Cell C Contract Deals (2023)

Cell C puts the power in your hands. This is a communications company in South Africa that seeks to revolutionize the communications industry by actively pursuing inclusion in the top range of services. Cell C does not believe that the top range services are the exclusive reserve of a particular set of subscribers; the company seeks to make these services available to everyone.

The C Cell Contracts have therefore become popular among the younger generation; young professionals are turning to Cell C because the company caters to their specific needs, whether it is voice, SMS, or for their data and internet needs.

Whatever your communication needs, Cell C has a package that can suit you, and still leave money in your pocket. 

Cell C Contracts Deals- The Types Available  

Cell C contract deals give affordable data options one is designed for heavy data users; it provides enough data for the month and is broken into daytime and nighttime data. The other Cell C Contract is for users who require a balance between data, voice calls, and SMS. There are exclusive online offers as well, that are apparently aimed at welcoming new users to the network.

Discover the Cell C Contracts in greater detail:

Cell C Contract Deals 2023

Smart Data

Smart Data is a contract from Cell C that is primarily a data contract. This contract is designed for those people who use heavy amounts of data, whether on a regular basis or just between intervals. For the first time, we are seeing a communications company that does not try to hold down customers by forcing them to subscribe to long-term contracts but depends on the quality of service to keep you paying. 

Smart Data 10GB TOP-UP

The Smart Data 10GB Top Up contract gives you 10GB Anytime Data for your main internet needs. You also get 10GB Night Time Data, and another 2GB Free Anytime Data. This deal costs R339 Per Month, and you can cancel at any time.

Smart Deal 50GB Top Up

The Smart Deal 50GB Top Up is a data deal that gives you 50GB Anytime Data for your main data needs, as well as 50GB Night Data so you can surf the web at night without touching your main data. You still get another 5GB of Free Anytime Data. This contract costs just 999 Per Month, and you can cancel the contract at any time. 

Pinnacle Contracts 

These are more balanced contracts in which the subscribers get data as well as voice call time. It is a complete communication package. 

Pinnacle 3GB Top Up

The Pinnacle 3GB Top Up contract gives you 2GB Anytime Data for your main data uses, as well as 1GB Nighttime Data to use at night without touching your main data balance. You also get 90 Minutes of Call Time to call any network, and also 210 minutes on the Network. You also get 500 SMS and 1GB of Free Anytime Data as well. This deal costs R289 Per Month, and you can cancel at any time.   

Pinnacle 5GB Top UP

The Pinnacle 5GB Top UP contract gives you 3GB Anytime Data for your main data uses, as well as 2GB Night time data so you don’t touch your main data balance when you surf the web at night, and also 180 Minutes any network call time to call any network within the country. You also get 360 minutes to call within the Cell C network. You also get 500 SMS’s, and an additional 2GB free anytime data. This contract costs just R419 per month, and you can cancel at any time.

How Do I Pay My Cell C Contract Online?

Among the most popular ways to pay for your Cell C contract is to do so online. You can pay your Cell C contract fee on the Cell C website. Go to www.cellc.co.za on your browser, and view the dashboard. Of course, you will be required to log in your details before the dashboard can display on your screen. Cell C will charge your card on the 25th of the month, and you get your full subscription value on the 1st of the next month.

Since the charge is recurrent on the 25th of every month, the process will be repeated automatically on that date, and you will not have to worry about paying manually. 

If, however, you do not have enough balance on your card, and so the transaction falls, you may make the payment manually by logging into the Cell C website, and going to your dashboard. Click on payments and follow the process to complete the payment. Remember that you will be charged a percentage of the full amount, based on the number of days remaining this month if you pay before the 25th. Your first full charge will start on the 25th, and it will be repeated automatically unless you cancel the subscription.

You can also Pay through the App:

You just download the Cell C app and then install it, and when you open it and register/login in. Of course, they will need your card so as to charge you in the same way described above. 

How do I talk to a Cell C Consultant?

If you need help with any aspect of Cell C services, you can contact the Business Sales Helpline. This is the desk for Business customers. Cell C says they will have a dedicated Account Manager attached to you, to provide you with guidance, and any necessary assistance. This Account Manager will be readily available to provide excellent service, add value and ensure that you enjoy Cell C services, and so maintain a long-term business relationship with the company.

You may contact the company via the following channels:

Telephone Contact: 084 194 4000

Accounts Corporate Hub: [email protected]

Help Desk: [email protected]

If you have any complaints or problems with the Cell C service, you can also fill out a form at the company website, and then describe the issue. The company will fix it, and notify you that the problem has been solved. You can visit the website: https://www.cellc.co.za/cellc/contact-us-business

You may wish to contact the company on a face-to-face basis to receive the best form of service. 

Store Locator

Cell C has numerous physical stores where you can just walk in and make enquiries, purchase products, and accessories, and seek assistance whether to pay for contracts or for any other reason. These stores are manned by courteous and well-trained staff who will help you with whatever consultation you need. To find the nearest Cell C store to your location you can call customer care, or use the store locator feature on their website: https://www.cellc.co.za/cellc/store-locator



Do you find these contracts attractive?

Please note that all prices quoted on this page are monthly charges. All the contracts highlighted above are also for the duration of one month; all voice and data will be renewed on the first of the new month. Furthermore, all the information provided in this post is accurate at the time of publishing this article- however, the post will be updated whenever necessary.

As we mentioned earlier in this article Cell C depends on the quality of its services to promote its business; it does not try to force long-term contracts (2-year contracts) on users. That means users can cancel any contract at any time. 

However, before you can join a monthly contract on Cell C, you need to meet certain requirements; you need to reach regular monthly spending that shows you already use such an amount of data and calls. You can find out whether or not you qualify for a contract in the following ways:

On the website, after you log in your details you go to your dashboard and view details.

You can also use the Cell C app; after you log in just go to profile, and you will see whether or not you qualify.

You can also talk to customer care by dialing 135, and then choosing option 9.