Top 10 Biggest Companies In South Africa (2022)

South Africa is no doubt an important country in the continent of Africa, and for different good reasons as that. Here is a prominent developed African country that is reputable for being the most developed economy in the continent. It should also be added that South Africa also has the second largest economy in the whole of Africa. Therefore, it is easier for several businesses to flourish here.

As things stand now, the top 10 biggest companies in South Africa includes Naspers, Anglo American Platinum, FirstRand, MTN Group, Capitec Bank Holdings, Standard Bank Group, Vocacom Group, IMPALA Platinum Holdings, Sasol, and KUMBA Iron Ore.

Top 10 Biggest Companies In South Africa

South Africa excels when it comes to having a pleasant environment to run a business, as far as Africaisconcerned. Hence, there are several companies running well in different parts of the country – both indigenous and foreign owned. However, we realized that there are different levels to the operations of these different companies. Indeed, some businesses are more successful than others due to different factors.

Let’s explore the biggest companies in South Africa, particularly in terms of market capitalisation and value, and also considering the huge number of direct jobs they have been able to create since inception. These are well organised companies which are listed and traded on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE).

1. Naspers

This is the biggest company in the country as things stand now, with investments in Internet Technology based companies, eCommerce, Media and Entertainment. Some months back, it has a market value that is around 32.699 Billion USD. When it comes to communication services, NASPERS has a good reputation in South Africa, and the company currently has around 28,445 employees. Despite all of these, its annual net income is around 5,304 Million USD

2. Anglo American Platinum

A success Mining Company that is into the production of Platinum, Copper, Diamonds, Iron Ore, and so on. Although its annual revenue is around 14,655 Million USD, the company’s annual net income revolves around 5,394 Million USD. With a market value that is around 370 Billion USD, there are currently around 69,000 employees working with ANGLO AMERICAN PLATINUM.

3. FirstRand

FirstRand has a market value of 22.657 Billion USD, and is a prominent Banking and Financial services organisation. The company has over 49,000 employees, as well as several assets in the country. Its annual net income is around 1,880 Million USD, and is one of the biggest in the country.

4. MTN Group

MTN Group has a market value that is around 19.299 Billion USD. This prominent Mobile Telecommunication company is a big African brand with operations in several countries in the continent. A leader when it comes to voice, data and digital services, the MTN GROUP has an annual revenue that is up to 12,406 Million USD. It also has a workforce that is more than 19,000 employees.

5. Capitec Bank Holdings

Capitec Bank has a market value that is around 15.818 Billion USD. It is a prominent Retail Bank Holding company that is a leader in the industry. With over 10 million clients all around the country, the company has provided direct jobs for over 14000 people. It has over 800 branches, and can boast of an annual net income that is around 304 Million USD.

6. Standard Bank Group

The Standard Bank of South Africa limited has over 50,000 employees, and is definitely one of the biggest companies in the country. Its annual net income is some whopping 1,755 Million USD, and the company is a leader in its sector – offering banking and financial services to different clients (both individuals and businesses).

You need to know that the company has been around for many years now, and can now boast of over 1000 branches in different parts of Africa.

7. Vocacom Group

The Vocacom Group is another prominent African company that is chiefly based in South Africa. Its market value is around 14.538 Billion USD, and the company has over 5,000 employees too. The company has been doing business in the country for many years now, and has been thriving in the telecom sector. It offers relevant services like voice, messaging, data, etc. The Group can easily boast of an annual net income that is around 1,132 Million USD.

8. IMPALA Platinum Holdings

With a market value of 11.430 Billion USD, Impala no doubt is a prominent company in South Africa. It is one of the biggest in the country, with over 39,000 employees currently. The company thrives with its several mining activities, and also indulge in refining. Its annual revenue is around 8,863 Million USD, and the company can also boast of an annual net income that revolves around 3,217 Million USD.

9. Sasol

Sasol is a big brand in the whole of Africa, although its headquarters is in South Africa. It has over 30,000 employees working in different countries, and contributing to its profitability. This integrated chemicals and energy firm has been thriving in over 30 countries due to different factors. Sasol has a market value that is as huge as 10.675 Billion USD, and its annual net income is around 618 Million USD too.

It is interesting to note that the company has been leveraging and taking advantage of technology to remain better and prominent in its industry. It is now an international company doing great with technology too.

10. KUMBA Iron Ore

With a market value that is as huge as 9.748 Billion USD, Kumba is a big company in the country. With over 12,000 employees, this mining company has a lot of relevance, mining the likes of platinum, diamond, copper, nickel, and so on.

In Conclusion

These biggest companies in South Africa are prominent in their different sectors and industries. Many of them have been able to extend their operations beyond South Africa, and are now thriving in different other places too.