20 Best Courses To Study Without Matric (2024)

Even if you don’t have matric, you shouldn’t be discouraged from proceeding with your studies. There was a time when not having a matric can hinder one from attaining a superb height in the desired career path. Nevertheless, in today’s world, a person without matric can still embrace tons of opportunities scattered around. You are not even stopped from going ahead in terms of studying further to attain greater heights in your career. There is no excuse now.

So for those asking, what courses can I study without matric? In this article, I listed the 20 best courses to study without matric in South Africa. You can jump on these college courses with Grade 10 or Grade 11. 

Best Courses To Study Without Matric

  1. National Certificate: Bookkeeping (NQF level 3).
  2. FET Certificate: Bookkeeping (NQF level 4).
  3. National Diploma: Technical Financial Accounting (NQF level 5).
  4. National Diploma: Financial Accounting (NQF level 6).
  5. National Certificate: Public Sector Accounting (NQF level 4).
  6. Diploma: Public Sector Accounting (NQF level 5).
  7. National Diploma: Financial Accounting (NQF level 6).
  8. National Certificate: Small Business Financial Management (NQF level 4).
  9. Higher Certificate: Office Administration (NQF level 5).
  10. National Diploma: Financial Accounting (NQF level 6).
  11. National Certificate: Small Business Financial Management (NQF level 4).
  12. Higher Certificate: Office Administration (NQF level 5).
  13. National Diploma: Financial Accounting (NQF level 6).
  14. Certificate: Office Administration (NQF level 5).
  15. Higher Certificate: Office Administration (NQF level 5).
  16. Diploma: Office Administration (NQF level 6).
  17. Microsoft Office 2010: Short Course Certificate
  18. Microsoft Office 2010: Certificate Course
  19. Microsoft Office 2010: Comprehensive Certificate Course
  20. Microsoft Office Specialist 2013 Expert Course


As you can see, the sky is still your limit even without having matric. There are so many courses one can study, and you are not limited. There is always something for everyone. It’s always a nice idea to further your study to enable you move higher in your career path. It is advisable that you simply choose a course you have a passion for. You will be encouraged and motivated to do well and excel with ease.

Having shown you 20 superb courses you can go for, let’s explore some other similar issues that will be helpful to you.


Where Can I Study Without Matric in South Africa?

It is important to know where to study without Matric even as you are looking forward to what particular course to study. The place you will study will go a long way in several important aspects. Different institutions have different models and methods, and the structures differ too. All these determine methods that would be utilized for assignments and exams too. You can study without matric from FET Colleges, via Online Courses, or even Distance Learning.

FET Colleges

There are several FET Colleges in different places in South Africa, and you can always study certain courses there without matric. Also referred to as TVET colleges, they are usually structured to offer valuable workplace skills via in-classroom learning. One of nice things about this system is that one will be required to work within the industry one is studying in as part of one’s practicals and training. This is really beneficial in several ways. The learner can easily get crucial workplace skills and achieve their NQF Level 4 equivalent.

Online Courses

The progress of technology has birthed a lot of positive things which can be used to enhance our lives. Online courses have given us the possibility of learning new things and getting the necessary certificates too. It is now possible to combine classroom learning as well as the virtual space in one, and you can pass through this is route to further your study even without Matric. From the comfort of your home, one can easily attend classes in a sophisticated way, receive lessons, and also do their exams. Everything is conducted online. There are strong tools already put in place to make this a reality.

If you stay far away from a college, you can make use of this channel. Opt for the course you are interested in and simply start learning. Be determined to learn and accumulate knowledge that will move you forward in life. 

Distance Learning

There are folks who are usually very busy and occupied and rarely have time for full commitment to classes. It’s actually understandable. If you are in this category, you can still really further your study. You might be working and don’t have a matric. It doesn’t matter that much. You can still study via distance learning. You can study from the comfort of your home and more importantly, at your own pace.

Many people who don’t have Matric but who want to study further usually have things they are occupied with already. Hence, it is helpful to settle for institutions with distance learning. While it should be noted that one might not have too much of options without matric, yet, you can still study a course that revolves around your passion via distance learning model. The studies will sure revolve around one’s daily life, and you can decide when to study and when to get occupied with other things. Yeah, studying without matric doesn’t have to be tough.

How Long are the Courses you can Study Without Matric? 

First, it should be noted that no course is the same. Yes, each course you see out there actually have different configuration and features and information too. They present different skills and knowledge at various levels and categories. Hence, you should know that the length will definitely differ. Nevertheless, you should have it in mind that these specialized courses can be studied in the space of 3 months to 36 months. So, it actually depends on the course you are going for, what it stands for, and the type of skills it is aimed at passing. Some courses take just 3 months while some can take up to 36 months.

There are institutions offering specialized and flexible courses. That is if there is not enough time to finish up your courses, and it is obvious that you are in need of more time to wrap up your course, they can help extend the length. Also, it is important to show commitment and passion – one of the reasons it is advisable to go for courses around your passion.

Can I get a job Without a Matric Certificate?

Indeed, it is possible to get in several in South Africa, although it might not come too easy at the initial stage. Nevertheless, with determination, one can easily get these things. But then, you should also know that you will make things easier for yourself out there when, along with your qualification, you have experience. Having a year’s worth of experience can actually help anyone in their career. If you don’t have many years of experience yet, you can help yourself by volunteering. There are usually many organizations in need of volunteers to help with one thing or the other – you can always get into them and learn some crucial skills that will make things easier for you too in your career.

Asides from volunteering, you can also apply for an Internship, which is another superb method one can learn about one’s field of interest. This is a step that will lead you to your dream spot in your career, as you will learn important skills needed in your field. Additionally, you can embrace entry-level jobs. You are starting from the bottom quite alright – but you can get to the top one of these days, one step at a time. Even without a grade 12 certificate in South Africa, one can still easily get an entry-level job, as there are many of such around.


Finally, don’t limit yourself because you don’t have Matric currently. There are still several opportunities scattered around the country and beyond for you. There are many things to do, several courses you can study if you want to further your study and different methods to utilize.

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