Top 10 Evening Dress Boutiques In Sandton (2023)

There are indeed several boutiques in and around Sandton to get your nice and unique evening dresses. These stores are synonymous with quality products, offering different types of evening dresses that will satisfy your own personal unique goals and needs.

These are some of the best evening dress boutiques in Sandton to purchase your next evening dresses:

Top 10 Evening Dress Boutiques In Sandton

1. Poised Fashion

Let’s start with Poised Fashion. This is a brand in Sandton that deals with high-quality and affordable women’s clothing, and you can easily shop them online (including your favourite evening dresses).

Aside from evening dresses, you can also buy several other types of women’s clothes at Poised Fashion, including matric dance dresses, plus size clothing, cocktail dresses, tops, party dresses, skirts, pants, jumpsuits, jerseys, overalls, sweaters, shirts, cardigans, bridesmaid dresses, wedding dresses, and so on.

2. Paloma

Paloma is another famous clothing store in Sandton where you can buy your evening dresses as a woman. These guys also offer different types of clothes that will settle different purposes and functions, in accordance to the needs you want to see fulfilled. This is one of the top evening dress boutiques in Sandton.

3. StyleBound

StyleBound is a superb dress store in Johannesburg that has been in this business for a while now. This boutique sells different products (clothes) that are of different qualities and prices. The management is eager to bring celebrity stylish evening dresses to any woman interested in adorning such in the country.

StyleBound is in the business of hand-picking top international designer clothes from other countries, and they will sell it to South Africans at affordable prices. This means, you don’t have to bother about breaking your bank account simply to buy a beautiful evening dress to look good.

4. D’ORÉ

If you are still unsure of where to buy an evening dress around Sandton, you can patronise D’ORÉ. This exquisite clothing store is one of the best around, offering a variety of clothes to women around town. If you need something stylish at an affordable price, you can buy from D’ORÉ.

D’ORÉ is not only superb because of the superb dresses you can buy here, but also its organisation and general services. You will enjoy a nice shopping experience at D’ORÉ.

5. Truworths

One of the top clothing store and boutique in Sandton is Truworths. You can buy nice evening dresses here as well as other nice stuff like leisurewear, formalwear, and so on. In fact, if you want to buy shoes and accessories, you can patronise Truworths for high quality products.

Explore different types of evening dresses at Truworths of different size and color. Interestingly, you can even try whatever you are buying right there, since there is a changing room right there. Additionally, it is necessary to include this that many of the dresses you will come across at this clothing store are reasonably priced.

While a lot of women patronise this store, you can also buy male clothes from these guys of good quality too.

6. YDE

Here is another superb women’s clothing store in Sandton that can be recommended to women for different good reasons. This boutique can even boast of a good selection of local made evening outfits which you can wear for different functions.

YDE has in its store different clothes for all women from all walks of life – irrespective of your size, colour preferences, and even budget. Aside the quality products on their shelves, these guys also have an awesome staff, and you can be sure of superb customer service.

At YDE, you shouldn’t be surprised when you are helped with necessary care tips to help take good care of your dress. Indeed, there are several women who have been satisfied with what they experienced at YDE, and will gladly recommend the store to others.

7. Joss Couture

Located in Sunninghill, Sandton, this fashion brand in South Africa is one of the very best around here. Although its area of expertise seems to revolve around bridal and wedding stuff (Bridal Wear, Bridesmaids Dresses, Wedding Dresses Designing, etc), you can still get good evening dresses at the store.

At affordable prices, you can purchase Cocktail Dresses, Couture Wedding Dress, Custom Designed Dresses, Matric Dance Dresses, Special Occasion Dresses, and so on.

8. Blue Chic

Blue Chic is situated in Morningside in Sandton. You can buy different types of women clothes at this store, either physically or online. It is also very important to include that while some people are satisfied with doing business with these guys, some others are not. Hence, we recommend getting your stuff at the store directly yourself.

9. Catherine Gaeyla Fashion

Catherine Gaeyla Fashion is another superb women’s clothing store in Sandton that can be recommended to women interested in buying evening dresses for any occasion. Catherine Gaeyla Fashion is a nice unique store with beautiful brands from France and Italy.

Catherine Gaeyla Fashion offers superb service and customer experience, and you can be confident of getting luxury fashion brands without having to break the bank. You can get affordable evening dresses at this place irrespective of your fashion sense as well as your uniqueness (such as your size, colour preferences, and so on).

10. Nicci Boutiques

Finally, women can also get beautiful evening dresses at Nicci Boutiques in Sandton. You can purchase the latest fashion styles at this store at great prices too. The management is bent on ensuring that you will always have a wonderful shopping experience when you patronise them.



These are some of the top evening dress boutiques in Sandton. You can patronise any of them to get your nice evening dresses at great prices too. It doesn’t matter your size, your colour preferences, or any other uniqueness you have, you will always get something nice for you at any of these stores.

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