Where Can I Study Nursing Without Matric (2023)

Before asking or seeking to know where you can study nursing without matric, you ought to first find out if you can even study nursing without matric in South Africa. Of course, this too is likely something you want to know, which is fine. In this article, I will deal with all of these and also open your eyes to see new things. This information will be beneficial to many people in the country, as tons of people are usually chasing nursing as a profession in South Africa

Where Can I Study Nursing Without Matric

The answer is: “No where”! Why? Because one can’t study nursing in an accredited nursing institution without having the necessary qualifications. 

Actually, without matric, there are several courses a person won’t be admitted into, unless they can get an equivalent qualification that meets the entry requirement for the particular course of interest.

Hence, if you are really passionate and have determination, it is advisable that you take steps towards a matric rewrite. You can even go for an alternative course that helps in meeting the requirements to get access to the institution.

Things To Consider Before Chosing A Nursing Institution

If you are going to take the right steps to get the appropriate qualifications that would qualify you to get into a nursing Institution in the country, it is important to do yourself a lot of good by knowing the type of college you will eventually settle for.

In South Africa, education is facing several challenges from different sources, and one of them has to do with the issue of accreditation. It is therefore important to first check to ensure an institution has been duly accredited by the SANC before opting for such.

It is also advisable that you go for only institutions you are sure have appropriate connections with the professional world. Check if such a college has produced excellent nurses who are doing greatly well out there. Try to know how easy it is for folks who graduated from the college to get a job as soon as they are done with their studies.

Basically, you will be able to have an idea of the quality of education such institution offer by keeping the above points in mind. You can also demand that the college show you what is covered in their own course syllabus. It is also helpful when you go all out to try connecting with those who have graduated from the college before now, asking them about their experiences, and if they can recommend the college. They have first-hand experience already, and their opinion will be useful.

Requirements For Acceptance Into Nursing Courses

It’s a nice thing to have great passion for the nursing profession. Indeed, your passion will play a great role as far as your success in the profession is concerned. Nevertheless, you can’t jump into the ship just like that. There are important requirements that must be fulfilled. There is an advise that you should have started thinking about the programme you will run right from when you are still in high school. If you want nursing, you should start putting things together from that period. 

Nursing is a medical profession. This means, you should be more familiar with the sciences, as you will be going in this line. You should take science subjects in school. If you are going for nursing, you should have basic science knowledge.

Also, it will be helpful if you decide to volunteer at various healthcare facilities. There are several of them in South Africa. There are tons of hospitals around the country. You can get to know how a lot of things works here and the knowledge will be valuable to you in this profession. 

You can easily excel as a nurse with passion and appropriate training. Things will get much easier for you as you enjoy your training. This can be achieved when you have prior knowledge before jumping into the coast. You should also link up with relevant people who will be very helpful to you in the profession.

Nursing Course Options In South Africa

One can either opt for classroom-based learning for their Nursing Courses or just decide to take online classes. This will be based on your own conditions. Nevertheless, it is advisable that you go for a traditional local school environment as you are getting trained as a nurse. 

In such settings, you will encounter certain skills that might not easily come if it’s simply an online affair. Nursing is highly practical as a course. It is very beneficial to put your hands in practicality as a nurse in training and do all that can be done to acquire adequate knowledge. And as you learn inside a classroom from a nursing college, you will see an adequate environment for consultation too. You can have a fundamental relationship with the trainers and you will get to be closer to people you will play different roles in giving you a comprehensive education. 

When you learn in a traditional classroom setting, you will also get to learn how to work with other people. Of course, in such environment, teamwork is very important, and you will see that teamwork is so important as far as the medical field is concerned.

Of course, online courses had its own place too, and we aren’t discouraging everyone from signing up for classes on the internet. Indeed, there are certain people who are working or heavily involved in other important things, but they also have to study. Doing your study online can give you the flexibility you need to be productive in several grounds. You will get to follow your own pace without much stress. Additionally, you won’t have to spend too much money too.


Finally, while you should consider what best suits your own case, it is advisable that you learn as much as you can, so you will be enabled to emerge as an effective nurse in South Africa.