Requirements To Study Law At WITS (2023)

Law is undoubted, one of the most studied and venerated courses throughout the globe. Just like other regions, the law is a course that is greatly valued in Africa. A big mistake that law aspirants make sometimes seeking admission in universities that do not have effective and proficient facilities for the course.  Moreover, if you are looking forward to studying law at the University of Witwatersrand, well, you chose the right place. The University offers a good curriculum and amazing study facilities for its law students. In this article, some pivotal information concerning studying law at WITS will be discussed. 

Requirements To Study Law At WITS

The three law programs that are offered at the University of Witwatersrand are BCOM(Law), BA(LAW), and, LLB. The requirements to gain admission into each field will be provided below.

For LLB(Bachelor Of Law)

  • Duration: Two-three years
  • Minimum APS score: 43
  • Mathematical Literacy: Level 6
  • Mathematics: Level 5
  • English Home Language Or Additional First Language: Level 6



  • Duration: Three years
  • Minimum APS Score: 43
  • Mathematical Literacy: Level 4
  • Mathematics: Level 3
  • English Home Language or First Additional Language: Level 5


For BCOM(Law)

  • Duration: Three years
  • Minimum APS Score: 39
  • Mathematics: Level 5
  • English Home Language or First Additional Language: Level 5
  • Mathematical Literacy: Not Accepted

Is Law A Good Career In South Africa?

Yes. Law is a highly profitable and competitive course in South Africa. There are lots of opportunities for lawyers in the country. In as much you have a good overall grade from the university, your chance of getting a good job in South Africa is reasonable. 

What Are The Different Fields Of Law?

Law has variant types and each of these types, have distinct areas of focus. As a law aspirant or student, it is a good thing for you to know about the different fields of law. In this section, some of the major fields of law will be explained.

  • Maritime Law

This field of law mainly deals with regulating financial transactions or disputes concerning sailors, marine trade, navigation or land-based operations that deal with maritime. 

  • Business Law

Business Law is another law field that majorly focuses on the dissolution, formation and other legal aspects of corporations’ administration. This type of law settles disputes between corporations, and individuals involving in liabilities, patents and compliance with governmental business regulations. 

  • Criminal Law

Criminal law is one of the commonest fields of law. It deals with matters concerning the criminal offences, apprehension, trial of suspects, charging a person and penalties for guilty. This field of law mainly focuses on behaviours that are sanctioned under the criminal code and defined as illegal. 

  • Entertainment Law

This field deals with rights and royalties issues concerning music, arts, television, athletics or cinema. Entertainment law is usually subject to frequent changes as social media and technology highly affect this field. Much of the operations carried out in entertainment law are based on drafting contracts, mediation and negotiation. 

  • Health Law

Health law focuses mainly on law issues concerning healthcare and medical organizations. Lawyers in this field may represent patients, health practitioners and health insurance companies. Health lawyers may also deal with pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology and academic organizations. 

  • International Law

International Law is also commonly known as law of nations. This law field deals with the regulations concerning the rules of the relationship between states. International law is an extensive law field. Besides, there are two major types of International law; private and public international law. Lawyers that offer private international law service usually deals with multinational corporations. Public International Law, on the other hand, deals with cases concerning sovereign states. Both private and public international law is highly valuable in South Africa and the world, generally. 


Main Reasons Why You Should Consider Studying Law

Well, you might have your reason(s)for wanting to study law. There are some other reasons however, you might not know about it. In this section, few reasons why you should consider studying law will be explained

  • Law Field Combines Theory With Practise

As a law student, you would have to go through both theoretical and practical aspect of learning. Some universities even have mock courtrooms which they use to give students a good experience of what it looks like to practise law. 

  • Law Equips Students With Variant Skills

Studying law will widen your mental horizon and will open your mind to a lot of professional skills. Some of the skills that you obtain while studying as a law student include writing and presentation, critical analysis, research, synthesis of complex ideas and so on. 

  • Critical Thinking And Reasoning

As a good law student, you would consistently have to involve in critical thinking, analytics and strong reasoning. The ability to analyse both sides of complex situations is a skill that would help you as a law student and even, in real life happenings. 

  • Law Is Immensely Interesting

The nature of law career is gripping and captivating. The act of arguing, debating and making references are part of law that makes it an interesting course to study. During both lectures in school and period of practising, law is a course that you will always find so engaging. 



The University of Witwatersrand is one of the most popular, proficient, and best South African institutions to study law. Consistent production of seasoned and well-equipped graduates is one of the main missions of the university. Besides, in this article, a lot has been explained about studying law at the University of Witwatersrand. If you are looking forward to studying law at WITS, check the information provided above on the requirements to study law at WITS, they are highly important. 

The University of Witwatersrand popularly known as WITS was established in 1922. The institution is situated in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa. The University of Witwatersrand is a public organization that is prominent for its significant strides in promoting top-notch education and learning.

In 2017, the Academic Ranking of World University ranked the University of Witwatersrand as the best in Africa. WITS is an institution that is highly dedicated to delivering great service that can effect meaningful changes in society. Also, the institution consistently utilizes various strategies that are capable of further strengthening and re-enforcing its community so students can relish an amazing educational system.