List Of All Health And Safety Short Courses At UNISA

Among the popular courses that attract people to the University of South Africa are the occupational health and safety short courses at UNISA. These courses are most designed for health workers and those who work in the larger health sector, to help build capacity in this sector. They offer industry-standard training and retraining to sharpen the skills of health care workers, and those in the management capacities of healthcare establishments both in the public and private sector. 

The University of South Africa (UNISA) is a foremost institution of learning in South Africa, and one of the most popular universities with a student body of about 381,483. This institution, one of the biggest contributors to the education system in the country, continues to attract students to its various programmes, and courses. 

Availing yourself of one among the list of health and safety courses at UNISA will enrich your career, and have a trickle-down effect on society. 

Occupational Health And Safety Short Courses At UniSA

Short Learning Programme in the Health Studies department

Programme in using DHIS2 for Health Management (77031)

This intensive short learning program is designed for (but not limited to) managers working in public healthcare settings both in the private and public sectors. The course is open to people that provide and/or manage comprehensive community, Primary Health Care services in South Africa.

 These include: Health Care Professionals who collect clinical data, and also those involved in the processing and use of the collected information for patient health management

This one-year short learning programme in the health studies advances knowledge and practical skills on the use of routine health data and information, and will strengthen the health manager’s ability to monitor, manage, make decisions and report on public health interventions and results at the facility, district, provincial and national levels. 

This will make a health worker much more competent in discharging his duties and will help them take on more responsibilities in their clinics and hospitals.


Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 Short Course (01724)

The short course in the occupational health and safety act, 1993 (01724) will take only six months to complete. This course is designed for persons who work in all levels of management, health and safety practitioners, and engineers preparing for their Government Certificate of Competency. The course is also open to supervisors, line managers, and union officers.

This course is designed to make them aware of occupational health and safety protocols that are applicable by law. Implementing these protocols will make the workplaces safer, and reduce the liability of legal action should members of staff have their health jeopardized on the job.

Care for the Caregiver Short Course (75779)

This short course in care for the caregiver will take only six months to complete. The course is open to any interested layperson, student, and healthcare professional, especially those in the field of providing care. This course will help to enhance the participant’s personal vitality and well-being, as well as the quality of care he or she provides to others. This course is valuable regardless of whether the participant operates in a volunteer or professional capacity 

The course will shift focus from the patient to the caregivers so as to make them aware of their own mental and physical state, which in turn empowers them to be better caregivers.

Logotherapy Meaning-Centred Living, Counselling and Psychotherapy: Train-The-Trainer Short Course (75884)

This short course in centered living, counselling, and psychotherapy is only open to registered professionals or persons on a Master’s level. This is like a refresher course that will also expose participants to the modern methods of practicing Logotherapy while preparing them to become trainers in the field of logotherapy.

Managing Health and Nutrition in Adverse Conditions Short Course (72540)

This short course in managing health and nutrition in adverse conditions is designed for Health professionals working with communities, groups, and individuals, specifically, those who suffer from malnutrition and nutrition-related diseases. 

This course will take one year to complete, and is only open to community extension workers, community health workers, medical representatives, primary healthcare professionals, (for example nurses, medical doctors) health aid workers concerned with food security (for example missionaries), educators and caretakers of children, and allied health professionals such as social workers, and occupational therapists.

The Support of Children at Risk Short Course (76977)

This short course in the support of children at risk is designed as part-time, which should be completed in 12 months. The course is designed to provide knowledge and skills to parents, guardians, grandparents, and most especially professionals like teachers, social workers, caregivers, and volunteers in communities and warders in correctional centres. These are the ones who work with, and support children at risk in diverse contexts. This course includes identifying children at risk, communicating with children at risk, winning their trust, and teaching morals to reform their character.

Training Trainers in HIV and Aids Care and Counselling Short Course (76969)

This short course in training trainers in HIV and aids care and counselling is designed for professionals in the health and social sciences, as well as counsellors, nurses, social workers, psychologists, teachers, and ministers of faith. The programme is also valuable to peer counsellors, lay counsellors, religious workers, etc.  The purpose of this programme is to empower participants with the necessary training and facilitation knowledge that will help them become effective trainers in their respective communities and work environments.

Practical skills for HIV Aids Care and Counselling Short Course (76970)

This short course in practical skills for HIV/ AIDS care and counselling will take only 3 months to complete. It also includes a workshop. The course is designed for professionals in the health and social sciences sector, as well as counsellors, nurses, social workers, psychologists, teachers, ministers of faith, peer-counsellors, lay counsellors, and so on.



As health care is a very fundamental aspect of society, UNISA is happy to provide these short courses. However, as you might have noticed, most of the core short courses are only open to health care professionals, as a way of increasing their capacity in specific areas of health care delivery. If you are a student hoping to have a career in health care, you should look for a degree in nursing science.

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