Requirements To Study Medicine In South Africa (2023)

In order for you to study medicine in South Africa, you need to have the following requirements.

Requirements To Study Medicine In South Africa

  • Strong Educational Background

This is very important. Your performance in studying medicine is determined by how strong your educational foundation is. To study medicine, it is important for you to pass your Grade 12 with Mathematics, English Language, Chemistry or Physics, and Life Science.

With your strong educational background, you will be able to perform excellently in the next set of examinations you will write before entering medical school

  • Good Grade In Your Examination

As usual, there are certain examinations you must write before you can be admitted to Medicine in South Africa. Some of them include

  • National Benchmark Tests (NBTs)

This is an important examination most especially for those coming directly from high school. Hence, in addition to the academic grades, one needs to pass this test and have a certain percentage. The percentage varies across different universities with some accepting 30% while some accepting 40%.

  • Bachelor of Science

For those that couldn’t gain admission after high school, they can opt-in for the Bachelor of Science in any of the related courses like Anatomy, Physiology, and Microbiology, etc.

Usually, during the first or second year, you can get a chance to be transferred to medical school. However, note that it is highly dependent on your academic performance.

If you didn’t make it after the first and second year, then you can opt-in for medicine after your BSc in order to apply for MBChB again.

  • Non-Academic Performance

This is also very important and it also varies depending on the medical school. Some school pegs the score at 10% while some peg it at 20%. 

The non-academic performance score is only calculated by the school. Hence, the mode of calculation and the criteria are not publicly known.

Medicine is a course that mainly deals with health and covers treatments, diagnosis, research, and many other aspects of health. Medicine is a course that is loved by most science students all around the world. Besides, it is not only science students who enjoy the course; many people across the globe do. People respect medicine courses or medical practitioners because they contribute a great quota to the existence of humans. Without them, many people would have died, and dangerous diseases would have been able to thrive easily.

Medical practitioners are respected worldwide, but in South Africa, the acclamation is on another level. South Africa is an amazing country to study and practice medical activities. There are modern schemes, cutting-edge technologies, and good companies that you can work with. Moreover, in this article, some necessary information about studying and working in the South African sector would be provided. Read further to know more!

How Long Does It Take To Study Medicine In South Africa?

After you have completed your high school studies, proceeding to an accredited medical university is the next thing. The duration for medical course study in South Africa is six years. After you have completed your study at the university, you will then be issued an MBChB certificate.

MBChB is the South African medical bachelor’s degree. You can then begin your internship program after you have received your certificate. The program lasts for only two years. The last step is to engage in the one-year compulsory community service.

What Subjects Are Needed To Study Medicine In South Africa

You must have studied certain courses before being admitted to a medical school in South Africa. These subjects are important and will help you in carrying out medical activities professionally and easily. Moreover, in this section, the subjects you need to study to become a certified medical practitioner in South Africa will be explained below.

  • English Language

Although the English Language isn’t directly connected with medical operations, in South Africa, you need to pass it well before being admitted into a medical school. You need to be good at speaking the South African lingua franca!

  • Mathematics

This is a compulsory subject that you need to select and pass in high school if you aim to be a medical practitioner. Mathematics is a subject that plays a great role in medical administration. With mathematics, doctors and nurses can write prescriptions or administer medication better.

They also make use of mathematics to draw up statistical graphs of epidemics or success rates of treatments. Furthermore, math is needed in X-rays and CAT scans aspect of medical activities. You must make sure that you register for mathematics and pass it well. It is a subject that would help you a lot when you get working in the field!

  • Physics

Physics is another major subject that you must offer before attending medical school. Physics methods and principles help doctors and nurses in preventing, treating, and diagnosing human disorders. The subject also helps medical practitioners in protecting people from ionizing and non-ionizing radiation hazards. In South Africa, Physics is highly required to become a certified medical practitioner.

  • Chemistry

You should register for and pass chemistry before applying to study in any of South African medical universities. Chemistry’s contribution or usefulness in medical activities cannot and should not be underestimated. With the help of Chemistry, medical practitioners can develop new drugs and analyze new compounds. Chemistry also contributes to the medical surgery aspect. The subject is employed when preparing and using surgical instruments. The knowledge of chemistry is important for medical aspirants.

  • Biology/Life Sciences

You must study and pass biology before you are accepted in any South African medical school. Biology will help you know how cells work in a diseased and healthy body. It also helps doctors in discovering new therapies and effective medicines. Biology is highly necessary and is a compulsory subject you must pass before going to a medical school.

How Much Does Studying Medicine In South Africa Cost?

South Africa is a good country with proficient universities offering quality medical tutoring services. Compared to other parts of the globe, tuition for medical students in the country is fairly affordable. Around $4200 is the tuition for the most expensive university. The least expensive tuition in South Africa is about $2100.

How Much Do Doctors Earn Per Month In South Africa

South Africa pays its doctors quite well. An early-stage doctor in the country earns about 23,900 ZAR, a medium experienced doctor earns about 73200 ZAR, and the full experienced worker earns about 124,000 ZAR or more. There are also various employee benefits for workers. Moreover, it varies based on the company that you are working with.



Medical practitioners are the experts who maintain, restore, and promote good healthy living among humans. Even when patients’ disease or ailment can’t be cured, doctors ensure that they enjoy their life too. The immense importance of medical practitioners directly leads to great respect and love people have for the profession.

Moreover, a lot of students are aiming to become a professional medical practitioners in the future. In this article, all the necessary information about studying medicine in South Africa has been provided. From the duration to the prerequisite subjects and cost of studying medicine in South Africa, you would find all in the article above!

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