Top 10 Driving Schools in Kempton Park (2023)

There are certain very important skills you have to learn, one of which is driving. Interestingly, there are many driving schools around one’s vicinity today that you can easily enroll at, and you will learn how to drive in a matter of weeks. If you stay around Kempton Park, there are certain top driving schools in Kempton Park that can be recommended to folks interested in learning how to drive.

Top 10 Driving Schools in Kempton Park

These are some of the best places you can learn to drive in Kempton Park:

1. Nzali’s Driving School | Kempton Park

First on the list of the top 10 driving schools in Kempton Park is Nzali’s Driving School. Here is a phenomenal center that has helped many novices become good drivers. The well trained staff will help make you bold when driving.

Obviously, one of the nice things about Nzali’s Driving School is their willingness to assist you with all it takes to complete your license. Additionally, you can be confident that the instructor that will be assigned to you will be something who knows what they are doing, and will guide you patiently.

2. Around the Block Driving School

This is one of the best you will find in Kempton Park and its surroundings, since there are plenty good reviews of its services. You can do business with these guys when it comes to stuff like adult lessons, private lessons, code 08 lessons, driver assessments,.driver’s license test, driving instruction, driving test, Vehicle Inspection, and so on.

3. Siyakhana Driving School

This driving school serves Kempton Park and its surroundings, and these guys have been offering superb services for some time now. As a learner here, you will be assigned to an absolutely amazing instructor who is well versed with the job, with a lot of motivations and patience.

So, at Siyakhana Driving School, you will be able to learn in a very motivating and relaxing environment. Your confidence is boosted without having to put unnecessary pressure on yourself. With all things equal, your test day will be a simple one.

4. Prestige Bike – Driving school

Prestige Bike – Driving school also serves folks around Kempton Park as well as its surroundings. This is an interesting one deserving of being highlighted not just because it focuses on bike training, but it also have good and impressive reviews. Hence, you can sign up for adult lessons, private lessons, teen classes, K53 License Course & Learners License Course.

5. Nkwele’s Driving School

These guys have been doing well in Kempton Park for a long while now, with years of experience to its belt. If you are going to be insisting on a driving school that delivers superb service, then you can patronise these guys. For many years now, Nkwele’s Driving School has been working with different types of clients, turning novices into experts behind the wheels.

Here is a driving school that can boast of a friendly team which is always eager to go an extra mile to help you achieve your aims for coming in the first place.

6. Drive A Mile Driving School

Actually, one of the reasons you should ensure you are very meticulous about the type of driving school you opt for is so you will be sure of choosing nothing but a duly registered and approved driving school. One of which is Drive A Mile.

Actually, this is a SAIDI registered and approved K53 driving center in South Africa that can be recommended to all manner of drivers. The instructors are not only qualified, but also passionate about helping you learn how to drive, as well as assisting you in the journey of getting your learner’s licence. There is a structure in place that offers an easy, efficient, as well as effective learning experience.

7. EMF Driving Academy

EMF Driving Academy has been around for over 20 years now. The driving school has been providing innovative techniques to various clients, and it is one of the best around here. Its flexible program is an edge, and we must mention the availability of qualified driving instructors who are greatly passion about their job.

EMF Driving Academy is committed to offering an engaging and rewarding learning environment, and you will be equipped with all you need know to be an expert driver.

8. SA Top Driving School

Located in Columbia Street Tlamatlama, Tembisa, here is and place that can be recommended to folks seeking to learn how to drive. The services being offered by SA Top Driving School is always superb. The school can boast of well qualified instructors, and they will help you to do all you ought to do to become an experienced driver.

9. Striving Mind Academy And Consultancy PTY LTD

This is another superb training center in Kempton Park that can help you become an expert after some time of learning how to drive. You can also patronise these guys for Consultancy Services, Risk Assessment, Skills Development, as well as Skills Training.

With a lot of nice reviews, Striving Mind Academy And Consultancy PTY LTD is indeed a very superb place to do training. You can opt for these guys if you want to operate at an optimal level in this area.

10. Makuya and Son Driving School

Finally, you can go for Makuya and Son Driving School. One of the things you will enjoy there is the patience and helpfulness. These guys will be of good assistance you if you want to get your driving licence without unnecessary issues too.

So, obviously, Makuya and Son Driving School gives attention and priority to its clients, and you can settle for their services.

In Conclusion

These are some of the top driving schools in Kempton Park that we can recommend to folks interested in one around Kempton Park. Of course, this isn’t to say these are the only superb driving schools around here. Nevertheless, you can start with these ones.

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