Social Work Requirements At UNISA (2023)

Social work is a profession that is practise-based and deals with the promotion of social changes, development, cohesion and the empowerment of people and communities. The profession highly relies on a deep comprehension of human behaviours, development, cultural, social and economic relations and interactions. 

Social work is a great course to study because it equips one with human empathy, a caring personality and positive behaviours. Social workers usually work with depressed, poor and impoverish individuals; creating ways and strategies on how to improve the lives of people who are suffering. Social work is a profession that is exclusively aimed to make the world a better place. 

In South Africa, there are different schools where you can study social work; moreover, one of the best institutions where you can learn the course is UNISA and for that, you will need to know Social Work requirements at UNISA. The University of South Africa (UNISA) is a well-known and reputable South African university that consistently works towards offering top-notch educational services. 

The University Of South Africa is a good school to study and earn your social work degree. It has good facilities, experienced tutors and utilizes an impressive curriculum. If you are planning to study social work at UNISA, you aren’t making any mistake; the school is one of the best to study social work course!

Social Work Requirements At UNISA

To obtain Bachelors Of Social Work degree at UNISA, there are certain requirements you need to meet.

  • APS: 21
  • Duration: Four Years
  • A National Senior Certificate (NSC) with degree endorsement
  • English Language: 60%
  • 60% in other four Matric examination content subjects


  • A Senior Certificate (SC) with matriculation exemption
  • High-Grade C or Standard Grade B symbol in the language of teaching and learning
  • 60% in other four Matric examination content subjects


  • A Certificate in Social Auxiliary Work (NQF Level 4) 
  • One year of professional practice as a registered Social Auxiliary Worker

Apart from the above requirements, you should also know that you will need certain important certificates before you study Social Work at UNISA

  • Police clearance for criminal convictions 
  • Certificate of a ‘fit and proper person’ by the South African Council for Social Service Professions (SACSSP)
  • Two testimonials from credible sources, such as a school, religious, or a community leader

That’s the requirements to study social work at UNISA.

What Are The Reasons To Study Social Work?

If you are planning to study Social Work in school, then you should know about the significant reasons why the course is important. Besides, in this section, some of the major reasons why it is good to study social work will be explained.

  • Understanding The Importance Of Positive Impact

Social work is a course that is all about learning, understanding and striving to make an impact and improve the lives of people in society. As a social worker, you would always be ready to listen to people’s needs, assist young people to get out of harmful addictions and enhance people’s quality of life. Belonging to a profession that naturally brings you closer to highly beneficial activities is super awesome. 

  • Various Job Opportunities

The world is in constant need of social workers. The number of poor and depressed people keeps increasing day by day and this is a major reason, why the world needs experts to keep people on track and reduce human sufferings. 

As a social worker, jobs opportunities won’t be far away from you. This is because there are multitudinous aspects where you can work and provide positive impacts. 

  • Knowing The True Value Of Things

Social work is a course that gives you the chance to learn about other people’s impediments and problems. The profession will immensely help you to value a lot of things that would have been rather left underrated. 

Working to always help people facing greater problems is an activity that is going to keep you motivated about your life. Also, you will gain lots of experiences and discern how to tackle your problems easily. 

What Are The Jobs You Can Obtain With Your Social Work Degree

There are usually multitudinous job opportunities for social work graduates. Social workers are needed in various settings such as hospitals, children’s homes, schools and so on. Some of the major works that you can choose after completing your Social work programme at UNISA will be provided. 

  • Counsellor

Counselling is a work that mainly deals with listening to people and giving them useful pieces of advice. As a social work student, you will be taught the different ways to create a safe environment to allow people to express their emotions and speak about the issues they have. With a Social work degree, you can venture into a counselling career.  

  • Education Consultant

This is another career you can venture into with a Social work career. An education consultant’s work is to assist parents or guardians, students and organization with their educational needs. An education consultant might help schools create curriculums and also, assist students with issues bothering their academic life. 

  • Mental Health Worker

As a graduate of the Social work department, you can choose to be a mental health worker. As a mental health worker, your main work will be to examine the emotional, mental, and behavioural problems of your patients and assist them out of it by providing effective and better coping strategies. A metal health worker would also have to assess factors that lead to their customer’s condition. 

  • Community Development Worker

This is another job you can choose as a Social work graduate. As a community development worker, you will have to interact with the community members and bring out a social change by assisting them to live a peaceful and positive life. 



Social Work is an amazing course to choose. Besides, to derive and gain huge knowledge about a course, it is better to choose a standard and spectacular institution. The University of South Africa is one of the best South African universities where you earn a social work degree. In this article, major information related to studying social work in UNISA has been explained.