Johannesburg City College Online Application, Courses, Fees, Bursaries & Contacts (2023)

Johannesburg City College is an accredited institution in South Africa that offers short skills training as well as occupational certifications that empowers learners with the skill and knowledge they need in an always changing workplace. The College was registered back in 2009, and they have a belief in the quality education they have been dishing out to their students.

The Institution is committed to solving the hardships encountered by students from low income earning homes. Starting with distance learning in 2009, they also inculcated contact classes in 2010, and ever since, have trained lots of students.

Johannesburg City College Courses

  1. Certificate in Computer Programming (Computer Programming)
  2. Certificate in Computer Networking (Computer Networking)
  3. Certificate in Computer Science (Computer Science)
  4. Certificate in Information Technology (Information Technology)
  5. Certificate in Hotel and Catering (Hotel and Catering)
  6. Certificate in Business Management (Business Management)
  7. Certificate in Real Estate Management (Real Estate Management)
  8. Certificate in Office Computing (Office Computing)
  9. Certificate in Web Design (Web Design)
  10. Certificate in Public Relations (Public Relations)
  11. Certificate in Business Computing (Business Computing)
  12. Certificate in Environmental Management (Environmental Management)
  13. Certificate in Human Resource Management (HRM)
  14. Certificate in Community Development (Community Development)
  15. Certificate in Graphic Design (Graphic Design)
  16. Certificate in Entrepreneurship (Entrepreneurship)
  17. Certificate in Advanced Web Development and Design (Web Development)
  18. Certificate in Financial Management (Financial Management)
  19. Certificate in Chemistry (Chemistry)
  20. Certificate in Physics (Physics)
  21. Certificate in Mathematics (Mathematics)
  22. Certificate in Marketing Management (Marketing Management)
  23. Certificate in Electrical Engineering (Electrical Engineering)
  24. Certificate in Risk Management (Risk Management)
  25. Certificate in Chemical Engineering (Chemical Engineering)
  26. Certificate in End User Computing (End User Computing)
  27. Certificate in Music (Music)
  28. Certificate in Travel and Tourism (Travel and Tourism)
  29. Certificate in Biblical Studies (Biblical Studies )
  30. Certificate in Labour Relations Management (Labour Relations Management)
  31. Certificate in Business Leadership and Management
  32. Certificate in Computer Engineering
  33. Certificate in Retail Management
  34. Certificate in Accounting Science
  35. Certificate in Banking
  36. Certificate in Cost Management
  37. Certificate in Botany
  38. Certificate in Geology
  39. Diploma in Computer Engineering(Computer Engineering)
  40. Diploma in Business Administration (Business Administration)
  41. Diploma in Business Management (Business Management)
  42. Diploma in Entrepreneurship (Entrepreneurship)
  43. Diploma in Computer Science (Computer Science)
  44. Diploma in Civil Engineering (Civil Engineering)
  45. Diploma in Information Technology (Information Technology)
  46. Diploma in Business Computing (Business Computing)
  47. Diploma in Graphic Design (Graphic Design)
  48. Diploma in Computer Programming (Computer Programming)
  49. Diploma in Law (Law)
  50. Diploma in Community Development (Community Development)
  51. Diploma in Chemistry (Chemistry)
  52. Diploma in Geology (Geology)
  53. Diploma in Mathematics Science (Mathematics Science)
  54. Diploma in Physics (Physics)
  55. Diploma in Mining Engineering (Mining Engineering)
  56. Diploma in Public Relations (Public Relations)
  57. Diploma in Banking (Banking )
  58. Diploma in Media Studies( Media)
  59. Diploma in Web Design (Web Design )
  60. Diploma in Computer Networking (Computer Networking)
  61. Diploma in Biology and Geography (Biology and Geography)
  62. Diploma in Call Centre Management (Call Centre Management)
  63. Diploma in Financial Management (Financial Management)
  64. Diploma in Travel and Tourism (Travel and Tourism)
  65. Diploma in Risk Management (Risk Management)
  66. Diploma in Sciences of Human Development (Human Development)
  67. Diploma in Real Estate Management (Real Estate Management)
  68. Diploma in Music (Music)
  69. Diploma in Biblical Studies (Biblical Studies )
  70. Diploma in Media and Journalism With Information Technology (Media and Journalism With Information Technology)
  71. Diploma in Accounting Sciences
  72. Diploma in Industrial Engineering 
  73. Diploma in Cost Management
  74. Diploma in Botany

Johannesburg City College Online Application

To register, you have to contact the College before you can get started. On their website, you will be directed to a page where you can get in touch by filling and submitting an online form. It is done online.

Johannesburg City College Online Fees

No much info concerning fees, even on their official website. Hence, students should contact the Institution to ask specific questions on how much they are to pay for their own programme

Johannesburg City College Contact Details

You can reach out to the College via any of these channels:

Physical Address: 94 Juta Street, 



South Africa

Phone: 011 339 6133, 073 062 5365

Email Address:

Official Website:


Other Things You Should Know About JCC

The College has 6 Faculties and Schools, which includes:

  1. Faculty of Sciences.
  2. Faculty of Computing.
  3. Faculty of Engineering.
  4. Faculty of Law.
  5. Faculty of Humanities.
  6. Faculty of Commerce.

The College made it known that they have over 71,000 graduates already since inception and that they can currently boast of over 150 Instructors, plus they’re over 2000 active students. Anyone can get their certificate with JCC without much stress.

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