How To Send Money From South Africa To Nigeria (2023) Top 10

Technology has made a lot of things very easy. Many years ago, receiving money from overseas in Nigeria is such a big deal, with limited options. Many people only had to settle for the likes of Western Union, having to pass through huge fees. Nevertheless, right now,  everything is now hassle-free. In fact, you can get things sorted out at your fingertips, with just a smartphone.

There are actually several ways to receive money from South Africa in Nigeria today. Let’s explore the prominent ones now.

Best Ways To Send Money From South Africa To Nigeria

1. WorldRemit

This is one of the best ways to receive money in Nigeria from South Africa. From South Africa, the sender can send money as a bank transfer or cash pickup. It should be noted however that a sender can only send a bank transfer to Nigeria through Dollar accounts (domiciliary accounts). Hence, if you are going to be using this medium, ensure the receiver has a domiciliary account in place. 

With this service, you can send around ₦7,000,000 per transfer and per day for bank transfers. The receiver can get the money with WorldRemit via mobile money wallets like Opay and PagaTech, as well as Nigerian banks like Fidelity, FCMB, FirstBank, Access Bank, Diamond Bank, and Ecobank. 

2. RIA Money Transfer

RIA Money Transfer service has a reputation for being one of the largest money transfer services in the world. They operate in partnership with several Nigerian banks such as First Bank and Ecobank. 

The service insists that their charges are pretty clear and that there are no hidden charges for those using the system. It should also be noted that the sender will have to register for an RIA account. This can be swiftly done by visiting RIA online.  The service offers three payment methods for sending money from South Africa to Nigeria. You can do that through a debit or credit card, or via a bank account. 

RIA Money Transfer enables you to track your transaction till the cash gets to the recipient. Please note that the receiver has to provide the pin which the sender is expected to send across already. The receiver also has to prove their identity with a Nigerian national identity card or with an international passport.

3. Eversend

This is a multi-currency e-wallet that you can use to receive money from South Africa in Nigeria. The amazing thing here is that with this app, one can even send instant bank transfers to bank accounts in Nigeria. They also made it known that those using their service can save up to 70% in fees and foreign exchange.

4. Sendcash Africa

This service is another easy one that can be utilized to send money to Nigerian bank accounts swiftly. Either you are trying to get money from your loved ones in South Africa or you are trying to receive cash as a freelancer, Sendcash is recommended. It is pretty fast and affordable too. You don’t even have to sign-up to get things done with Sendcash.

The service has 2 transfer methods – both are easy to utilize, and can take between a few minutes to four hours depending on liquidity and current rates. As a sender, you should get the account number of the person you want to send the money to in Nigeria, and it will be done seamlessly.

5. Remitly

Remitly is actually a superb digital alternative to the likes of Western Union and MoneyGram. Using Remitly is fast, affordable, and secured too. Hence, this is a service that can be recommended, used by many people already. One can send money across using the Remitly online money transfer service. They also have an app that can be used on a tablet or app.

It should be noted that with this one, you are allowed to send money from South Africa to someone in Nigeria through a bank deposit in USD or cash pickup. It should also be added that if the recipient would receive bank deposits via Remitly, they are expected to own a domiciliary account.

6. Azimo

This too is one of the swiftest and most affordable methods of sending money to Nigeria from abroad. It is possible to transfer money, which can be received by the recipient in Nigeria through cash pick up. They can also get the money in their USD and GBP accounts in through SWIFT.

Azimo even made it known that when you opted for them, you are going to save up to 77% compared to when you used other services.

You should understand how things work when making use of Azimo. The recipient will get an email from Azimo that will give details on how the money can be collected when the transfer is set for collection. If you are the recipient, you will get an OTP SMS from Azimo, on the phone number the sender will have to render when making the transfer. It should be noted that if you as a recipient of the money failed to submit the OTP, you won’t be given the cash at the pick-up location. 

7. TransferGo

You can also consider TransferGo to send money from South Africa. The service is a cheap international money transfer alternative to traditional companies like Western Union and MoneyGram. TransferGo presently serves 22 currencies across over 475 countries, and they can be deemed as reliable. They can be utilized when it comes to high-quality money transfers with speed and ease.

This service is licensed and authorized. They have similar security standards as any commercial bank does.

8. Paystack

Anyone with a Paystack account can receive money easily. It is straightforward. With a Paystack account, you can get a payment link from your dashboard which you then can send across to the person who is to pay you

As the sender, one has to make the payment on a debit or credit card after getting the payment link from the recipient.

9. MoneyGram

This is one of the oldest way people receives money from overseas. Despite the existence of many other alternatives today, MoneyGram is still a reliable way to receive money from South Africa. It is still a big institution with over 350,000 agent locations around the world. MoneyGram also does business with many banks, just to make things easier for their users.

10. WesternUnion

Finally, you can also use Western Union to receive money from South Africa in Nigeria. Like MoneyGram, Western Union has been around for many years now and they are still reliable. If you are not comfortable with several other companies, you can make use of Western Union.


In conclusion, sending money from South Africa to Nigeria is no longer difficult and complicated. You can always use any of the above services without many issues. 

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