How Much Does FNB Charge For Pay And Clear?

The First National Bank is working tirelessly to meet the demands of our ever-advancing digital world. This is evident with their utilization of technology tools to change the game in the banking world in South Africa.

As a FNB customer, you can use the FNB Pay and Clear service to effortlessly make payments promptly to other banks without vacating cash from your FNB bank account.

What Is FNB Pay And Clear?

FNB Pay and Clear is a service that enables FNB customers to make payments promptly to customers of other banks. 

Not all banks offer the Pay and Clear services hence, the need to ensure that the recipient’s bank offers Pay and Clear services as Pay and Clear deals can only be performed between banks that offer the service.

Electronic Fund transfer typically takes about 2 working days, but the Pay and Clear service take about only 60 seconds to finish. In the event of a delay, the Pay and Clear service do not exceed 60 minutes to be completed.

However, the Pay and Clear process are performed effortlessly on the FNB App.

How Much Does FNB Charge For Pay And Clear?

The FNB charges the same rate for Pay and Clear transfers regardless of the amount being sent. In 2021, the FNB attached a fee of R35 to every Pay and Clear transfer to banks offering the Pay and Clear Service.

The FNB assesses the Pay and Clear costs occasionally as it incorporates functional and hoax alleviation costs. This is done to guarantee that the FNB stays updated with the ever-evolving online business movements.

How Much Does FNB Immediate Payment Cost?

Following the COVID-19 pandemic that has caused economic growth to move at a sluggish rate equitable to the tough functioning atmosphere; FNB has agreed on leaving the monthly account charge unaffected.

Immediate payment costs in 2021 have been lessened to R10 for payments lower than R3,000.

However, the FNB’s first Business digital business account developed for one-man businesses with yearly revenue of R5 million incorporates unrestricted electronic transfers and zero monthly statement charge.



As online business trends continue to increase in South Africa, FNB is dedicated to its customer’s comfort in all banking deals.

FNB has made huge contributions to reducing the rate of South Africans cash reliance as her customers can make payments promptly to other banks with the FNB Pay and Clear service.

However, customers should anticipate steady tariff alterations as FNB assesses her pricing chart every economic year.

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