Pharmacy Requirements At UJ (2024)

Pharmacy is the clinical health science that links medical science with chemistry. The field of pharmacy mainly deals with discovery, manufacturing, production, disposal, safe and effective use, and control of medications and drugs. Pharmacy is quite a good career to study at the university. There are various reasons why you should consider studying the course at UJ. I listed all the pharmacy requirements at UJ. 

First, as a pharmacist, your main aim is to ensure people live in good health conditions. Your works and activities as a pharmacist will be based on helping people survive and live a better and healthy life. Another reason why pharmacy is a good course to study is because of the wide range of opportunities and flexibility in the mode of work. 

The University of Johannesburg, commonly known as UJ, is an institution that is well-known for its great expertise in delivering top-notch educational services. The university was founded in 2005. UJ has a large population of students, not just from South Africa, but also from all over the world. 

The University of Johannesburg is one of the best in South Africa where you can earn a pharmacy degree. UJ has different ultra-modern training facilities and well-experienced tutors for all of its students. The pharmacy department in the university is standard and up to standard. 

What are the requirements to study pharmacy at UJ?

Pharmacy Requirements At UJ

The requirements to study pharmacy at the University of Johannesburg are;

  • Minimum APS: 26
  • Duration: Four Years
  • Mathematics: Level 4 or Mathematical Literacy: Not Accepted
  • Language Of Teaching And Learning: Level 5

Recommended Matriculation Subjects

  • Physical Science: Level 4
  • Life Sciences: Level 4

An NCV (level 4) was issued by the Council for General and Further Education and Training. Score at least 60% for 6 of the 7 subjects – fundamental and vocational categories. Passed English as Language of Teaching and Learning / First Additional Language as a fundamental component with a minimum of 70%.

Is pharmacy available at UJ?

Yes, Pharmacy is available at UJ.

How Much Do Pharmacists Earn In South Africa

A person working as a Pharmacist in South Africa typically earns around 43,200 ZAR per month. Salaries range from 21,200 ZAR (lowest) to 67,400 ZAR (highest).

What Are The Jobs You Can Do With A Pharmacy Degree In South Africa

Earning a pharmacy degree, you can choose to work at public or private health centers, academic institutions, and pharmaceutical industries. Moreover, as there are different jobs that you can do with a pharmacy degree, the same thing with the works you can do with the degree. In this section, some of the major jobs you can do with a pharmacy degree will be explained. 

  • Community Pharmacist

 As a community pharmacist, your main work will be to dispense and supply prescription medicines. You will also have to work as an adviser; giving pieces of advice to people on how to improve and maintain their wellness and health. 

  • Hospital Pharmacist

As a hospital pharmacist, you will work as a medical expert. You will understand how drugs are utilized and what their effects are on the human body. Hospital pharmacist also prescribes and engage in quality testing of medicines. 

As a hospital pharmacist, you will work closely with medical staff and nurses to ensure that hospital patients receive the best treatments. You may also have to manufacture drugs sometimes. 

  • Medical Research Scientist

As a medical research scientist, your main work will be to plan and conduct experiments to increase the body of scientific knowledge on topics related to medicine. Another responsibility of medical research scientists is to develop new or improve existing, drugs, treatments, and other medically-related products. 

Medical research is an activity that is usually carried out in different places such as higher education institutions, companies, research institutes, and hospitals. This means that as a medical research scientist, you can work in various types of settings. 

  • Pharmacologist

Pharmacologist usually investigates how drugs interact with biological systems. As a pharmacologist, you will carry out researches on animals to predict how particular drugs can affect the human body. Pharmacologists are mainly focused on discovering new and better medicines, understanding how and why people react to particular drugs and find-out about drugs’ side effects. 

  • Higher Education Lecturer

This is another major work people do with their pharmacy degree. As a higher education lecturer with a pharmacy degree, your work will be to teach students and explain to them about different aspects of pharmacy. Assessing students’ coursework, setting up and marking examinations, preparing and developing courses are also part of your responsibilities as a higher education lecturer. 



The requirements to study pharmacy at UJ have been listed above. Pharmacy is a great course to study. Moreover, you should ensure that you earn a pharmacy degree only from good and reputable schools. Choosing a good school will aid and enhance your portfolio, improve your personal experience and open you to more opportunities in the field. 

The University of Johannesburg is one of the best schools in South Africa to study pharmacy. Apart from the fact that the school is highly reputable, it also has virtually all needed facilities to aid the process of learning. Besides, if you choose to study pharmacy at UJ, there are certain things that you should know about. These pieces of information have been provided above.