Top 10 Rugby Schools In South Africa

The Top Rugby Schools in South Africa work to contribute to the development of the sport in the country. As you already know, South Africa is a dominant force in Rugby and a top contender in any world series. One major reason for this dominance is the fact that South Africa has an excellent youth system, equal or superior to any that you may find anywhere else in the world. 

The top Rugby Schools in South Africa offer world-class sports development, as well as a balanced view of academics. The Rugby School system has produced several star performers who have gone on to ply their trades in different corners of the world, winning laurels and fame for themselves and the country.

Choosing what Rugby School in South Africa to enroll your wards in should depend primarily on the school’s performances in peer games. That way you are sure of putting your children in the best hands, where they are sure to develop mentally and physically, thus becoming the winning athletes that you want them to be. 

The following are the best Rugby Schools in South Africa.   

Top 10 Rugby Schools In South Africa


Paarl Gimnasium is a public Afrikaans Language peaking medium high school situated in the city of Paarl in the Western Cape province of South Africa. The school was founded in 1858, and is a co-educational school. This is one of the most prestigious schools as far as the game of Rugby is concerned; the school has created a history of victorious outings in the Rugby Union. Many of the students enroll at Paarl Gim primarily for the Rugby, and the school continues to produce notable players, some of whom have become Springboks.


Paarl Boys High School or Hoer Jogenskool Paarl in Afrikaans is a Boys High School built in 1868, making it one of the oldest schools in the country. The school is situated in Paarl, which is a town in the Western Cape Province of South Africa. 

Each year, the school takes part in one of the biggest inter-school sports events in the country, against arch-rivals Paarl Gim. The main event; the U19 rugby match attracts over 20000 spectators. Hoer Jogenskool Paarl has produced several top Rugby players including Carel du Plessis, Corne Krige, and Thomas du Toit. 

3. GREY College

Grey College is a state English & Afrikaans speaking medium school for boys located in the suburb of Universitas in Bloemfontein, which is in the Free State province of South Africa. Grey College. This school was recently ranked number one in Africa by an education research institute, and one of the focal points of the school is the involvement of the school’s alumni in the development of present students.

The school is a powerhouse in Rugby Union and one of the best rugby schools in South Africa. It has produced great players like Richardt Strauss, Ireland international rugby player.

4. Garsfontein

Hoerskool Garsfontein is an Afrikaans Language public secondary school in Glasfontein, a suburb of Pretoria, South Africa. The school is very highly rated for rugby development and regularly performs very well in the yearly age-grade tournaments. Hoerskool Garsfontein has produced many top rugby professionals who have earned renown for themselves.

5. Framesby

Hoerskool Framesby is an Afrikaans Language public secondary school in Framesby, Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The school was established in 1966 and has grown to be a massive place of learning with over 1000 pupils currently enrolled. Hoerskool Framesby is not only a place of academics; it is one of the top rugby institutions as well. As a top rugby school in South Africa, it’s one of the top locations where rugby stars are trained from an early age, to grab a firm hold of the game as adults.  

6. Monument

Monument High School or Hoerskool Monument is an Afrikaans Language high school located in Krugersdorp, Gauteng, South Africa. The school is a mixed school, with over 2000 pupils currently enrolled.  The school is one of the top locations for training in rugby and consistently ranks among the top 5 Rugby teams in South Africa.

The school has produced many Springbok and International Rugby players, but the most notable person to have come out of this school was Former President F.W de Klerk; he won a Nobel Prize Laureate.

7. Paul Roos

Paul Roos Gymnasium is a public, Afrikaans and English Language High School for boys in the town of Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa. The school was established in 1866 as Stellenbosch Gymnasium but later changed its name in honour of Paul Roos who served the school for thirty years. He was the sixth rector of the school, and he was also the captain of the first Springboks team. The school has produced more Springboks than any other school and continues to produce top Rugby Players, making it one of the best rugby schools in South Africa.

If you want your ward to have the opportunity to learn at the same institution as many of the country’s rugby greats, you should consider Paul Roos Gymnasium as your school of choice.

8. St Andrews

St. Andrew’s College is an Anglican high school for boys. The school is located in Makhanda, Eastern Cape province of South Africa, and was established in 1855 by the Right Reverend John Armstrong, who was the first Bishop of Grahamstown. The school has both day and boarding students numbering about 500.

Apart from academic excellence, the school is also a great place to receive training in sports. Rugby Union is the most played sport at the school, and many students enroll just for the opportunity to train at Rugby in the school. St Andrews has produced at least two Springbok rugby players; Ryan Kankowski and Nick Mallett.

9. Stellenberg

Stellenberg High School is a public Afrikaans and English language speaking high school, located in Stellenberg, Bellville, Western Cape, South Africa. The school is co-educational and was established in 1986, by President Botha. This is one of the top and prestigious schools in the Western Cape. This is one of the great citadels of learning in South Africa and a top destination for sports development. Apart from the many other courts and fields, the school has 3 rugby fields. The school hosted one of the rugby games of the under 18 rugby international games of 2018. 

10. Helpmekaar

Helpmekaar Kollege is a private Afrikaans Language speaking co-educational high school located in Braamfontein in the city of Johannesburg in the Gauteng province of South Africa. The school was established in 1921.  At Helpmekaar Kollege winter is rugby season, and rugby is more than just a game. The whole school attends all home games to offer support to the players, and with a rich history behind them, excellence is expected.



The Top 10 Rugby Schools in South Africa guarantee top-quality rugby training. These schools offer more than just academic education; they offer all-around development including the physical and mental aspects, making for passionate and success-driven individuals. The schools regularly take part in Rugby competitions; presenting an opportunity to test their strength against formidable opposition, and also an opportunity to win laurels.

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