Where Is SHEIN Located In Gauteng?

Shein is a Chinese online fashion retailer that ships orders around the globe, including to South Africa. When SHEIN started, the company was more of a drop shipping company than a retailer since it does not design or manufacture clothing.

While SHEIN doesn’t have any branch in South Africa, the company has a dedicated website specific to South Africans. Despite not having a branch, you can still get your orders delivered fast to Gauteng, depending on the shipping method.

But, before we dive into where SHEIN is Located In Gauteng, let’s get familiar with what the company is all about.

What is SHEIN?

Shein is an e-commerce company from China that sells a wide range of products through its website and mobile app. The wide range of products and affordable prices have made SHEIN a popular choice among consumers.

Shein offers many products, including women’s and men’s clothing, and beauty products, with home and decor items. You can also get shoes and jewelry accessories at the store.

As a SHEIN customer, you can be rewarded for certain actions, such as ordering often and confirming deliveries. This program can help to reduce the prices on the site even further – and, this is what makes the store so appealing to customers around the globe.

Where Is SHEIN Located In Gauteng?

SHEIN doesn’t have any physical stores in Gauteng and the whole of South Africa. But, the company has a dedicated South African website that you can visit at https://za.shein.com/.

This website shows all prices in South African Rand. It does not require you to convert prices from other currencies or know the current exchange rate. It also assures that all items listed on the website are available for shipment to South Africa. This will save you from disappointment when you discover that an ordered item cannot be shipped.

How Long Does SHEIN Delivery To Gauteng Take?

Shein will take one to three business days to process your order after you have placed your order. This means they will need time to prepare your order and pack it.

Estimated delivery date will be provided on the “My Orders” page. This will give you an idea of how long it takes for your package arrives at customs. Shein currently offers the standard delivery option only for South Africa. That means orders may take between 25 and 28 days to reach customs.

How Much Does Shein Shipping Cost To Gauteng

For orders below R590, you will pay a shipping fee of R150.

For orders between R590 to R1050, you will pay a shipping fee of R75.

How Long Will Shein Take To Arrive In Gauteng

SHEIN will send your order to Gauteng via Aramex or Buffalo Logistics. The shipping time usually takes between 3 to 4 weeks starting from when the order is placed (this can vary depending on the items in the order if some items go out of stock, etc.).

Which Courier does Shein use in South Africa?

SHEIN packages are delivered by ARAMEX, FETCH, or NAQEL. Normally the delivery period takes 5 to 8 working days. For some cities, the delivery period may take a month.

Why do Shein orders take so long?

If your package exceeds the standard processing period, there is no need to worry because it will surely be delivered.

One common reasons your shipping might be delayed are low number of orders.

If SHEIN received a low number of orders from South Africa when you order your product, the company would have to wait until they receive enough orders so that the product can be shipped once, which will help save more on Custom duty and other charges.

This is better than shipping small and paying large each time a product is shipped.

Is Shein A Legit Place To Buy From?

Ordering from Shein is completely safe. You don’t have to be concerned about it being the victim of a sophisticated phishing scheme. When you order from Shein’s official website, the only thing you run the risk of is possibly experiencing disappointment down the road.

If you don’t care about quality and are seeking for inexpensive clothing, Shein is an excellent location to shop. Shein is a somewhat safe site to shop, but don’t discount more ethically sourced, environmentally friendly options.

Shein Clothing Quality and Sizing

Depending on the piece of clothes you are buying, shein quality and sizing can differ greatly. Shein offers products of varying quality, some of which are ridiculously good for the money. Additionally, sizing can differ, so always check their sizing guide and be aware of your measurements.



Shein products are very popular with online consumers due to their variety and affordable prices. South African shoppers can get the same quality and affordability when ordering from the South African site. These orders will be shipped standard delivery to your South African address. Standard delivery includes standard delivery times, rate, and delivery time.

Shein doesn’t have an official South African Shein Store, but South African Shein customers have the option to shop online and have the products delivered right to their door. But, delivery costs and estimated delivery times will apply.