Capitec Learnerships (2023)

Capitec learnership invites suitably qualified individuals to apply for Bank Teller learnerships with the bank. This job will require successful candidates to greet bank customers, coordinate the banking hall to ensure that queues flow in an orderly manner, provide customer care by assisting at ATMs, and generally assist to enhance customer experience. 

This is an important job because successful applicants will have direct contact with bank customers, and Capitec thinks very highly of their customers. Therefore, the bank wants only the best prospects to meet with customers so as to continue to give customers and potential customers a good image and impression of the bank.

Capitec Learnerships Requirements

Applicants must have a National Certificate or National Senior Certificate

 Applicants must have completed a diploma that is right for the position.

 Applicants must have at least 2 years of experience in a retail, sales, or customer care environment. 

 Applicants must be highly motivated, with a strong drive to succeed.

 Applicants must have great communication skills. 

Applicants must have a clean credit record and no history of criminal activity.

More Requirements:

Applicants should have National Grade 12.

Applicants should be able to work in a team.

Applicants must have talents for problem-solving.

Applicants should be computer literate; MS WORD, MS EXCEL, and MS OUTLOOK.

Applicants should be courteous, know how to relate with customers and with other workers.

Applicants must be able to follow instructions and protocols.

Applicants must be able to persuade and influence.

Applicants must be good at networking and building relationships.

More Information

Remember, this is a leadership position; meaning that the bank will do much of the training and capacity building. What is required of applicants is to have the basic educational qualifications, and to have the right disposition to be teachable so that they can assimilate the bank’s training regime.

You are required to come as you are, with your personal motivation, and will to learn. Capitec bank will then mould you into the banking professional that you desire to become.

Benefits and Opportunities of Capitec Learnership

Capitec is, of course, the second-largest financial institution in South Africa. The experience that comes with learning your professional trade with Capitec is rich and rewarding. There is hardly any better place to start out your career journey than with Capitec Bank.

 Since Capitec is such a large company, they have so many different departments. When you work a learnership with Capitec, you will have the unique opportunity of passing through some of these departments and gaining experience in all of them. This will make you a more well-rounded person and professional; and if it so happens that you do not stay with Capitec, but have to seek employment in another financial institute, this Capitec learnership will greatly boost your chances of getting the job because they will expect you to be more vast in experience than your contemporaries.

Secondly, Capitec does not do these learnerships just for sake of formality; the bank is looking for the most suitable and talented prospective employees to join its family. Now, if you do a good job, during the course of your learnership there is a good chance that Capitec will absorb you and make your employment permanent.

However, if there is no suitable position for you at the moment, the bank will most likely keep your details in their books and call you up as soon as a suitable position opens up. Furthermore, having successfully completed the learnership with Capitec, you will be able to put their name down on your resume. As we mentioned before, the mention of Capitec will improve your chances of getting recruited. 


As you probably already know by now learnerships are all the rage in South Africa at the moment, as they represent an opportunity for willing and able young people to receive industry-specific training in their careers of choice, while getting paid at the same time. This is a visionary initiative by the South African government, as it provides training opportunities for the teeming youth, employment opportunities for a large number of people, and well-trained manpower to drive industry, thus propelling the economy.

One such learnership opportunity available is the Capitec Learnership 2021-2022 learnerships. But before we go into that, let us first do a brief review of the company; so that we truly understand the incredible opportunity in front of us.

Capitec Company Overview  

Capitec is a solid time-tested financial institution. Capitec Bank is currently the second-largest retail bank in South Africa, and also, with about 120,000 customers opening new accounts per month, this is one of the fastest-growing banks in South Africa. The bank currently has about 500 retail branches throughout South Africa, as well as 3418 ATMs, some of which are owned in conjunction with partners. 

This bank is very innovative; of its over 6.2 million customers, about 3.5 million are mobile banking customers. Capitec means big business; the company has assets in excess of R53.9 billion, controls 11.6 billion in equity, and another R19.3 billion, and retail fixed savings of around R10.7 billion. Capitec Bank is one of the banks with the biggest balance sheets in the country.

As you can see; in terms of customer base, and also size of the balance sheet, Capitec is one of the biggest financial institutions in South Africa, and on the continent. If you wanted to enter the world of banking and finance, what other institution could be better to build a career?



Capitec is one of the biggest banks in the country, and in the whole of Africa. The bank is at the forefront of rolling out banking technology to its numerous customers, which is increasing at the fastest pace ever recorded. Because this is such a great bank, and because their great work is constantly making them more and more popular every day, it is no surprise that Capitec learnership positions are among the most sought after in South Africa, both in the banking industry and generally.

These Capitec learnership opportunities, therefore, present a chance to launch yourself into the exciting world of banking with the most reliable financial institution in the country.