Hollard Cellphone Insurance – All You Need To Know (2023)

Indeed, it is not something cool to be ever stranded without one’s cellphone. Our phones represent a lot to us these days and have become a big part of us – since they are utilized to do a whole lot of things. Many can’t even imagine what they would do if their cellphone was lost or stolen, or was accidentally damaged.

There are folks who don’t attach too much importance to their phones – until it is stolen, lost or damaged. That is when they get to appreciate the necessity of their cellphone and the convenience it gives too. Without the phone, it isn’t easy to keep in touch with loved ones and business associates.

Hollard Cellphone Insurance

These are the things Hollard Cellphone Insurance is meant to handle. Hence, phone owners are encouraged to embrace Game Cellphone Insurance to prevent avoidable worries.  

This is a special offering from Hollard Insurance Company Limited, and they have put it in place to benefit Game customers. To benefit from the offer, one has to get their new cellphone from Game.

Once the insurance has been activated, if the cellphone should get missing or stolen accidentally, what happens is that you will be given the same cellphone (or a similar one). However, if your phone should get damaged accidentally damaged, you will have it repaired for you (as far as it is still repairable). Please note that in such cases like these when your phone should become damaged by accident, it won’t be replaced, but repaired if possible. It will only be replaced if it was accidentally stolen or lost.

One of the benefits presented via the Hollard Insurance Company Limited is that the cellphone insurance cover is activated upon registration.

Things To Take Along To Insure Your Cellphone With Howard Unsrance

The company has many partners around the country, simply visit any of their Kiosk close to you, and you will be attended to. Here are the details you should have at hand when registering:

– Your cellphone number

– Your Name and address

– The IMEI (Serial) number

– Your ID number

– Your Bank account details (including your Bank, the branch and the branch code, as well as your account number)

So, as you are buying your phone, ensure you opt for the adequate pack that you want to cover the value of the device. Then, you will simply hand it to the attendant, and make necessary payments for the pack. After doing this, you are expected to also call the share call number to register your details.

It is important to see to it that your details are properly taken by the call center. This is so crucial, as one’s policy won’t start (and the person won’t even be entitled to any benefits) if they haven’t register their policy.

When next after successfully insuring your cellphone? You have to ensure your details are kept safe with you, and remember the store at which cover and phone was bought.

How Much Is It Going To Cost You?

Depending on the cover they desire as well as the value of their phone, anyone can have cover for their phone for up to R6000 only.

Their sales agent in-store will offer a detailed explanation of all that is entailed in this superb offer from The Game Cellphone Insurance, which is underwritten by Hollard. It is available to owners of a newly gotten phone from Game.

But, should you trust Hollard? Well, the advice is that you should try checking around to hear personal firsthand reviews from those that have used this offer before. Nevertheless, the company claimed that they offer a full insurance solution that is easy to get and well structured too and that they maintain a strict code of ethics too (which should encourage folks to trust them).

They maintained their openness and transparency in their business dealings, insisting the wellbeing of their customers is all that matters to them. Since they are a grown brand, they are also able to leverage on economies of scale to present superb insurance solutions in South Africa – talk about great value for money.

Hollard Cellphone Insurance Contact Number & Contact Details

If you want to contact Hollard as touching this product, you can make do with any of these means:

Call Centre: 0861 005 675      

Email Address: [email protected]

Postal Address: Hollard c/o Finrite, P O Box 22524, Helderkruin, 1733

Please, don’t forget to register your information with them, and update them of any changes to policy detail. These can be done by reaching out to them via 0861 005 675

Hollard Cellphone Insurance Claims/ How Do I Claim Hollard Cell Phone Insurance

It has been made known that claims are taken care of within 72 hours of receipt of all necessary documentation. The customer simply has to reach out to their call centre on 0861 005 675, having the phone insurance details at hand while doing so.

Hollard has insisted that replacement or repaired phone is couriered directly to the customer. It is important to emphasize that cover is only available on phones that are gotten at Game. Customers are also enjoined to see to it that they carefully go through the terms and conditions that were provided in the Insurance Pack they obtained instore

How To Cancel Hollard Cellphone Insurance

Do you want to cancel your Cellphone Insurance? This can be easily done anytime you want to get it done. Simply access their cancellation request form via >>> https://www.hollard.co.za/binaries/content/assets/hollardcoza/pages/brokers/resources/forms-and-download/my-life-and-more/mlm-cancellation-request-form.pdf

Fill the form correctly and wait for further information from them. If it appears they aren’t responding as quickly as you desire, you can also contact them via phone and explain that you want to cancel the insurance. You should be attended to swiftly.



In conclusion, the Game Cellphone Insurance is underwritten by Hollard, a reputable and licensed Financial Services Provider that has been in the industry for a while now. Their stuff covers phones for accidental damage, accidental loss, as well as theft. They actually offer several other insurance products. But if you need more clarification as touching this particular one that concerns cellphones, you should reach out to the Game Insurance Helpline via 0861 005 675, and they should gladly attend to you and help you sort out your stuff as soon as possible. You should remember that having this insurance doesn’t mean you should be carelessness with your cellphone or use it unpleasantly. Since the company already stated that they are going to be committed to strong ethics in their business dealings, it is necessary that you too should do the same, and avoid playing unnecessary games in your dealings with them