Top 15 NPO Funding In South Africa (2024)

Currently, there are thousands of Non-profit organisations (NPOs) in different parts of the country engaged in different types of activities that are of great benefit to various classes of people. It is thus very lovely to note that funding for NPOs in South Africa can even help expand the extent of the impacts of these organisations.

List of top funding for NPOs in South Africa include Oppenheimer Generations Foundation, Ikhala Trust, The PEPFAR Community Grants Program, the National Lotteries Commission, and PetroSA Funding amongst others.

15 Funding For NPOs in South Africa

1. Oppenheimer Generations Foundation

For the Oppenheimer Generations Foundation, the focus lies in backing early-stage prospects that foster inclusive and sustainable growth. The Foundation channels its funds towards overlooked regions with significant potential to create positive effects for communities and the environment, aiming to achieve pivotal breakthroughs.

They have a reputation for collaborating with entities whose impact far surpasses the investment, emphasizing substantial positive outcomes. Oppenheimer Generations Foundation is one of those agencies that seek long-term partnerships with the organisations they work with. If your NPO is doing a great job that is consistent with their goals, they could easily come to your path.

2. Ikhala Trust

Here is another great source to provide funding for NPOs in South Africa. The focus is on aiding small community-based groups that can effectively pinpoint the skills, capabilities, and resources that members can bring to the project. The Trust is interested in your approach to recognizing and leveraging the talents of marginalized individuals within your community.

To stand a chance of receiving their funding, you should have a good outline of your methods for activating, harnessing, improving, and broadening these local capacities to ensure the accomplishment of your goals. Here are the criteria you must fulfil:

– Your NPO activities are expected to be situated in a disadvantaged urban or rural community, and what you are working on should be around 6 to 12 months old.
– You must be properly registered with the Department of Social Development’s, NPO Directorate. If you are not yet registered but are already in the process, you are still allowed to come on board.
– It is expected that you have gotten little or no funding from outside sources, and should also own an official Bank Account with a well-known banking enterprise in the country.
– Your NPO should be running within an annual budget of not more than R250,000 per year. It should be noted that if you are chosen, you won’t be given more than R30 000 for the yearly budget. Also, generally, you are to have a proper record of all financial transactions.

So, as far as your organisation is meeting a vivid need in the local community and you are even interested in partnering with organisations with similar objectives, you can be considered.

3. The PEPFAR Community Grants Program

The PEPFAR Community Grants Program is another strong way to get funds for your Non-profit organisation. This is a channel that offers direct financial support to community-based organizations operating in places with the most significant HIV prevalence (take note of the focal point of why the resources are released).

Annually, the program invites applications, and organizations are chosen for funding via a rigorous, multi-phase selection process. Non-profit entities from all over South Africa are eligible to receive grants, with amounts of up to R750,000 available.

Kindly note that there are requirements that must be fulfilled if you will get the funds. You must run an organisation that offers community-based care and support for those living with HIV, and you even conduct both HIV testing and counselling too. Also, the agency is interested when you indulge in activities meant to help prevent more people from getting HIV.

So, generally, the agency wants to partner with an organisation that can help realize its visions for the Community Grants Program. It must be what gets to local areas and expand them by having a direct impact.

4. The Ambassador’s Special Self-Help (SSH) program

From the stables of the U.S. Mission to South Africa, this grassroots grant assistance initiative enables U.S. Ambassadors to back local appeals for small-scale community-focused development endeavours. The SSH program aims to bolster communities through small grants that yield favourable effects at the local level.

It should be noted that as far as this program is concerned, priority is accorded to groups displaying sustainability and a feasible path for expanding their initiatives. Proposals aligning with U.S. Mission goals will also be favoured. Also, following the grant allocation, projects should be self-sustaining or receive assistance from the community to maintain operations.

To apply, you must be a registered non-profit organization in the country and should have a valid DUNS number. It is also necessary that you be able to prove that your organisation is helping to improve basic economic or social conditions in an area (you are expected to be benefiting a whole lot of people).

It must also be added that the Embassy is emphasizing significant engagement from the community (the involvement might encompass efforts like manpower, resources, property, etc.). Additionally, once finished, the projects being carried out by your organisation should be able to support themselves without ongoing assistance.

The backing provided by the U.S. Embassy should be in the form of a single grant, and what you are onto should remain manageable for the community to uphold. And finally, don’t forget that you must show evidence that you are financially responsible and will be able to account for funds sent to you.

5. National Lotteries Commission

The National Lotteries Commission is not only all about regulating the lottery sphere in the country. It is also an agency that offers funding for NPOs in South Africa who are known for working for the public good.

Organizations of all sizes, from national entities to local community groups, are eligible. They don’t just accept applications from small organizations; they enthusiastically encourage them too.

6. PetroSA Funding

This agency funds qualified organisations via its Community Affairs programme. Nevertheless, any NPO that will be sponsored must align with their policy. They are focused on areas such as Education, Health, Community Development, Environment and Sustainable Development, etc.

PetroSA is committed to places where it operates and is more interested in disadvantaged communities. It is easy to get their funding if your organisation promotes community empowerment and socio-economic development.


Your non-profit organisation can get some resources from DGMT if you are aligned with its commitment to developing South Africa’s potential and you are working on something in its books to help people escape the snare of inequality.

Make sure you look out for their areas of opportunity, and you can go for their funding as far as your organisation is directly or indirectly addressing one or more of them.

8. Old Mutual Foundation

The Foundation’s dedication lies in bringing about a positive and enduring change throughout South Africa. Their goal is to enhance individuals and communities by fostering skills, education, socio-economic transformation, and employment opportunities.

If you own a non-profit organization and you are registered with the Department of Social Welfare, you can reach out for funding. The general goal is to incorporate marginalized South Africans into the broader economy by offering skills training, and employment opportunities, and empowering the youth through education.

9. African Women’s Development Fund (AWDF)

AWDF provides grants to women’s organizations and initiatives across Africa that work towards gender equality, women’s rights, and social justice.

10. Ford Foundation: Building Institutions and Networks (BUILD) Grant

This grant supports organizations in strengthening their institutional capacity and promoting collaboration and networking among civil society groups.

11. The U.S. African Development Foundation (USADF)

USADF provides grants to community-based organizations and cooperatives that are working to create sustainable economic development in Africa.

12. The Global Fund for Women

This fund supports women-led organizations that focus on women’s rights, gender equality, and empowerment.

13. The African Peacebuilding Network (APN)

This network offers research and project grants to support research, training, and collaboration among African researchers and practitioners in the field of peacebuilding.

14. Google Impact Challenge Africa

Google offers grants to non-profits with innovative projects that use technology to address social and economic challenges in Africa.

15. Mastercard Foundation Fund for Rural Prosperity

This fund supports financial service providers and non-profits that are working to improve access to financial services and opportunities for people in rural areas of Africa.

Funding For NGOs In South Africa

If you run a Non-government Organisation in South Africa, here are some core mediums you can take advantage of to get more resources:

– Corporate Social Investment (CSI)
– Government Funding
– Foundations and Trusts
– International Aid and Donor Funding
– Social Enterprise and Earned Income
– Public Donations and Fundraising

Are you looking for funding for your Non-Profit Organization? Whether you are in the process of forming a Non-Profit Organization (NPO), or your Non Profit is already established, sourcing funds continues to be an essential part of your NPO’s existence. 

Non Profit Organizations are an essential part of every society today because of the role they play in helping to carry out development projects, thus easing the load on governments. All over the world, NPO plays a role in providing essential infrastructure directly to the people, and many of them also build human capital development as well as assist vulnerable members of society.

It therefore no secret that Governments and corporate organizations the world over make effort to help NPOs thrive. One of the ways that NPOs can be assisted is by providing funding for them. To find out how to access funding for your NPO read the rest of the article.

Getting NPO Funding In South Africa

You have to start by getting a funding application form from the Directorate of Non-Profits. These forms are available all year round, but it must be stated that certain projects receive priority funding while others are seen as fewer priority projects and are funded as such.

The Directorate of Non-Profits releases a publication at the beginning of each financial year, stating which projects are high priority projects. This publication is usually released around April or March. You get the registration online on the Directorates Website . Once the organization has been registered you can go ahead and apply for funding.

What You Need

In order to be eligible to receive funding, the law states that you have to provide your financial report. You have to do this within six months of the end of the financial year, and you also have to report any changes in the organizational structure of your organization.

How to Apply for Sponsorship

As an NGO you are not expected to make a profit. You just need sufficient money to carry out your activities. Aside from government funding which we have highlighted above, you can also get sponsorship or funding from private organizations as well. They get their money from private individuals, corporate organizations, investments, fundraising activities, and product sales.   

To get private Sponsorships, you have to meet the specific requirements of each of the donors. Almost every donor organization stipulates what they need to see from each intending NPO, but they generally want to see your mission statement which shows what the NPO is all about. They also want to see your track record; showing what projects you have successfully completed, and the impact that the said projects have had on society at large. They also want to see your financial records; being evidence of financial prudence.

Every year, major donor organizations publicize their intentions to provide funding to NPOs working in specific areas. If your NPO falls into the category of those that they wish to fund, then you can go ahead and apply for the funding, following the stipulated rules that they give you.

Here is a recap of How to Get Funding From Private Donors

Go to the website of the donor or sponsor

Read and Study their Guidelines, as well as their requirements, and the exact manner that they want you to make the application.

Register for the grant or sponsorship.

Most times they want a detailed description of how the money will be utilized. It is important to supply them with that information.

Most sponsors want to know your track record, they want to know what other [projects that you have successfully carried out.

It is important to have your organizations’ registration documents so that they know that your NPO is duly registered with the relevant authorities.

Sometimes they want to see evidence of financial prudence; that usually means showing a copy of your financial records, at least for the preceding year. Some organizations may want to see documentation stretching a little farther than one year; maybe 2 or 3 years of good financial spending.

We think it is a Good Idea to Mention Some Sponsors

 The following are some reputable corporate organizations that have been providing funding for Non-Profit Organizations, and which we believe will continue to provide this money. These are dependable sources of funding money, well recognized within the NPO community.

The MTN Foundation

The MTN Foundation is the charity arm of the MTN Group which is South Africa’s premier provider of mobile telephone communication, and internet data. The company which is now present in several other African countries can be well regarded as a communications giant. 

The MTN Group, through the MTN Foundation, sets aside a  portion of its profits every year to donate to charitable causes. The call to action inviting NPOs to bid for sponsorship is usually done at the start of the year.


The National Lotteries Commission is a government agency that is tasked with monitoring the activities of all Lotteries in the country. Every year this organization sets aside some money that is donated to NPOs all across the nation. They usually make this announcement at the beginning of the year

The U.S Embassy

The US embassy also has gained a reputation for being a cheerful giver. They provide sponsorship, grants, and other funding for good causes, not only in South Africa but all over the continent and beyond. Sometimes, the US Embassy even calls on NPOs to act as partners with them in order to tackle some specific problem. They provide the funds, while you do the work. The invitation to apply for funding is usually done at the beginning of the year.



There are various fundings for NPOs in South Africa that can be helpful to expand your impact and influence in your society. We have highlighted the prominent ones above, so feel free to consider any of them you might choose to apply for.  Also there are many different organizations that provide funding for NPOs, one just needs to keep his eyes open. They usually make the announcement in the mass media, including the newspapers. However, we must state that we cannot vouch for the selection process of any of the donors- even those that are mentioned in this article. We, therefore, urge you to ensure that you met their requirements before applying.