Safety Officer Salary In Mines (2023) Average

The average safety officer salary in mines in South Africa is R 360 000 per year. There are plenty safety officers in South Africa right now that are working in different mines that are scattered across different parts of the country, and many of them are doing fine with their annual take home.

Safety Officer Salary In Mines Average

The average safety officer salary in mines is R 360 000 per year. This is the average annual salary of a safety officer who is working in a mine in South Africa, and may thus be different from another working in other sectors.

Now, it is necessary to place emphasis on the fact that the salary of a safety officer in South Africa is dependent on certain crucial factors. First of all, if you are just starting out in your profession, you can’t expect to earn as those that has been around for many years with a whole lot of experiences.

Therefore, in South Africa, safety officer entry-level positions annual salary starts from R 285 000. While there are some other career paths that are much more lucrative than this, the remuneration you get working as a new safety officer in a mine is definitely still ahead of what is available in several other professional careers in the country.

On the other hand, top ranking safety officers in a mine can get over R 473 048 per annum. This is due to the fact that they are well experienced in their job and have built a lot of expertise all through their working years.

Additionally, the particular mine the officer is working will also influence their salary. It should be noted that there are several mines in different parts of the country. And the fact remains that they are not operating in the same frequency.

While some of them are much more profitable and are paying their workers a whole lot of money too, some are average, due to difficulties factors. Therefore, a safety officer who can get work in a mine that pays high salaries will likely earn more money than their counterparts in an average place.

You can identify the justification for the dichotomy in the salaries of the new guys and the more experienced ones when it comes to dispatching their respective responsibilities. For instance, one of the major things a safety officer does in a mine is to bring up relevant health programmes, where they also offer necessary assistance to health and safety engineer as well as medical staff in making this alive. The experienced guys will do it better.

How Much Does Safety Officer In Mines Earns In South Africa Monthly

Considering their average yearly salary, it is easy to deduce that the monthly safety officer salary in mines is R 30,000. Interestingly, it means the average worker earns R 185 per hour.

It should however be added that there are new safety officers working in some mines that are being paid lesser than this. These ones can get a salary that is around R 28,000 per month due to their position and level.

But the big guys that have been able to rise to the top of their career can earn up to R50,000 per month as experienced safety officers that are already experts in the job. These ones can easily help guide the younger ones as touching how the job is properly done.

Roles Of Safety Officers In Mines

The job of a safety officer in South Africa is a challenging but essential one that can only be carried out by a properly trained individual. Actually, there are different places you can decide to work as a safety officer, but many prefers working in mines for different reasons.

If you get a job in a mine as a safety officer, your job revolves around overseeing health and safety systems at mining operations. You are the professional who will be tasked with handling this very important aspect, while others are taking care of other categories.

Mine safety officers are saddled with the responsibilities of reporting workplace accidents in the mine. They are the ones to compile accident statistics and to also estimate risks to employee safety and health.

One of the core abilities you should be familiar with as a mine operator is how to come up with solutions or new measurements and techniques in line with what you do. This is one of the reasons your employers will employ you and be willing to pay you whatever salary you will get.

Even if you are filling an entry position, it is necessary to be aware of the laws and codes of practice attached to safety in mining operations. You should understand the impact of geological factors too and be able to communicate adequately with your employers.

Also, as a safety officer who is working in a mine, you must be goof at managing emergency procedures. You will have to react swiftly in case of emergency and be as helpful as you can. Additionally, you will have to train other workers in mine safety, by organising mine safety training sessions for others (including management). Remember that mining operations can be deadly when things are not in proper order.

When an accident happened in the mine, the safety officer should investigate such accidents. They have to conduct investigation and then spot unsafe working conditions. Then, they are to proceed with making measures for improvement to prevent such things again. The safety officer ensure that equipment and general operations are compliant with national safety regulations.

In Conclusion

The average safety officer salary is around R 360 000 per annum in South Africa. Kindly note that this is only average, and it means different factors could make it higher than this or vice versa.

The role of a safety officer in mines can not be overemphasised, as these professionals are playing great roles in safeguarding lives. They are the ones to inspect mine safety conditions and see to the compliance of the mine with safety legislation.

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