Top 10 Richest Teams In South Africa (2023)

South Africa can boast of some of the biggest football clubs in the continent of Africa. However, it is glaring that some of the most prominent and affluent football teams in South Africa are investing a lot of resources to remain top-notch. The dream of every football club is to gain the kind of status that Manchester United and Real Madrid have achieved. Play attractive football, fill up their stadiums weekly, attract mouth-watering sponsorship and endorsement deals that rake in millions of dollars and gain loyal fans all over the world.

The wealthiest teams in South Africa include Mamelodi Sundowns, Orlando Pirates, Kaizer Chiefs, Ama Zulu, Supersport United, Cape Town City and Bidvest Wits amongst others.

Top 10 Richest Teams In South Africa

1. Mamelodi Sundowns

Mamelodi Sundowns, worth around R382 million, is the richest team in South Africa currently. Located in Mamelodi, the team was established as a football club in 1970 and joined the National Soccer League in 1983.

Patrice Motsepe, a business magnate and one of the richest men in South Africa, is the owner of Mamelodi Sundowns. This should give you a clue as to why the club is a very huge one in the country, even aside from what we see from other external supports.

Since its inception in 1996, the club has not only clinched the PSL title nine times but has also nurtured some of the nation’s most affluent soccer players. They are not only successful in South Africa only, but also on the continent. For instance, they secured the 2016 CAF Club Of The Year and Champions League titles to make the nation proud.

2. Orlando Pirates

Worth around R325.9 million, Orlando Pirates is one of the richest football clubs in South Africa. Coming out from Orlando Soweto back then in 1937, it is now based in Houghton, Johannesburg.

Orlando Pirates is not only massive for its net worth alone but is also one of the most successful football teams in the country with a record of winning the Premier Soccer League title for three consecutive years since the league started back then in 1996.

The team has a large fan base of football lovers in the country that enjoys football. Orlando Pirates has also participated in international competitions, leaving a mark on the African continent. Over the years, they have produced talented players who have made their mark both domestically and internationally.

3. Kaizer Chiefs

Kaizer Chiefs, located in Naturena, Johannesburg, is one of the richest teams in South Africa with a net worth of R262 million. Also known as Amakhosi by passionate football lovers, the club is one of the top sides in the Premier Soccer League.

Famously in rivalry with Orlando Pirates, Kaizer Chiefs emerged in 1970 and has successfully grown into one of South Africa’s wealthiest teams. It has a reputation for its significant export of players overseas. The club also maintains a football academy for young players and notably contributes to the majority of the country’s top-earning players.

4. AmaZulu

The AmaZulu Football Club is worth around R173 million and is also known as Usuthu (a Zulu vocabulary that denotes a war cry). As expected, it is situated in Durban city, KwaZulu Natal province but has a reputation in the entire country.

This football club has an interesting history. According to history, it was formed back then in 1932 by Zulu migrant workers. Upon establishment, the club was referred to as Zulu Royal Conquerors. Along the lines, it was changed to Zulu Royals and things were getting better for the club ever since, both in support and resources.

Known for their lovely attire, the team holds a dedicated fan base. Over the years, AmaZulu has experienced both successes and challenges, with notable achievements in domestic competitions. The club has played a significant role in nurturing local talent thus contributing to the growth of South African soccer.

5. Supersport United

Supersport United is another rich football club in South Africa that is worth around R170 million. Established in 1994, SuperSport United is a major team in the Premier Soccer League (PSL) and has garnered a reputation for consistent performance in domestic and continental competitions. SuperSport United has clinched multiple PSL titles and domestic cups, showcasing their competitive spirit.

Located in Atteridgeville, Pretoria, the club used to be known as Pretoria City before becoming what it currently represents. They are recognized for their commitment to youth development through their academy.

We can’t ignore the fact that SuperSport United’s partnerships and sponsorships have contributed to their growth and success. Its participation in international tournaments has solidified its presence beyond South Africa, making them a significant contender in African football.

6. Cape Town City

The net worth of this club stands at R159 million, and thus, it is one of the richest around here. Established in 1960 and based in the famous Cape Town, the club holds its home games at the Cape Town Stadium.

Cape Town City took a new shape in 2016 and still competes in the Premier Soccer League (PSL). The team’s unique colours represent the vibrant energy of its town. In a short span, Cape Town City has made its mark with impressive performances in domestic competitions, including winning the 2016 Telkom Knockout in that season. Also, the club’s fan base has grown rapidly due to its dynamic playing style and engaging community involvement.

Cape Town City’s commitment to youth development is evident through its academy, nurturing local talent for the future. The team has continued to strive for excellence as they continue to establish themselves.

7. Bidvest Wits

Worth R107.36 million, Bidvest Wits is another well-to-do club in the world of football in South Africa. The football club is based in Braamfontein in Johannesburg and was established in 1921.

The club is closely attached to the prestigious University of Witwatersrand (it was established by the Students’ Representative Council of the institution). Hence, the prestigious football club is also known as The Students.

It joined the South African National League in 1975 and has competed in the top tier of South African football for many years. The club is famous for its consistent performance and nurturing of young talent. In the 2016/2017 season, Bidvest Wits clinched the Premier Soccer League (PSL) title for the first time in their history.

8. Platinum Stars FC

Situated in Phokeng in the North West Province, here is another prominent South African football club that is one of the richest around (it has a net worth that is around R88.50 million). From a humble beginning in 1937, it eventually joined the Premier Soccer League during the 2003-2004 season and keeps growing.

The club has also produced amazing players who have made their marks on different levels, and it is a good thing that some of them have been able to move forward in their careers, plying their trade in different places, and doing well for themselves.

9. Bloemfontein Celtic

Worth around R73.99 million, Bloemfontein Celtic, based in Bloemfontein, is one of the wealthiest football teams in South Africa. Also known as Phunya Sele Sele, it was established back then in 1969 and is one of the oldest football clubs in the country that has been around for a while now. Like some other teams in the country, it has changed leadership due to financial issues attached to managing the club.

The club plays its home matches in the Dr Petrus Molemela Stadium and has a passionate fan base. Over the years, the club has showcased competitive performances and participated in various domestic tournaments. Despite not securing a PSL championship, they have consistently maintained their presence in the league.

As stated before, off the field, the club has faced financial challenges and ownership disputes, affecting its stability. Bloemfontein Celtic remains a notable fixture in South African football, representing the Free State region.

10. Chippa United

Also known as Chilli Boys, Chippa United is worth around R63.83 million. Although it was established in January 2010 and is not one of the oldest football clubs in the country, yet, it is growing well, having its home matches at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium.

Despite being among the youngest teams in the Premier Soccer League, the club’s ownership has changed hands multiple times, leading to a turbulent history. The team’s name comes from its colourful founder, Chippa Mpengesi. While they have managed to avoid relegation battles in some seasons, they’ve also faced challenges in maintaining stability.

One of the things about Chippa United revolves around how they have a penchant for hiring and firing coaches frequently, and it appears it has impacted the team’s overall cohesion and progress. Despite these challenges, Chippa United has contributed to South African football by providing a platform for players to showcase their talents and gain exposure.



We have highlighted the prominent football clubs that can be regarded as the richest teams in South Africa. For some of them, their journey reflects the complexities of modern football, where financial constraints, ownership changes, and managerial decisions can significantly influence a club’s trajectory.

Nevertheless, while some of these prominent South African clubs keep navigating different challenges, they are still strong in the South African football landscape.

Football is lucrative relative to the economy of the country in which it is played; without the patronage of huge crowds at its games, sponsorship deals, and shirt sales, it would not be possible for football clubs to be profitable. We can therefore say that the wealthiest teams in South Africa are prosperous because South Africa is prosperous.