Top 10 Kasi Business Ideas (2023)

Every township in South Africa is full of people, and people mean opportunity, and opportunity means money. You just have to look around in your Kasi and find something that can potentially generate the money you want. The good thing is that in most townships you will not be met with much competition, but you will potentially make a lot of money. 

Because big businesses do not usually focus on townships and rural areas, you could be stepping into a goldmine when your business starts growing. The most important factor that could determine the success or otherwise of your business is you. business is not for the lazy; the business does not give you more time on your hands, business does not make you work less.

You need to have the passion and drive to put in the extra effort so that these opportunities we are about to highlight will not go to waste- start small, and then gradually build up your business into a steady source of income. Let’s look at them one by one.

Kasi Business Ideas

1. Local Delivery Service

As e-commerce is growing In South Africa, a lot of people now see something posted on social media, and then decide to buy. But the problem is getting the product across to the buyers. That problem is an opportunity for you, especially if you have a car or motorcycle, and if you have some kind of physical presence such as a shop or kiosk. 

You will be delivering anything from clothes, shoes, perfume, medicine, and so on. A good place to start is social media. You will be amazed at how many responses you get when you advertise your delivery service on social media. You can also create apps and then market them. A good place to start would be and 

2. Transport Services 

Transportation is a necessity in any society; people have to get around on a daily basis. However, it seems like the Kasi is being left behind in the development of transportation. You see people being dropped off on the main road, sometimes far from home, and then they have to walk long distances to get home; sometimes even with heavy loads and shopping bags, not to mention the risk at certain hours!

If you have a vehicle or two, you can start your own Kasi transport service, and start making money while delivering a good service to the people. You have to do a little advertising of course; people have to know about your service. One way to do this would be to print out a few posters and put them up in prominent places around the town- places where eyes are sure to meet them.

Another way is to create an app, just like Uber and bolt. After doing this you will still need to do some marketing for the app to become known around the township. You can do that with apps like,, and

Please ensure that your vehicle is in good working order, and it’s also a good idea to have a good price so that your services can quickly become popular.

3. Pet Grooming

People just love their pets. If you have ever had a dog or a cat, you would understand that pets make people happy, and so people go to great lengths to take good care of their pets. That presents a great opportunity for you; you can make good money taking care of people’s pets.

Taking care of these pets involves deworming, washing, and flea control. There are many dogs and cats in South African townships and many owners do not know how to do these things. So you can do these things for a fee.

You can also breed dogs; some breeds can fetch handsome sums of money; you just have to select the right breeds, and take good care of them. You should have a good and spacious environment to do this though, a dirty environment would breed disease, and that would ruin the business. 

4. Reselling/Drop Shipping

The world is truly a global village, and so trade has become one thing that has benefited immensely from the internet. As we mentioned earlier, people now see cool stuff online and decide that they want to buy it. This trend is growing these days so we are still in the early days. If you can secure your spot as a seller of these items now, then you can make money for the long term.

You buy at a lower price from your foreign partners, markup the prices, post them on your social media, and make your profits. Products like exclusive clothing items, gadgets, watches, and so on. Your ability to negotiate can go a long way here; some greedy resellers make as high as 100 percent profits on certain items.

To start this business you can visit: or

5. Catering Services

Your Kasi needs food just like any other neighborhood. People are very busy these days and so they cannot always cook. You will be surprised at how many people would pay a premium in order to get good decent food delivered to them in their places of work. This business is a very sweet one, especially if you know how to cook.  

A good way to start this business is to post on social media. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram would do well. Please use a good banner, designed by a professional graphic designer, and use the right hashtags to ensure that eyes from your Kasi will meet the adverts. You can start getting orders right there on social media, or through phone cups.  

6. Graphic Designer

These days, especially with the internet taking over as a platform of business, there is a high demand for graphic designers- everybody needs great graphic appeal to sell their products. That being said, there is a great opportunity in the field of graphics, especially if you are very good.

You can become famous by posting your works online, although you can still go the old route of having a physical presence in your neighborhood. In the latter case, you would need to print some posters to get people to know about your business.

If you would like to learn graphics, then you may look around your neighborhood, or find a class online. There are even youtube videos that can teach you how to do graphic designs.

7. Mobile Restaurant

Mobile restaurants are very similar to online catering services, except that with mobile restaurants you cook the food and move it in a van to a prominent location where people buy in take-aways, and take them back to their offices. Mobile restaurants are less stressful than online catering services because with this one you have a regular menu which you prepare, whereas, in online catering services, the customers place orders and then you prepare the meal, and then deliver to them.

8. Laundry Services

Laundry services are a good way of making steady money in the townships, this is because so many people are so busy that they cannot find time to do simple things like laundry. Honestly, some people don’t even know how to do their laundry properly. So if you have these skills, you can easily make this a steady source of income, and even employ a few people.

A lot also depends on the particular location you are setting up your business. It has to be a place with a high number of blue-collar workers who just don’t have time to do the laundry by themselves. 

9. Care Home

There are so many elderly ones in the townships who need care. Not just elderly ones, in fact, there are also drug addicts and depressed people who must be left to themselves. Because their family members are out working, they need to be put in care homes. You will be surprised at how much you could make with this.

Just do some research about the viability of this business in your particular neighborhood, and you also need to print out posters and do some advertising.

10. Sports and Recreation Center

As many more people are becoming aware of the benefits of keeping fit, sports and recreational centers are becoming all the more important- and profitable. However, this may be better for those who already love keeping fit; if you have a history in sports or the military, you could give this a try. Many people, especially those at risk of getting fat will be eager to pay you.

You can even combine it with a sports team for soccer. As you train the younger ones for soccer, their parents will be happy to pay.



These are cool Kasi businesses that you can start almost immediately. Amazingly most of these business ideas revolve around things that you regularly do every day. You would just be monetizing the services and building a steady stream of income. Of course, much would depend on your ambition; if you are lazy or have no drive to succeed the business would most likely fail. We also urge you to be bold and keep learning new things, that way you are armed with skills before they become commonplace.