Fastest Way To Get A Divorce In South Africa

Divorce can also be referred to as the dissolution of a marriage contract between two partners. It is the act of terminating a marriage union. Divorce happens when a husband and wife decide not to live together again. Besides, divorce isn’t an easy thing at all, which is why some people are looking for the fastest way to get a divorce in South Africa. It is usually difficult and awful for a husband and wife to decide to terminate their marriage contract. 

However, sometimes, divorce is the best solution that can help the family concerned to live a happy and fulfilled life. People, change, love fades and it just happens, everything won’t be the same again and both partners want to separate. 

There are specific laws and regulations according to different countries guarding the process of divorce. These laws usually vary and it most times, warrants the involvement of the court, distribution of properties, child custody, and visitation.

The fastest way to get a divorce in South Africa is not hard at all. You just need to follow a few steps and you will get it done. First, you should know about the legally acceptable reasons for ending marriages in South Africa. 

Fastest Way To Get A Divorce In South Africa

To get a divorce in South Africa, there is a process that you should follow and some documents that you would need to provide to complete the marriage dissolution. The process for getting a divorce quickly in South Africa will be explained

  • You should select a court in your state or province
  • To make the divorce process fast, you need to settle some things before going to court. Some of these things are agreements of who to keep custody of the children, who make maintenance payments and, how property and assets would be divided. 
  • When applying for divorce in South Africa, you will need names and addresses, details of children, details for marriage, and reasons for divorce. 

Legal Reasons For Divorce In South Africa

Some of the major reasons that are legally acceptable for divorce will be provided below

  • Adultery: When one of a couple commits adultery, the other partner can seek a divorce. Adultery is a legal reason to seek marriage dissolution in South Africa.
  • Abuse: Another legal reason under which you can seek divorce in South Africa is if any form of abuse takes place. Marriage can be ended in South Africa if there is any form of physical, sexual, financial, or emotional abuse.
  • Mental Illness: In South Africa, if a partner has been admitted for mental illness for at least two years without any signs of recovery, the other partner can then move on to breaking the marriage contract. 



A Divorce might earn you greater happiness. When you discover that the person you are with isn’t the right one for you, it is better to get a divorce and live a happier life. Being with someone you don’t love or someone that makes you sad isn’t the best. Getting a divorce in South Africa isn’t a hard task. Provide the necessary documents, have a legally acceptable reason and you are good to go. Check above to know more about getting a divorce in South Africa. 

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