Gucci Shoes Prices South Africa (2023)

In South Africa, people wear Gucci shoes not because they are cheap, but because they know the quality that the name signifies. Unlike other shoe brands where you can identify the person’s character by his clothing, Gucci has something for everybody. It is therefore not uncommon to see Gucci products on both the thug in the street and the president during a state dinner regardless of the cost.

Gucci shoes come in different prices, while some of them are affordable, there are some Gucci shoes that are rather exclusive, costly and therefore command high prices. In South Africa, some of the products are readily available in department stores and fashion houses, while others may need to be shipped in from abroad. Sometimes the availability of the product can determine the cost.

In this post, we summarize some of the prices of Gucci shoes in South Africa and also provide brief product descriptions so that you know exactly what you are buying.

Gucci Shoes Prices South Africa

Gucci original Slides Price from: R3,500.00

The product is a slide from the iconic Gucci brand. This particular product has a brown overall colour, and also has the Gucci Logo branded throughout the product, including the soles, but excluding the base. The product is made of rubber and is water-resistant.

This would be good for indoors, or for casual outdoor outings.

Gucci Rhyton Sneakers Price from: R3,500.00

The Gucci Rhyton Sneakers are exclusive sneakers from the world-famous fashion brand. This particular product has a painting of looks like a woman’s lips, or a snake (a cobra) with its mouth open as if to strike. There is a snakelike tongue sticking out.

This product has been quite popular among women.

Gucci Slides Prices from R3,500.00

These Gucci slides are of the same mould as that which we have already described, but the difference is that these ones do not have the Gucci logo, instead they are made in the Gucci colours of green and red, while their soles can be black or white.

Gucci Rhyton Prices From R3,000.00

These Gucci Rhyton sneakers are similar to those that we have highlighted before, only that there is no picture of a mouth with the tongue sticking out. The Gucci name is spelt out on the outside of each foot, and underneath are the Gucci colours green and red.

Gucci Men’s Betis Matt Black Leather Prices from 12, 279.00

Oxford Shoes made in Italy. These are the old English style gentleman’s shoes the leather is thick and hard, and the outside has a leather matt finish. The show is a lace-up wingtips and has tiny perforations on the top side.

This is something one could wear to work; it would blend right in with your corporate wears, and do justice to your suit and tie.

Gucci GG Women’s Loafers Prices from $915

The GG Women’s Loafers is a slim, fitting shoe for women. It has a glossy leather finish, a raised heel, it has the iconic double G on the side, and would make a statement in the corporate environment.

Gucci Web Detail Loafers Prices from $710

The Gucci Web Detail Loafers is a soft leather shoe with a flat sole. The sole is so flat; it is practically undetected on the shoe. The shoes have a lustrous leather finish and have the iconic green and red design in the pull-up, and still has a golden metal design on them.

Gucci GG Hose bit Prices from $835.00

This is a basic European design shoe for men, with the foot tapering into a tip, and the heel quite prominent. The back of the shoe is plain coloured; brown in this case, but the side and front of the shoes come with the iconic GG logo of the designer ink stamped throughout.

This would be great for the celebrity, the entertainment person, and the accomplished businessman. Professionals who have dress styles can make appearances in these shoes as well. 

Gucci Fringed Leather Driving Shoes

This is very similar to the web detailed loafers we have described before. The main difference here is that this one has its pull up folded and tucked in front of the shoe. The pull up is also been shredded into fringes that are arranged beautifully in front. The show still has lapels dangling in front of the pull-up. 

The shoes can do well with a suit, although it is not typically a corporate item; it can be good for dinners, fundraisings, and any such events.

Gucci Ladies Fabric Shoes

This is a typical classic women’s shoe design with the heel pointy can stilettos. The top part is made of fabric, and the iconic Gucci logo is ink stamped all over the product. In front; near the toe-line is the design made by folding the fabric between lustrous metal

Price: Unlisted.

Gucci Women’s Ballet Half Shoes

These shoes from Gucci are flat-soled and made of leather. The shoe is made of uniform black colour and has the iconic green and red design of the Gucci company adorning the front side. There is still the GG in gold to the side.

Price: Unlisted.

Authentic Gucci Ace Sneakers Shoe Size 

These Gucci sneakers are sporty and cool. This particular product has a uniform white colour on both the top and the sole but has the iconic green and red fixed on the side. These shoes can blend in with casual dress code. You could wear them with shorts, or with jeans or with chinos trousers.

Price: Unlisted.



These Gucci shoes are not just beautiful, but they command a high price because of their name. a person who is looking to make a personality statement can easily do this by making an appearance in Gucci shoes. Furthermore, when you buy any of these Gucci products, you can use them for a long time, and still, be comfortable because they are of the highest quality. If you should become tired of these items you can even sell them at vintage stores where they will still command decent prices.