Hisense Tv Prices In South Africa (2022)

Hisense TVs are in a different class entirely for obvious reasons. If you want very great TVs that give great value for the price (you don’t even have to be worried about breaking the bank to get them), then you can go for this brand. Hisense TVs are available in different parts of the world, and South Africa is not an exception whatsoever.

Hisense tv prices in south africa start from around R 2 799 and some models can be as high as R 20 000 or even more. The amount you will pay for a Hisense tv is dependent on the particular type and model you are going for.

How Much Is Hisense TVs In South Africa

Hisense tv prices in south africa start from around R 2 799 and some models can be as high as R 20 000 and above. Just as it is with several other types of TVs and brands around the world, the price a person will pay for a Hisense tv is based on the type and model they are going for. Indeed, some models are much more expensive than others, for obvious reasons.

Here are popular Hisense TVs you can purchase in South Africa as well as their prices:

A. Hisense 70-inch UHD 4K Smart TV-70A7100 – R 14 999

B. Hisense 65-inch Smart ULED TV – 65U6G – R 14 999

C. Hisense 55-inch Smart ULED TV-55U7G – R 12 999

D. Hisense 55-inch Smart ULED TV-55U6G – R 11 999

E. Hisense 58inch(147CM) UHD SMART LED-58A6G – R 7 999

F. Hisense 55-inch UHD Android LED TV- 55A7200 – R 7 999

G. Hisense 50-inch UHD Android LED TV-50A7200 – R 6 499

H. Hisense 43-inch(109cm) FHD LED TV 43A5200F – R 5 999

I. Hisense 40-inch(102cm) FHD LED 40A5200 – R 3 999

J. Hisense 32-inch(81cm) HD LED TV-32A5200 – R 2 799


Hisense TVs may not be as top-notch as certain other massive brands in the industry, since it has peculiar shortcomings (for instance, many of the TVs experience quality issues such as uniformity). Nevertheless, the manufacturers are now adding gaming features like variable refresh rate (VRR) support as well as other nice things.

Here are certain facts about the Hisense brand you should know:

1. The company (the manufacturers of the TVs) is called “Highsense Infotech” and is founded in China. The Chinese brand is a state-owned one that sells its items in different parts of the world.

Interestingly, Hisense didn’t simply jump to begin selling different types of TVs as we could see today. Rather, the company started with making radios before transiting to other products and superb household electronics and appliances.

One has to appreciate the fact that Hisense could transit quickly when people started to embrace digital technology at first many years ago, and they were producing different types of electronics like major appliances, televisions, set-up boxes, digital television broadcasting equipment, laptops, and so on.

2. The brand sells its products under several brand names, buying stakes or shares in other companies. Hisense has shares in Gorenje (in 2018 they bought the entire company) and they were able to have a hold in Europe. With this brand, the company has been selling different home appliances in this part of the world.

3. Hisense also bought a stake in Combine, known for their production of “NO FRILLS” air conditioners. They have been able to devise ways to make their items very cheap which has made it possible for anyone interested to purchase. The aim is to remove things that are not essential so that the

Additionally, Hisense-Hitachi is in existence because of the alliance between Hisense and Hitachi, and the alliance is utilized to produce appliances like air conditioners.

4. Hisense is also doing business with Kelon, which is also a high-end firm that has been around for a while now. These basically deal in the manufacturing of air conditioners and refrigerators. There is also the deal with Ronshen that also revolves around air-conditioners and refrigerators.

5. Interestingly, Hisense has also bought over 90 percent of its stake in Toshiba, which is a very prominent brand when it comes to the manufacturing of electronics. And as if this is not enough, they have also been able to purchase rights to use the Sharp brand on Televisions in the Americas. Remember that Sharp as a brand is one of the largest makers of TVS in the Americas.

6. Hisense has over 10 manufacturing facilities in China and has been working to thrive in its operations. Don’t forget that labor is somehow cheap in the country, which is their strong base. One of the reasons these guys are doing this is that they want a lot of hands working for their cause to see to it that more items will be produced in a short while.

Don’t forget that the brand is serving different markets in different parts of the world, and its products are greatly in demand. Hence, they keep striving to increase their reach and production.

In Conclusion

Hisense tv prices in south africa start from around R 2 799 and some models can be as high as R 20 000 or even more. The amount you will pay for a Hisense tv is dependent on the particular type and model you are going for.

Remember that their TVs come in various varieties and it is a global brand that has been doing well despite its imperfections. The brand has been around for a while now and keeps replicating what it is doing. Hisense has a wide assortment of televisions, and you will be amazed at the sort of features they came with.

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