Top 10 Highest Paying Government Jobs In South Africa (2023)

The government is a prominent employer of labour in South Africa, with tons of people on its pay roll. However, it is obvious that some government jobs are way ahead of millions of others as far as remuneration is concerned. While some government workers simply earn modestly, some are earning hugely for different reasons.

We will talk about the top 10 highest paying government jobs in South Africa. As expected, these are positions that are reserved for only a minute category of people, due to their significance.

Top 10 Highest Paying Government Jobs In South Africa

1. CEO, Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC)

The Chief Executive Officer of the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) get over R9 million in annual salary, which is even more than what both the President of the country as well as the Chief Justice earns as their official salary. As a top executive working in this Agency, you can earn a lot just as performance bonus alone.

The Corporation was found as a partnership between the national, provincial and local sectors of government to do a whole lot of job. The Road Traffic Management Corporation is an issuing force in the country and they do a lot that revolves around the execution of the duties of the national traffic police duties.

2. CEO, Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors

Here is another high paying government job in South Africa. The Chief Executive Officer of the Agency recently received a total package of above R6.4-million for less than a year work. The Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors is a statutory agency in the country which controls  public accountancy.

3. CEO, Road Traffic Infringement Agency

Here is another very lucrative government job, as the Chief Executive Officer of the Agency recently earned almost R4.5-million in a year. This Agency is tasked to ensure compliance with road traffic laws in the country. They operate to actualize their mission via targeted road user community education and other communication activities. The Agency also approach such things as rewarding of compliant road users, and even levying of penalties.

4. Director-General, Department of International Relations and Co-operation (Dirco)

Actually, this is one of the most lucrative places to work in South Africa, and its leaders are some of the best paid across the country.

5. CEO, Sentech

This is another high paying government job in South Africa. The Chief Executive Officer of Sentech earns up to R1,048,000 as performance bonus and “allowances”. The organisation is the signal distributor for the South African broadcasting sector, headquartered in Johannesburg, Gauteng. This state-owned firm gets its mandate from legislation (most especially the SENTECH Act). A company that provides electronic communications network services to South Africa’s broadcasting and communications industry is sure a pivotal one in the country.

6. CEO, National Housing Finance Corporation

It is a known thing that an integral government agency in the country is the National Housing Finance Corporation. Hence, the position of the Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation is only reserved for the best too – who can earn up to R2,544,000 as bonus alone.

The National Housing Finance Corporation SOC Ltd (NHFC) is a strategic one in South Africa that is touching the lives of multitudes around the country for good purposes. The agency is out all to offer innovative and affordable housing finance solutions to many in the society, and they have been doing a lot too. Therefore, we can’t ignore the importance of the Agency as well as the need for getting only the best to work.

7. CEO, Eskom

The Chief Executive Officer of Eskom recently earned more than R7.1-million in a single year, making this job one of the highest paying government jobs in the country. This electricity public utility, which was founded back then in year 1923, has its headquarters in Sunninghill, Sandton. Founded by the Union of South Africa, it is currently one of the prominent employer of labour in the country (with up to 42,749).

8. CEO, South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC)

Recently, the Chief Executive Officer of SABC earned R5.7-million in a year. Hence, this has to be regarded as one of the highest paying of its kind in government. Remember that this is a state-owned enterprise that is the country’s public broadcaster.

South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) was founded in 1936 by the Government of South Africa, and its headquarters is in Johannesburg. Currently, the SABC offers six television broadcasts as well as 19 radio stations to the general public. Therefore it is an important enterprise in the country that is offering very important services. Due to its nature, the SABC is pretty influential, and gets a whole lot of attention. Hence, the top executive members working there are earning good money as salaries.

9. CEO, South African Local Government Association  

The Chief Executive Officer of the South African Local Government Association is one of the highest paying government jobs in the country, paid close to R5.8-million in a year. This organisation is the constitutionally mandated one in the country which is tasked with the job of local government oversight.

They are a public entity which is a national, voluntary political association in the country. SALGA is a big one in South Africa, and its CEO is earning big too.

10. CEO, South African Revenue Service (SARS)

High executives at the South African Revenue Service (SARS) earn more than R3.6 million annually. This is kind of understandable because the commission is a very crucial one in the country. The organisation is the revenue service of the government of South Africa, and has some 12 479 employees currently.

SARS was founded by the Parliament of South Africa in 1997, tasked with the responsibilities of administering South Africa’s tax system and customs service. The organisation is equipped to enforce compliance with related legislation.

In Conclusion

These are some of the highest paying government jobs in South Africa, as those working in those capacities are earning a whole lot of money too.