All Telkom USSD Codes (2023)

It might be unbelievable to you, but not everyone owns a Smartphone today, which is the truth. One significant way to give both cell phone users and smartphone users access to perform specific functions on their preferred Telecoms network is the Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD). USSD codes are popularly known as quick codes that customers can use to perform certain functions on a cellphone or smartphone.

Telkom has several USSD codes that help customers perform different functions without contacting customer care service agents. All Telkom USSD Codes are usually short and can work on either Cellphones or Smartphones as they do not require a data connection. Generally, Telkom USSD Codes are used to perform functions like balance inquiry, airtime top-ups, data subscriptions, change tariff plans, send Please Call Me messages etc. 

All Telkom USSD Codes 

8ta USSD Codes are codes used to perform the most basic functions such as checking airtime balance, recharging airtime, checking your Telkom number, contacting customer care and sending Please Call Me messages. Do not forget that if you are a smartphone user, you can download the Telkom App from your phone’s app store to perform the functions that the USSD Code can perform without remembering any code. 

There is a specific USSD Code that Telkom customers can use to perform more than one function on the Telkom Network. If you call it the Master USSD Code on the Telkom network, then you would not be wrong. Once you dial this code, the computer will present you with an array of functions that you can perform on your phone. The code is *180#, and you can use it to purchase data, purchase SMS bundles, change tariffs and send airtime to another Telkom user. 

USSD Code for Checking Telkom Airtime Balance 

You would want to know your airtime balance for various reasons, but most importantly, when you want to call or purchase a data plan. The USSD Code used for checking airtime balance on the Telkom network is *188#. All you have to do is dial this code on your phone (either cell or smartphone), and your airtime balance will pop up on your phone screen. Alternatively, dial *100# to check your airtime balance on the Telkom network. This USSD Code is arguably the most used code on the Telkom Network. Telkom customers can use the Telkom App to check their airtime balance if they own a smartphone. 

USSD Code for loading Airtime/Airtime Top-Up

I am sure that you load airtime or perform Airtime top-up on your mobile number from time to time, and a USSD Code is dedicated to performing this function as well. People still use airtime vouchers to top up their airtime, so this USSD Code is still valid and helpful. To load airtime or perform Airtime top-up on your phone, dial *188*voucher card number# and press send or enter. 

Please ensure that the voucher card is still valid and unused and that you carefully enter the voucher number on your phone. A used voucher card will get you an error message if you try loading it. You must know that if you try inputting the invalid or used voucher three times straight, then you might get your Telkom line locked. 

USSD Code for Buying Data 

There are several ways to buy data on the Telkom network using computers or smartphones. However, purchasing data with USSD Codes seems to be the preferred choice of most prepaid customers. To purchase Data using USSD Code, dial *180# and press send. Next, choose the bundle purchase option to select the bundle you want to buy. Then select your choice data plan, which could be daily, weekly or monthly. 

Ensure that you are a prepaid customer and have adequate airtime to purchase your chosen data bundle. Alternatively, you can buy data through a recharge card without loading it first. To do this, dial *188*voucher card number# and press send and the data worth the voucher purchased will be credited to your data balance. You can contact the customer care centre for more information if you need more information about this method. 

USSD Code for Checking My Telkom Number

It might be unbelievable, but you might forget your phone number. Thankfully, you can fix that on the Telkom network by simply dialling *1#, and your number will pop up on your phone screen. On the other hand, you can also use the Please Call Me function to get your phone number on the Telkom network. 

Simply dial *140*contact number#. Alternatively, you can dial another number from your phone, and voila, you get your number. You can then copy it from the screen of the other phone. 

USSD Code for Sending Airtime to another Telkom User

Yes, you can use USSD Code to send airtime to another Telkom user on the Telkom network who might be a family member or friend. Suppose you have more airtime than you need and want to share with another Telkom user. Dial *180# and choose the transfer airtime option. Follow the prompts to send airtime to a Telkom user. 

USSD Code for sending Please Call Me Message

This function is for Telkom users who don’t have enough airtime to make a call or send a message. To send a Please Call Me message, simply dial *140*contact of the person you want to call you#. Alternatively, dial *140# and choose from the Call Me menu. 

USSD Code for Buying Data from another phone or for a Friend

To buy data for yourself using another phone or buy for a friend, dial *180#. From the self-help options presented to you, select Buying Data Bundles and decide the data bundle and amount you want. Next, determine if you will buy the data for yourself or a friend. Choose the buying for a friend option and enter the Telkom number, then confirm the transaction. Ensure that adequate airtime for the transaction is on the phone to be used. 



Now that you know all Telkom USSD Codes, I want to believe that you could perform simple self-service functions on your phone without contacting the customer care office. These Telkom USSD Codes will allow you to perform almost any function with your phone. However, if you encounter difficulty performing these functions, you can contact Telkom customer care at 180.

When you dial 180 on any Telkom number, you can speak with a customer care agent free of charge as it is a toll-free number. You will also be able to ask them any questions or tell them about the difficulty you are facing, and they will assist you in resolving it. For non-Telkom users, you can still reach Telkom customer care on 081180. However, you will be charged for the call as this line is not toll-free. The customer care numbers are always available 24/7 to attend to you, so feel free to call them if the need arises. 


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