UNISA 6 Month Registered Counsellor Course (2024)

The University of South Africa is one of the most prominent universities in the country, with a good reputation in Africa too. Interestingly, the institution has Short Learning Programmes (SLPs) that empower you along the path of the career path you desire. These are done in time and you get to wrap up what you are doing in a jiffy.

If you want to study your registered counselor course at Unisa, you have to enroll in the institution and get going.

UNISA 6 Month Registered Counsellor Course

To study a short course in basic counseling at the University of South Africa, you must take the necessary steps toward becoming a bona fide student. Basically, the course is primarily designed for qualified professionals who would desire to enhance their counseling talents.

How To Enrol For The Basic Counselling Short Course

To enroll for this short course at the University of South Africa, you get started on the Unisa official website and make sure you follow the procedures.

Here are the things you should expect:

Modules: PCOU016 –


A. Introductory issues in counselling
B. Psychological theories, such as Rogers, Erikson, Glasser and Maslow Characteristics of the counsellor
C. Counselling and psychotherapy
D. Ethical aspects of counselling
E. Human development: characteristics of development, developmental phases, factors that influence development and theories of development
F. Psychological health and behaviour
G. Communication: self-concept and communication style, effective communication and listening skills
H. Conflict: effect on relationships, conflict and anger, styles of conflict and styles of conflict management
I. Changing attitudes, unethical influence, controlling relationships and mind control


A. Criteria for counselling in practice
B. The counselling process: elements in counselling
C. Therapeutic skills and techniques
D. The underlying causes of emotional problems
E. Practical counselling with role players
F. Practical workshop where skills are demonstrated
G. A practical assignment a therapeutic interview

For more details:

Course leader details: Dr Hermien Olivier
Tel: (012) 429 6753
E-mail: [email protected]

Programme administrator: Admin Officer
Unisa Centre for Lifelong Learning
360 Lillian Ngoyi Street, Pretoria Central
Solomon Mahlangu Building 2nd floor
Tel: 012 352 4288
Email address: [email protected]

If you are already in this field and want to get better, you can go for a course like this to enhance your skills. The knowledge you learn can be utilized in your work-related counseling liabilities. They are great for teachers, nurses, social workers, and so on. If you need counseling skills for any good reason, you can go for this short course.

Let’s itemized the purpose statement of the course:

A. The counselling course has been designed to help you with practical counselling skills as well as techniques.
B. The counselling course is meant to offer you relevant theoretical counselling models and paradigms from psychology.
C. The course is meant to enable learners to act as an intermediary between people in need of
counselling and professional support services
D. The course will be majorly about basic counselling principles and
skills (among several other things). These include person-centered communication, the process of helping, and so on.
E. Learners will learn about values underlying the counselling process as well as practical issues (e.g the structure/stages of the interview/ counselling process).

Why The University of South Africa?

The University of South Africa is one of the best institutions on the continent and has trained numerous students since its inception. The school provides study opportunities to thousands of students from across South Africa, Africa, and other parts of the world.

At the university of South Africa, students can study several things at various levels from certificates to degrees. Unisa has opened its doors to so many students and has been ahead in this regard. It has conferred the most degrees in the country when compared with other public universities and universities of technology in South Africa as a whole.

The institution has a reputation for being a big contributor to the transformation of the higher education landscape in the country. This is easy because the school has increased its African student population to the extent that they are now in the majority.

Interestingly, the University of South Africa has an open system where you can get to know a handful of things with ease. Talk about student enrolments for instance. You can check out details on the number of students that enroll at the University of South Africa (even the number of students per college). You can even check staff statistics (get the total number of Unisa staff members, divided by gender and race on the portal).

The institution is committed to the success of its students. They have thousands of students getting certificates, diplomas, and degrees yearly. It doesn’t matter what your study choices are, there is usually something for you here.

More Facts About The University of South Africa

1. The institution provides both vocational and academic programs. It should also be noted that a large chunk of them already has international accreditation and can be recommended.

2. Unisa has a lot of notable South Africans among its alumni, including two Nobel prize winners: Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

3. The University was founded in 1873 as the University of the Cape of Good Hope. Legislation in 1916 eventually founded the autonomous University of South Africa.

4. The University of South Africa has certain colleges that were under its trusteeship. These are:
A. Grey University College (Bloemfontein)
B. Huguenot University College (Wellington)
C. Natal University College (Pietermaritzburg)
D. Rhodes University College (Grahamstown)
E. Transvaal University College (Pretoria)
F. The South African School of Mines and Technology (Johannesburg)
G. Potchefstroom University College.

5. In 1959, after legislation was passed, the University’s trusteeship also expanded to the five “black universities”. These are:
A. University of Zululand
B. University of the Western Cape
C. University of the North
D. University of Durban-Westville
E. University of Fort Hare.

6. In 1946, the institution got a role as a distance education university, and right now, it provides certificate, diploma, and degree courses up to doctoral level.

7. In January 2004, the University came together with Technikon Southern Africa (Technikon SA, a polytechnic) and incorporated the distance education component of Vista University (VUDEC).

8. The institution’s Muckleneuk Campus is situated in Pretoria. This is a prominent landmark of the capital city and attracts different attention from different sources.

9. In 1972, the University of South Africa moved into its new home on Muckleneuk Ridge (it left the old quarters in central Pretoria). It was made to a very great standard, international style characterized by engineering stuff like the cantilevered structures.

In Conclusion

While this short course on counselling in Unisa is brief quite all right, it is pretty rich and is great for folks in need of personal enrichment. You may be working for NGOs, a trainer, a youth worker, etc. There is something for everyone.