Top 10 Best Primary Schools In Johannesburg (2023)

Education is one of the core pillars of any nation. Once it is missing, there will be a great consequential effect on all other sectors of the nation including the economy. 

Johannesburg is the capital city of Gauteng, a province in South Africa, and in order to ensure they build a very strong educational foundation for their citizens, they have a high number of World-class primary schools.

These schools are ranked as among the World-Class and the best primary schools in Johannesburg, SA, because of how intelligent and excellent their students perform in external examinations. This article aims at providing for you a list of the. 

Top 10 Best Primary Schools In Johannesburg

1. Parkview Senior Primary School

Parkview Senior, established in 1917 with only 19 students and one teacher, has since expanded to accommodate over 600 students. It caters to learners from Grade 4 to Grade 7 and currently considered the best primary school in Johannesburg, South Africa. This also cements the fact that the school inculcates excellent training in their students. Besides, the school is well equipped with excellent facilities that aid learning.

2. Melpark Primary School

Located in Johannesburg, Melpark Primary School is a public school that caters to Grade R to Grade 7 learners. English is the principal language of instruction and Afrikaans is the first additional language. Zulu has been adopted as a Grade 1 and 2 Incremental Indigenous Language. There are more than 700 students currently enrolled. The fact that the school adopts the African language places the school in the spot of one of the best in the city.

3. Rosebank Primary School

Rosebank Primary School, located in Johannesburg, is a public, co-educational primary school founded in 1906 with just 30 children on the register, the school has now grown to become one of the leading primary schools in the most populous city in South Africa, catering for grades 0 to 7 students. In order to cater to the wellbeing of the students, the school is highly equipped with sophisticated equipment that aids learning. The school allows both genders. 

4. Bryanston Primary School

Being an English-medium public primary school based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Bryanston Primary School is generally referred to as BPS. The school was established in 1954 and provides education for students in grades 1-7, as well as grade 0. Bryanston Primary School, one of the top primary schools in Johannesburg, provides learners with a wide range of academic, sporting, and cultural programs. And this is exactly what sets them apart from the other primary schools in the city.

5. Saxonwold Primary School

Saxonwold Primary School is located close to Oxford Road in Johannesburg and is a public, co-educational primary school. The school provides education for children from grade 1 to grade 7 and it’s well equipped with sophisticated and highly efficient equipment that aids learning. This produces tremendous results on their students coupled with the highly trained instructors in the school.

6. Sandhurst Pre and Preparatory School

Sandhurst Pre-& Preparatory College is a primary school situated in Olympia Road, Parkmore, and Johannesburg. The school continues to boast of upholding and building on the high expectations and values of the world-class, independent pre-school formerly known as Stepping Stones Preschool, and to provide learners with a very strong education. These are among the unique characteristics of the school that set it apart from all other primary schools in the city, making them one of the best primary schools in Johannesburg.

7. Blairgowire Primary School

Blairgowrie Primary is a multi-cultural, co-educational primary school located in Johannesburg’s northern suburbs. The school, founded in 1959 with 259 students, caters to more than 856 students from Grade R to Grade 7. The school has one of the best instructors in the city and this can easily be seen in their students. The efforts of the instructors are also aided by the presence of up-to-date equipment and facilities. 

8. Parkhurst Primary School

Parkhurst Primary School, located in the Parkhurst suburb of Johannesburg, is a public, co-educational primary school. Founded in 1952 with just 139 students, the school has an army of children on its roll, ranging from Grade 1 to Grade 7. The school is considered to be one of the best in the city because of the presence of highly experienced instructors, modern facilities, and a conducive environment.

9. Little Hill Montessori

Littlehill Montessori is a co-educational public primary school situated in Johannesburg. The school was founded with the vision of providing children with a warm, nurturing, and conducive atmosphere where children can develop and learn.

10. Bedfordview Primary School

The Bedfordview primary school is a Johannesburg based, English-medium, co-educational institution. By consistently striving for excellence, the school is proud to deliver a high level of education and discipline. 


Education is by far the most important sector of any country that must have a very strong foundation. And this is exactly what most of the owners of the primary schools in Johannesburg want to ensure in order to have a better Johannesburg in the nearest future.