Grade R Teacher Requirements (2023)

The job of Grade R teachers might not be very popular in South Africa, those interested need this Grade R teacher requirements detailed in this post, Grade R Teachers are very pivotal actually, the level they administer plays a very crucial role in the development of kids. This is a stage in the children can easily gain very important life skills in a formal and well-structured environment.

Of course, Grade R teachers don’t have to formally teach the kids what to learn in the formal sense of it, but the children can learn these things (language, mathematics, and life skills) via the use of music and play. Obviously, the teachers must know their onions as they play an important role in the early development of children.

Grade R teachers have the duty of exposing the children to language via play-based learning and help them develop life skills in important areas like creative arts, physical education, beginning knowledge with personal and social well-being.

Additionally, as a Grade R teacher, it is your duty to expose the kids in your circle to important mathematics areas like measurement, data handling, numbers, operations, functions, shape (geometry), algebra, and so on. It should be noted that this is done via play-based activities.

How To Become A Grade R Teacher In South Africa

Becoming a Grade R teacher in South Africa starts from an interest (that can be in form of a desire or passion). But it doesn’t stop there, one must satisfy certain requirements to be qualified as a Grade R teacher in the country. These are highlighted below:

What Qualifications Do I Need To Teach Grade R?

You have to be qualified before you can become a competent Grade R teacher in South Africa. Sure, aside from helpful self-education stuff that will enhance your capacity (in terms of knowing how to have a better impact on the kids and all of that), there are qualifications you are to have too. In fact, before you will be approved here, you are to meet the requirements that were set by the SACE.

If you don’t know what SACE is, you should understand that it is an organization set up by the authorities in South Africa to ensure quality teaching in the country. SACE (South African Council for Educators) achieves its aims via putting in place structures to ensure nothing but quality – through channels like Registration, management of Professional Development as well as the use of a Code of Ethics for educators in the country.

Here are the qualifications one should have:

Grade R Teacher Requirements

An Educare National Diploma (N6) OR

3-year Diploma in Grade R Teaching OR

4-year Bachelor of Education: Foundation Phase Teaching (B.Ed. Foundation Phase) OR

Bachelor’s degree other than a B.Ed. and a 1-year Post-graduate Certificate of Education (PGCE), specialising in Foundation Phase teaching.

One easy way to get along in this path is via getting an Educare National Diploma, which can be done easily (the course is an accredited course).

Grade R Teacher Salary In South Africa

What is the average salary for a Grade R Teacher in South Africa? According to the report, the average salary is around R 7 190 per month (which is an average of R 86 300 per year). Of course, depending on several factors, the teacher can receive something lower per year – such as around R 71 540 gross, or a higher annual earning – that can be around R 110 000.

It should also be added that underqualified folks taking up duties in this role are going to be paid less (they even tend to have the lowest salaries). Hence, to enjoy a higher salary, you should endeavor you are a qualified Grade R teacher. As an Entry Level Grade R Teacher in South Africa, you can still go home with up to R6 000 each month even with less than three years of experience. You can however earn R7 000 per month with 4-9 years of experience under your belt. However, folks with 10-20 years of experience under their belt can be paid up to R 7 800 each month.

However, as you should have noted, there are many other careers paying much more than what Grade R teachers earn. The salary many Grade R are earning in South Africa is lower than the country’s national average salary. Nevertheless, passionate teachers are not simply about the money they will be paid, but the impact they are going to make on the kids. Hence, it is advisable to enjoy working with children on a natural level and to just enjoy what you do with them.

The demand for Grade R teachers in South Africa is high. As you should be aware already, Grade R is the period where kids are prepared for primary school. They are to pass through this level before proceeding to the next. It is an important one, as it introduces them to a structured learning environment for the first time, different from what they have been used to at home. They will be aware of some things to face from grade 1 until they finish school as kids. This is very healthy for them as they won’t have to find themselves in some situations unprepared.

Nevertheless, unfortunately, while this responsibility is a very significant one, it has been made known that in South Africa, many of those teachings as Grade R teachers are not even qualified. It was stated that there are many that are yet to even have a matric. You should not be surprised at this, as many just think it is not a big deal to teach kids in a classroom.


In conclusion, there is a big demand for qualified teachers at this level, so this will be helpful to those in need of Grade R teacher requirements considering the high rate of under-qualified grade R teachers in South Africa. Hence, you should ensure you pass through the necessary procedures to become a qualified Grade R teacher. It is beneficial for everyone when this is done. You will increase your value as a teacher, and you will help the children become better in their development

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