Boilermaker Course Price In South Africa (2023)

A Boilermaker is an expert when it comes to fabricating strong materials like steel, iron, or copper into boilers as well as various other types of big containers aimed to hold hot gas or liquid, and to also maintain and repairs boilers and boiler systems. These things are not simply what an average person can do, but they need the expertise and skills of a professional.

Boilermaker course price in South Africa is around R 7 000 on average in all, depending on where you are taking it. There are centers where you pay R 3 000 per subject, as well as R 2 900 Correspondence (which came with all the manuals you need).

How Much Is Boilermaker Course In South Africa

You will have to pay up to R 7 000 for a boilermaker course in South Africa, although it depends on the center you will opt for.

Here are popular colleges that are offering Boilermakers in South Africa, and you can easily get your Certificate in Boilermaker from them:

1. College SA, Cape Town.

College SA is one of the prominent Distance Learning Private and Business Colleges in South Africa, offering Business, Technical and Vocational Education and Training.

At College SA, you can study different boilermaker courses based on your level. The first stage is the Boilermaker: N1, an accredited course that requires R850 per month (although you will pay R950 as registration fee).

With this basic course, students will still be able to understand the basic techniques they need to build steel structures. You will understand the skills that are required to manufacture these things.

After the first stage, you move to Boilermaker: N2 (from R850 per month). Here, students that have passed through the N1 stage will be able to build on their theory and will learn all they should know about the techniques and materials the boilermaker should know.

You can then proceed to Boilermaker: N3 (also from R850 per month). With this one, you can refine your knowledge of the techniques utilized to manufacture steel structures.

2. Mbowa College, Johannesburg.

At Mbowa College, you can also engage Boiler Maker: N1, Boiler Maker: N2, and Boiler Maker: N3. The first one is basically targeted at giving you the necessary knowledge and skills you need (technical, theoretical, practical knowledge, and so on).

You can get started as far as you can fulfill the admission requirements. For instance, you must be able to read and write in English, must be at least 16 years, etc. Some of the subjects you will be introduced to include: Introduction to Boiler maker trade, Boiler maker Tools, Equipments, Machines and Materials Fabrication and pipework, Assembling and joining, and so on.

At the end of all of these, you should have to know how to work like an expert. You will, amongst other things, be able to install boilers as well as other big containers that house gases or liquids.

3. Ekurhuleni Tech College, Krugersdorp

You can also study boilermaker here in Ekurhuleni Tech College, either it is N1 or N2 or N3. For the first stage, you will need Grade 9 or 10 (with Mathematics, Science and Drawing) to come in. If you don’t have this, you will need to prove you have relevant experience or an equivalent qualification.

After the first stage, you can proceed with N2. To do this, you will need to have N1 Engineering Studies or 11 (with Mathematics, Science and Drawing). But if you don’t have any of these, then you must be ready to present an equivalent qualification.

Then, you proceed to the final step: N3. The requirements are N2 Engineering Studies or Grade 12 (with Mathematics, Science and Drawing). If you don’t have these, then come with an equivalent qualification

Here are other institutions where you can get your boilermaker certificate in South Africa: Colliery Training College (in Mpumalanga), Churchill Technical College (Pretoria), Northland College (in Cape Town), Johannesburg Institute of Engineering and Technology (in Johannesburg), and so on.

Studying Boilermaker In South Africa

Here are the required school subjects you need to study boilermaker in South Africa:

A. Mathematics.

B. Physical Science.

C. Engineering Graphics and Design.

D. Trade Theory.

It is necessary to be aware of the duration it takes to engage in a boilermaker course in South Africa. It is also important to note that before you can become one, you must complete both theoretical and practical training.

Many times, when an applicant was participating in the Certificate III in Engineering – Fabrication Trade (MEM30305) they will be integrated with on the job training by engaging an apprenticeship with a Boilermaker around.

So, be set to do everything for about three to four years. Generally, be ready to invest in 80 weeks to 4 years. Aside from the duration of the course, you should be aware that you will also take a final examination, which is a compulsory trade test that will be coordinated by the Department of Labor.

It is very important that you pass the final examination after the lessons. It is as you pass that you will proceed to become qualified as an artisan here.

In Conclusion

Boilermaker course price in South Africa is around an average of R 7 000 average, depending on where you are taking it. There are different centers where you can get your certificate in South Africa, and you may have to pay different amounts of money at different places.

However, you should know that making the necessary sacrifices to get trained in this profession is very nice. One of the reasons is because of the great role Boilermakers are contributing in the society. Also, this has been regarded as one of the prominent skills shortages in the country.

Finally, becoming a boilermaker in South Africa starts with taking the necessary courses to learn the intricacies of the profession.