Requirement To Study Dentistry In South Africa

Dentistry is an aspect of healthcare that deals with the study, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases related to the oral cavity. Dentistry Activities are aimed at promoting oral health for everyone. Moreover, dentistry is a highly respected profession in every society because the role it plays is greatly significant. Every year, cases of damaged gums and cavities are reported in virtually every country. If not for the presence and existence of dentists, oral diseases would have been thriving throughout the globe.

Requirement To Study Dentistry In South Africa

In order to gain admission into dentistry in South Africa, the following requirements must be met

  • An IELTS score of 6 – 9.0
  • Grade 12 Certificate or equivalent with University endorsement
  • Graduate from another tertiary institution
  • Grade 11 Final Examination Result
  • National Benchmark Test Results
  • Value-Added Questionnaires

For Transfer Student

  • NSC Certificate or Senior Certificate
  • Identification document
  • Certificate of good conduct from your institution
  • Official Academic Transcript
  • Degree certificate (if applicable)

Post Graduate students

  • Certified copy of identification document
  • Certified copy of Passport (International Applicants only)
  • Official Academic Transcripts/record of results  (All applicants)                
  • Certified copies of degree certificates (All applicants)
  • SAQA Evaluation Certificate (International Applicants only)
  • Short Curriculum Vitae (CV) (All applicants)
  • One page letter of motivation (All applicants)

South Africa, one of the largest and most affluent African countries, is an amazing place to study dentistry. Oral Medicine is an aspect of health that is highly prioritized by the South African government. There are two major dentistry regulatory bodies; the South African Dental Association (SADA) and the Dental Therapy Association Of South Africa which are linked with the World Health Organization(WHO). There are top-notch working conditions and good pay for dentists in South Africa. Besides, are you planning to study dentistry in South Africa? Don’t worry; this article will be intensely useful as major information about studying oral medicine in South Africa will be discussed. Read further to know more.

How To Become A Good Dentist In South Africa

Do you wish to know about the things you need to become a good dentist in South Africa? Don’t worry, in this section of this article, the basic and key ways to become a successful dentist in South Africa will be explained.

  • Develop A Good Attitude

Having and maintaining a good attitude is a principal factor that will help you in becoming a successful dentist, not just in South Africa, but everywhere you go in the world! A good dentist should always display good behaviours that will keep people happy and assured of getting the best service. This isn’t hard as you might think; you have to keep developing it! If you are sure of having the right and good attitudes, then, you should work towards improving it.

  • Develop Good Communication Skills

Having the ability to converse professionally with your clients is immensely important to your career as a dentist. You should develop the skills to talk to them to discern their needs and discover the best treatment for them. You should know how to explain complicated situations to your customers and shouldn’t be harsh or overly blunt when discussing with them. Even before you get to university, you should have already developed good communication skills. It would help you a lot!

  • Consistently Search For Opportunities To Learn

Whether online, in educational centres, or from experienced dentists, you should always ensure that you keep learning new things about your future profession. All the key strategies and basics of dentistry won’t be taught only in school; you have to keep learning more every day.

  • Ensure That You Offer The Major Subjects In High School

You have to offer the core prerequisite subjects for dentistry in high school. In South Africa, the important subjects to study dentistry are Mathematics, Life Sciences, and the English Language. You need to offer these courses before planning to attend a university in pursuit of a dentistry degree.

  • Keep Practising

To become a successful dentist in South Africa, you have to develop the act of practicing. The popular saying ‘Practise makes perfection’ should always stick in your head. It would help if you kept practicing the procedures and methods you have learned in school. This is another great strategy that would help you become an accomplished dentist in South Africa.

What Subjects Are Needed To Become A Dentist In South Africa

There are four major subjects you need to offer in high school before being accepted into any South African university to study dentistry. These subjects and their importance will be provided below.

  • Mathematics

In South Africa, you would need to register for and pass mathematics before being admitted to any university to study dentistry. You would need mathematics in dentistry to convert numbers, calculate doses of anesthetics, and measure teeth for root canals.

  • Physical Science

Physical Science is another major subject that you need to pass as a dentistry aspirant. Physical science can be divided into two parts; physics and chemistry. These two branches are highly important and needed in the field of dentistry.

  • Life Sciences

This subject mainly focuses on the genetics, biological, and botanical aspect of science. Life Sciences involves the study of human anatomy, and so on. There are various aspects of dentistry in which life sciences knowledge is highly needed. You need to register for and pass this course in high school before proceeding to a university.

  • English Language

As a South African official language, you would need to register for and pass the English language before being allowed into any university to study dentistry. English Language would also help you when communicating with your clients.

How Much Do Dentists Earn Per Month In South Africa

Dentists in South Africa are paid quite handsomely. Salaries for South African dentists range from 34,600 ZAR- 11


Dentistry is an important branch of healthcare services. With the help of dentists, we can keep good and healthy oral hygiene. Moreover, in this article, a lot about dentistry in South Africa has been explained. Topic s have been discussed on the dentistry study to the after-school stage. Are you are planning to be a successful South African dentist? Or you are searching for basic information to help you succeed in the dentistry field? The answer to all your questions is available in the article above. Check it out, and you won’t be disappointed!

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