role is to expose children to languages through planned interactive activities and play-based learning. The children are taught mathematics content areas via the usage of rollick techniques. Some of the skills children will gain at Grade R level include numbers, patterns, algebra, shapes, space and measurement. They also ensure that kids have a solid understanding of writing and expression; all teachings are usually carried out in interesting and fun ways. Other skills that Grade R tutors teach children are creative arts and physical education. 

  • Developing Children Life Skills

Another major role of Grade R teachers is to develop and incorporate important life skills in the learners’ minds. Some of the life skills that Grade R teachers expose students to are beginning knowledge, good personal and social well-being behaviours. 

  • Teaching Kids Good Social And Relationship Skills

Grade R Teachers are expected to consistently teach children about social-emotional skills, which helps them to develop self-awareness, empathy for others and accountability for their actions. Grade R teachers also have a great role in exposing children to ways of exhibiting teamwork via activities that are group-centred and requires them to co-operate. 

  • Teaching Technology Usage

‘Technology’ is an immensely important word in our present world. Virtually all aspect of human life now has the contribution of technology in it. This is why it is important for not just adults, but also kids, to know about the usage of technology. Via playful and interesting activities, Grade R teachers show kids the right and positive ways to utilize the power of technology. 



Grade R is a great course to study in South Africa. Graduates with Grade R teaching certificates are highly demanded in the country. Besides, to study Grade R courses in South Africa and become an expert in the field, one should attend a good university. The University of South Africa is one of the best South African universities to earn a Grade R teaching degree. In this article, the Grade R courses you can offer and their fees have been provided. Also, above, you would find some useful information that will help you even after you graduate as a Grade R programme student.