List Of Cities In Johannesburg

Johannesburg is located in the province of Gauteng, which is one of South Africa’s prominent regions. The province is made up of six unique districts, one of which is the City of Johannesburg Metropolitan municipality. The others are: West Rand District municipality, Ekurhuleni Metropolitan municipality, Metsweding District municipality, Sedibeng District municipality, as well as the City of Tswane Metropolitan municipality.

The City of Johannesburg Metropolitan municipality contains several beautiful cities and townships, one of which is the populated Johannesburg.

List Of Cities In Johannesburg

The City of Johannesburg Metropolitan municipality is housing these cities and townships:

1. Alexandra

Alexandra is located on the banks of the Jukskei River. This township has several unique features, even apart it is very close to Sandton – which is a pretty area in the Municipality. Ironically, while the Township’s infrastructure was built for a population of around 70,000 residents, there are currently a whole lot of people living here. Currently population is above 180,000.

2. Johannesburg

The city of Johannesburg is one of the most prominent (and most important places) in the whole of South Africa. Johannesburg can boast of an interesting history, but beyond that, its present feats as the most populous city in the whole of the country. Close to six million people currently lives in Johannesburg.

3. Lenasia

Lenasia has an important history as touching the Apartheid Era in the country. The Township used to be an Indian one, but is currently a multi cultural area with around 89,714 people.

4. Midrand

Midrand is reputable for several impressive features. First of all, this area used to be known as Halfway house. Its current name is was influenced by its proximity to Pretoria and Witwatersrand (rand). There are over 80,000 people living here.

5. Randburg

Randburg has a reputation for its affluence. This residential town is one of the most populous in the Municipality, with over 300,000 residents.

6. Roodepoort

Roodepoort, amongst other things, is popular for its student life. With a population that is over 326,416, Roodepoort is no doubt one of the most populous in the Municipality

7. Sandton

Sandton is not only wealthy, but also very beautiful. There are a whole lots of things for everyone here, and it doesn’t matter what you are aiming at thriving in. There are over 222,415 people living in Sandton.

8. Soweto

Soweto is also a very significant place in the whole of South Africa, with its unique history of struggle with liberation. This historical township has a population that is well over 2 million residents, making it one of the most populated areas in the Municipality.

9. Diepsloot

Diepsloot is one of those areas in South Africa that is currently bedeviled with challenges here and there. While it has its beautiful side, the town is a nasty settlement filled with crime and violence. Its unpredictability, lack of security, lack of education, material deprivation, etc makes it a tough place for many.

However, a lot of folks from different tribes and nationalities are living in Diepsloot, despite absence of essential needs such as water. There are over 138,329 people living in Diepsloot.

10. Ennerdale

Ennerdale, during the apartheid era, was pronounced to be a coloured group area. Hence, it is also historical. With a population that is above, 71,815, there are more Black Africans and Coloured people here than other races. Prominent languages spoken in Ennerdale includes Afrikaans,  English,  Zulu, Sotho and so on.

11. Orange Farm

Orange Farm is another interesting township in the City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality. It is one of the youngest of its kind in the entire country, located in the southernmost part of the Municipality. Orange Farm has an interesting history too. Aside the manner the township got the name it is known for today, its original inhabitants are laid-off farm workers.

Right now, the township keeps growing and witnessing superb infrastructural developments annually. It can boast of a big major clinic that is known as Stretford Clinic, as well as other minor ones. Its major roads are tarred as well as several other streets.

The township also has good electricity in many of its areas, although there are few parts still lacking in this regard. Orange Farm has a big multi-purpose community center as well as a small official library. It has a population that is over 70,000, and many of the people are enjoying permanent housing – majorly government housing.

One of the major things that must be noted about Orange Farm is that it is being privatised, and its developments is coming with financial costs. Unfortunately, many of the people can’t afford this. As expected, there have been backlash from some circles about what is going on in Orange Farm.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that there are lots of activities going to improve the Township. It can now boast of various parks and floor mall. But in all, it still needs good improvement

12. Modderfontein

Finally, here comes Modderfontein. This is like the smallest you will find in the City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality, filled with over a hundred people. Hence, it is a small town for real.

Modderfontein started out as a mining town close to the Mud River. Its position gave birth to its name (Modderfontein is Afrikaans). The city still needs developments and improvements, and it is expected to grow impressively well in the coming years.

In Conclusion

The City of Johannesburg Metropolitan municipality is made up of these cities and townships, with their individual and unique peculiarities and features. While some of the cities are well ahead of the pack in terms of influence and developments, some are still struggling behind. For instance, the city of Johannesburg itself is a prominent city in the whole of South Africa, while the likes of Orange Farm still has a lot to do. Hopefully, the government as well as all relevant stakeholders will do more.