Top 5 Best Cricket Stadiums In South Africa (2022)

When looking at the best stadiums in South Africa, it is necessary to look separately at the best cricket stadium in South Africa because cricket generally requires its own dedicated stadiums, designed and built specifically for it. Besides that; the conventional multipurpose stadiums with tracks around the fields are inadequate because cricket fans love to be close to the action.

Cricket generally requires smaller, more compact stadiums with an oval shape, meaning that the best cricket stadium in South Africa should not be determined only by size, but by the atmosphere, the experience that players and fans get when they play, or attend games at the grounds.

As a country already known for having magnificent facilities which can rival those in any corner of the world, it comes as no surprise at all that South Africa’ cricket stadiums are top quality, and that in turn is one reason why the country is a powerhouse of the sport in the world.

Best Cricket Stadium In South Africa

Kingsmead Cricket Ground

The Kingsmead Cricket Ground in South Africa is the most highly rated stadium for cricket in South Africa. This stadium is located in Durban, South Africa, and has a seating capacity of 25,000 spectators. This is more than a stadium; it is a meeting ground for local residents to gather together in a party atmosphere and to witness the sporting greatness that is regularly put on display.

The Kingsmead cricket stadium hosted its first test match as far back as 1923, and it was a game between South Africa and England. The stadium is remembered as the ground where the South African Cricket team played its first game after its readmission into international cricket. Its first one-day international match was held in December 1992. This is one of the worlds’ famous cricket grounds.

This stadium has witnessed several great moments in cricket’s history, and has hosted World Cup events. The stadium is so famous that it is actually a tourist attraction. Many people who visit Durban make sure to visit the Kingsmead Cricket Ground, even when the stadium is not in use for a game. They like to take pictures in front of the stadium, and boast to their families and friends about when they visited this great and famous ground.

St. George’s Park, Port Elizabeth

St. George’s Park in Port Elizabeth is one of the best cricket stadiums in South Africa, and the world at large. This is one of the oldest cricket grounds in the country having hosted its first Test match in March 1889 when England defeated South Africa by 8 wickets. This is one of the most recognized cricket grounds; it is an honor to play competitively here.

St. George’s Park cricket stadium in South Africa has a seating capacity of 19,000 people. This ground has hosted several high profile games, including the 2003 Cricket World Cup, 2009 Indian Premier League, and other games. The ground regularly hosts league games of the Eastern Province (Since 1889), Warriors (Since 2004), and the Nelson Mandela Bay Giants (Since 2018).

This stadium has gained a reputation as a very difficult place to attain a victory as a visiting team. It has been given the nickname “The Dragon’s Lair.” For sponsorship reasons the ground’s official name is “Axxess DSL St Georges.” However South African cricket fans continue to call the ground by its historic name “St George’s Park.”

Buffalo Park, East London

Buffalo Park is a cricket ground located in East London, Eastern Cape, South Africa. This is one of the famous grounds for cricket in South Africa. The official capacity of Buffalo Park Cricket Stadium is 15,000, but the stadium can take up to 20,000 spectators. Buffalo Park has been in use for at least 100 years; it has been Border’s main home ground since the 1987–88 season. The ground has also hosted one Test match, in October 2002, and also a number of One Day Internationals.

Buffalo Park in East London does not make its claim as one of South Africa’s premier cricket grounds because of its size; it is because the stadium gives a unique feeling. This stadium is frequented by cricket lovers even when their team is not playing. Many people troop in just to catch a glimpse of the stadium, and see for themselves what this famous ground is all about.

Park Newlands, Cape Town

Newlands Cricket Ground in Cape Town is one of South Africa’s famous cricket grounds. This stadium is located in the upscale Newlands area of Cape Town, South Africa. Newlands became an international Test cricket ground when it hosted the first test between England and South Africa in March 1889. However, this ground is much older than that record because it has been in use for several years before that international game, even though the official opening was in 1888.

Ever since its opening, the cricket ground has undergone several improvements both on the field, and on the adjoining facilities. This cricket stadium has a seating capacity of 25,000 spectators; making it one of the largest cricket stadiums in the country.

For sponsorship reasons this stadium is officially called the “Six Gun Grill Newlands,” but in truth most fans just call it by its original name “Newlands Park.”

Supersport Park, Centurion

Supersport Park, which is located in Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa. This is arguably South Africa’s best known cricket ground. Some people still call it Centurion Park, which was the name before Sports Media Company; SuperSport bought shares in the stadium and the name was changed to SuperSport Park. This has been the home of many great cricket games that have been played on South African soil.

SuperSport Park has a seating capacity of 20,000 spectators, and with the right games, it can have a party atmosphere. The ground hosted its first one-day international in December 1992, in a game during which India beat South Africa.

This is also home to local league games of the Northerns (Since 1995), the Titans (Since 2004), and Tshwane Spartans (Since 2018).



The best cricket stadium in South Africa is not at all an easy thing to decide. South Africa has some very good stadiums, as one would expect from a country that is a heavyweight in the game of cricket.  These stadiums are so good that when India was unable to host their league games for a year, they brought it all the way to South Africa.

The stadiums are more than just grounds for hosting sports games; they are also important parts of the cultural scenarios of the cities in which they are located- as can be attested to by the number of tourists who stop by for visits.