Can I Teach Grade R With Diploma, NQF Level 4/6, ABET or Without Matric (2023)

Many people are interested in becoming a Grade R teacher, due to different reasons. But of course, in some cases, passion is not enough, as you are expected to be adequately qualified before you get in. Hence, it is usual for people to ask if they can get into the system with certain certificates.

Here, I answer many questions related to Can I Teach Grade R Teacher With Diploma, NQF Level 4/6, ABET, or Without Matric.

Can I Teach Grade R With Diploma?

With the right one, yes, you can. Currently, this is the lowest certificate a person can have to be qualified to teach Grade R in South Africa. In other words, you must hold at least a diploma before you can be deemed qualified to teach Grade R in the country.

With this, you can take the step to apply for a SACE registration.

It gets easier when you apply for an Educare course. This is basically about teaching kids at their level, in a way they will understand. It is not just about teaching them in terms of trying to impute knowledge in them, but also learning how to take good care of them. Of course, kids are tender and young, and they can hardly take full care of themselves. Hence, their teachers must know how to take good care of them. Don’t forget that one of the vital reasons many parents drop their young children in places like this is because they are busy with work. 

Additionally, Educare is also about helping children to shape their minds. Don’t forget that kids have a tender minds, and what is being dropped here at this stage is very important. What they assimilate now, how they are being taught, the expertise of their tutors, and so on, will help them become what is appropriate as they grow. Many times, when you see brilliant youngsters, it is because they have a good start at their foundation. 

Can I Teach Grade R With NQF Level 4?

No, you can’t. As stated earlier, at least, a teacher should have a diploma before they can teach Grade R in the country.

Can I Teach Grade R With NQF Level 6?

No. If you want to be qualified, you have to enhance yourself by getting something more. If you can get a diploma, it gets easier for you.

Can I Teach Grade R With ABET Certificate?

Anything below a diploma is regarded as being underqualified as far as teaching Grade R is concerned. Hence, you aren’t qualified if you teach Grade R with an ABET certificate.

Of course, it is understandable that many folks feel since those in Grade R are just a bunch of young kids, then anyone can teach them. But it is not so. They are in an important stage of life 6 must be nurtured adequately.

Can I Become A Grade R Without Matric?

You should have the required and stipulated qualifications to be qualified as a Grade R teacher in South Africa. However, if you don’t have a matric and you want to further your education, certain childcare courses do not require one to have a matric. Here are they:

Creche Management: There are short courses that will teach one about operating and managing a Creche in South Africa. So, you don’t have to become a Grade R teacher before you can contribute to the development of a child.

Child Psychology: This course will enlighten you to understand kids as well as how they develop. Learners will learn about the developmental behaviour of children. Also, you will be exposed to how they think as well as things that influence their choices and actions. 

Child Day Care: With this, you will be enlightened to know about caring for kids. You will be taught how to provide a safe environment for them.

First Aids Courses: First aid is generally about providing immediate help for an injured or sick person. So, learning about this is getting equipped to know what to do to help someone that needs it. In this case, you will know how to handle kids who got injured. As we know, children usually play and jump around. Hence, such courses are very beneficial.



As stated earlier, you need at least a diploma to become a Grade R teacher in South Africa. You should note that if you seek this with an Educare course, you will make yourself appropriately qualified to start your career. As you embark on an Educare course, you will be taught very important things like:

– How to encourage the growth of kids via songs and playing. Kids are kids, and they must learn as kids, using methods that work for them. Hence, you should understand that theirs is an informal learning environment driven by play.

– Food and nutrition. Certain foods help the growth of children and are of great benefit to them. This helps a lot. By eating the right things at the right time, their minds will be sharpened, and they will be more receptive to understanding what they should.

– Child Health. As a teacher in a Grade R class, for instance, it is very important to know how to take good care of kids in terms of their health and well-being.

– Psychological Development. The child must grow wholly. These things require skills and knowledge, which is one vital reason it is important to get the necessary qualifications. While learning, you will be taught the needed things you should know, and it will seriously help the kids left in your care. 

Finally, teaching as a Grade R teacher in South Africa is more than what many think it is. Because the students are still kids doesn’t mean any kind of person can be set over them. Anyone that will be their teacher must have the needed and appropriate qualifications. And as highlighted up there, the least that can make you qualified is a diploma, which can be easily gotten if you are committed.