Top 10 Biggest Cities In South Africa

South Africa has a land area that has been pegged around 1213090 sq. Km. Also, according to a more recent report from the World Bank, there are some 59.31 million people living in the country. The country has several cities, with different populations also.

The top biggest cities in South Africa by population include: Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Soweto, Pretoria, Port Elizabeth, Pietermaritzburg, Benoni, Tembisa, and East London.

Top 10 Biggest Cities In South Africa (by population)

There are several cities in South Africa quite alright, but some are more populated than others for different reasons. Here are the largest South African cities by population:

1. Johannesburg

Johannesburg is a prominent city in South Africa and is actually one of the most important cities in the country for different reasons too. Located in Gauteng, it has a population of about 5.635 million people, making the beautiful city the largest of its kind in South Africa.

Johannesburg is not simply a sophisticated city, but is also reputable for its superb reputation for quality and affordability. It is a major world city with great economic muscles, and it is not surprising that millions of people are willing to make this place their home.

2. Cape Town

Located in the province of Western Cape, there are some 4.618 million people residing in the city currently, making it one of the biggest in the whole of the country. This port city has a lot of exciting features, and it is normal that many people will prefer residing in it. Fondly referred to as the mother city of South Africa, Cape Town happened to be the very first site of European settlement in the country.

3. Durban

Located in KwaZulu-Natal, Durban is another large South African city as far as population is concerned. It currently has a population of around 3.721 million people that are residing in different parts of the country. The coastal city has different influences historically – African, Indian, colonial, just name it. Therefore, it is one of the South African cities with an active Indian community in the whole of the country.

Therefore, it is not too surprising that the city is the country’s curry capital. Therefore, it offers much more than diversity and world-class surf spots, but is a fine place for food lovers too.

4. Soweto

Soweto is also sitting in Gauteng, and it has a population that is well above 2 million. Soweto is a very beautiful and nice place filled with many exciting and superb features. It is famous for being the biggest black urban settlement in the whole of Africa, and it is historical too.

Soweto is home to different persons and families of different classes. There are several people living in extravagant mansions, as well as many people living in small homes. Nevertheless, due to the presence of certain spots, Soweto is a prominent tourist destination in the province.

5. Pretoria

Pretoria is also in Gauteng, and has a population that is around 2.473 million people. Hence, Pretoria is one of the largest cities in South Africa. However, beyond simply being a large city in South Africa when it comes to population, Pretoria is an important place in the country. It is one of the country’s capital cities, and the seat of executive power.

Therefore, we can simply say Pretoria is a powerful city. But even beyond politics, the city has several large parks and other impressive features.

6. Port Elizabeth (Gqeberha)

Representing the province of the Eastern Cape, Port Elizabeth is another large city in South Africa by population. There are around a million people residing here. As a prominent port in the Eastern Cape, Port Elizabeth has a lot of beaches.

For some reasons, Port Elizabeth was renamed Gqeberha by the government, for “transformation purposes”.

7. Pietermaritzburg

Back to KwaZulu-Natal (the city is located in the province). Actually, it is the second largest city in the province, only behind Durban. Nevertheless, it is the province’s capital, and has been around for many years too. Pietermaritzburg is sitting in the Msunduzi River valley, and it is filled with many students.

Also, we should add that Pietermaritzburg is prominent when it comes to sports events. Additionally, it is generally a great place to reside.

8. Benoni

Benoni is located in the province of Gauteng. It was established in 1881, and is currently one of the largest cities in the country by population. The place is reputable for its iron and steel works, as well as its brass foundry.

There are various good reasons why people don’t mind residing here. In fact, it is portrayed as a great place to buy properties, as buyers can get great value for money. Of course, this is not to say that Benoni is a perfect and an Utopian society. In fact, it is currently bedeviled with such unpleasant things as corruption and bribery.

9. Tembisa

Also in Gauteng, Tembisa is one of the prominent areas in the region for several reasons. It was established in 1957 and is located on the north of Kempton Park. Interestingly, Tembisa has an interesting history too. It was founded on a farm that was obtained to house black people. The aim was to ensure it will evolve into an industrial area too. Currently, there are several nice things in Tembisa that will prompt you to like the place.

10. East London

Also in the province of the Eastern Cape, East London is a beautiful city of that is found around the Indian Ocean. Due to its location, it has a lot of beaches, and many more. If you are a lover of beaches, you may want to see what it looks like at East London. You will be amazed at seeing some of the finest beaches in the world at East London.

In Conclusion

While there are several large cities around here, these obviously are the biggest cities in South Africa by population. Many of them are not simply reputable for being large when it comes to population, but they are also superb for several other reasons.