Nursing Requirements At UJ (2023)

Nursing is a profession that encompasses autonomous and collaborative treatment of all ages, families, groups, and communities in all settings. Nursing is a work that mainly aims towards promoting good health, preventing diseases, caring for the ill and disabled ones. Nursing is a great career to choose anywhere in the world. The value and usefulness of the work are immense and overly significant to the existence of humanity. I fully listed the nursing requirements at UJ – the University of Johannesburg and other things that are important for aspiring students.

South Africa is one of the best countries to study and earn a nursing degree. The University of Johannesburg, popularly known as UJ, is one of the universities located in South Africa that is highly reputable and respected for its standard educational services. UJ was founded on January 1, 2005, and is located in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa. If you are planning to get your nursing degree from UJ, South Africa, you have made a good choice. The University Of Johannesburg’s nursing department is well-equipped and the tutors are deeply experienced too. 

What are the requirements for nursing at UJ?

Nursing Requirements At UJ

The requirements to earn a nursing degree at The University of Johannesburg will be provided below;

  • Minimum APS: 27
  • Duration: Four Years
  • Mathematics: Level 4 or Mathematical Literacy: Level 5
  • Language Of Teaching And Learning: Level 5

Recommended Matriculation Subjects

  • Physical Science: Level 4
  • Life Science: Level 4

Can I study nursing at UJ?

Yes, you can study nursing at UJ

Why Should You Study Nursing At UJ 

Nursing is a profession that warrants deep expertise and attention. The activities that are related to nursing are carried out with profound cautiousness. This is why you should ensure that you choose an efficient institution that can equip you with the necessary and most important skills to succeed in the field. 

UJ is a proficient university where you can study and earn a nursing degree. Moreover, there are certain reasons why the school is considered an awesome place to study nursing. Some of the major reasons why the University Of Johannesburg is good for studying nursing will be explained below

  • Accredited Training

Studying nursing at the University of Johannesburg is amazing because the institution is renowned and well-accredited.  Accreditation is a highly important factor to look for when one wants to choose an institution. The main goal of accreditation is to ensure that universities are credible and provide quality education. 

One of the benefits of ensuring that institutions are accredited before you attend is to see whether the school meets the necessary quality standards. Also, it helps to instill the assurance in candidates that their preferred school can operate responsibly on a financial level. The University of Johannesburg is a well-accredited institution that meets the standard requirements and can function well on a financial level. 

  • Experienced Tutors And A Conducive Environment

One of the major factors that affect the quality of education in institutions is the environment. If the setting or area at which the school is situated isn’t good enough, it makes it quite difficult for students to assimilate and relish the process of education. The University of Johannesburg has a good environment that supports sound and quality training. Also, UJ has well-experienced tutors that can utilize variant methods to teach students what they need effectively. 

  • Good Laboratories

The University of Johannesburg is a global institution that receives students from all over the world. The clinical facilities in the institution are of high-quality and up-to-date. The ultra-modern facilities that are available in the UJ’s nursing department make it easier to carry out different researches and experiments that would have been so difficult and complex to execute. 


What Are The Qualifications You Need To Become A Nurse In South Africa

  • A Four Year Bachelor Degree In Nursing Or
  • A Three Year Diploma Or
  • A One-Year Higher Certificate In Auxiliary Nursing Or
  • One Year Post Graduate Advanced Diploma In Nursing And Midwifery 

After getting your qualification, you need to register with the South African Nursing Council (SANC)

Tips That Would Help You Excel As A Nursing Student

Nursing school might become quite challenging, most especially for new students. There are various tips that you should know about if you are aiming to become a successful and good nursing student. If you understand the tips, your nursing degree program at UJ won’t be difficult at all. Besides, some of the tips that can help you as a nursing student will be discussed in this section. 

  • Understand How To Read

Some people utilize the method of cramming for examinations and tests, moreover, that might only be possible in other departments. In nursing school, you need to understand how to read and comprehend topics deeply, and know how to apply the teachings in real-life situations. 

Knowing the best way to study and understand topics is a strategy that is going to help you a lot as a nursing student. Study effectively, avoid distractions and review topics ahead of your classes. Don’t spend five hours reading topics that can be read within two hours. Be smart and shrewd with reading, if you want to pass well in any nursing school. 

  • Make Personal Researches And Ask For Help

This is another major tip that can help you succeed greatly as a nursing student. You should consistently make personal researches on topics you feel is important to your course. Also, you shouldn’t be a solitary person in school. Make friends, meet new people and associate with knowledgeable students who you can seek help from in case you don’t understand a part of the course. 

  • Take Breaks

As the popular saying goes; all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. As you keep the consistent reading and researches going, you should also endeavor to always take breaks and take part in other activities. By doing this, you will get time to relax your brain and discover more outside of the course you are studying in school. 



Nursing is a great and respected profession. Besides, the work demands deep expertise and experience. To gain a significant level of professionalism in the field, you would need to attend a top-notch and standard institution. The University Of Johannesburg is a perfect institution in South Africa where you can earn a nursing degree. In this article, important information about studying nursing at UJ has been provided.