5 Best Extended Car Warranties in South Africa (2024)

A new car comes with a warranty valid for a period of time. That warranty means that the manufacturer or dealership agrees to cover the cost of any repairs to the car; whether it is the engine, gearbox, suspension, electronics, approved accessories, the interior, or the paintwork. What they are actually saying is: ‘This car is great and it will not give you any problems. But if any problems do arise, we will take care of it.’ So you see, that warranty is a promise of payment that the company hopes it will not have to make.

An extended warranty, on the other hand, is somewhat different because it kicks in after the period when the manufacturer’s warranty has expired, (during which the car is more at risk to wear) and also because it does not come from the manufacturer who made the car; but rather from an insurance company looking to make profits.

So what is the best-extended car warranty in South Africa? That is a very difficult question to ask because customer needs vary widely. However, I listed the top 5 best extended car warranties in South Africa for you to choose from.

Best Extended Car Warranties in South Africa

1. M-sure

M-sure seems to have profited from a change of name- the company was previously known as SA Warranties. The company has a bold offer targeted at new car owners in South Africa, we think this offer is probably a good place to start when looking for extended warranty offers. 

M-sure extended warranty is clear and straightforward; you are left in no doubt about what is covered and what is not covered. The company packages these extended warranties into different combinations according to what they believe will be a good deal for you the buyer, and also for the company.

The insurer provides a detailed breakdown on its homepage, you can find components covered and further details of warranties on their website.

2. Motorite

 Motorite is a Wesbank partner company. The company is huge and enjoys a great reputation as a credible and very efficient financial services provider.  The warranties are underwritten by Infiniti Insurance Group.

Motorite offers one of the best extended car warranties in South Africa, their plans are simple to understand; the cover given includes your motor vehicle’s electrical systems, gearbox, engine and transfer box, differential, and so on. However, these extended warranties are only for cars that are less than 10 years old, and that have not done more than 300,000 kilometers in mileage.

Furthermore, there are only so many car brands that the company covers with these products; they include Toyota, Nissan, Jaguar, Volvo, Land Rover, Peugeot, Subaru, VW, or any car made by General Motors South Africa.

3. Hollard

Hollard gives you peace of mind as a Motorist in South Africa; with this company, you can get an extended warranty for as little as R129 per month. Furthermore, this company gives you roadside assistance which includes towing of the vehicle- policyholders are given a phone number to call. 

With Hollard, you get 4 basic options and one thing they have in common is affordability. The company covers mechanical issues, (engine, gear, wheels, and suspension) as well as electrical issues (lights, windows, and other electronic components).

With this company, it does not matter how often you use your vehicle, or whether or not your car is a passenger car. However, your car needs to be less than 10 years old, and must not have travelled over 200,000km of mileage.

4. Motorvaps

Motorvaps has a lot of people who have faith in it as their insurer of choice. The company offers extended warranty products that provide cover for different vehicle components from sudden and unforeseen breakdown or electrical damage. Motorvaps cover a wider cache of components including engine, gearbox, differential, turbo assembly, and wheels.

MotorVaps also offers one of the best extended car warranties in South Africa, the company requires you as the owner to have your vehicle serviced so as to identify a potential mechanical failure. This is great news because you don’t have to wait until the component goes bad, and the car breaks down on the road somewhere. With this feature you can be proactive; discover problems, and the company will cover them.

If it happens that your vehicle does break down, you just have to contact the roadside assistance section of the company on a given phone number, and the company will tow your vehicle to the nearest RMI-approved repairer.

After the vehicle has been fixed, you tell the repairer that you have a warranty with MotorVaps, and when you contact the claims department to sort things out with the repairer. MotorVaps is more of a preventive company, but make no mistake about it: the company is well equipped to handle any eventuality. 

5. MotorHappy

Motorhappy is another company that has gained a solid foothold in the area of extended warranties. The company has a range of extended warranty products that cater to almost all brands of cars, and that cover every aspect or component of your vehicle. 

A Scratch and dent cover is the first line of defense against your car looking old and worn out too quickly; the company will cover the cost of a professionally done factory paint job. MotorHappy also offers cover for your car’s mechanical issues, such as those involving the engine, gear, wheels, and suspension as well as electrical issues (lights, windows, and other electronic components).

MotorHappy also offers roadside assistance; customers are given a number to call so that a tow vehicle can be sent to the location where their vehicle has broken down.



As you have seen, there is no best when it comes to extended warranty offers. It all depends on what appeals to each individual motorist; some warranties are mostly preventive; they require the customer to perform regular servicing at their partner workshops so that problems are detected earlier. That is a good move because it means that the car will be regularly fixed, problems will be averted, and the motorist will be safer.

There are several payment options for car warranties in South Africa, including:

  1. Once-off

With this form of payment, the premium is paid once. This is usually a heavy sum, and not often achievable for most motorists, but there are benefits that come with this: you get peace of mind, not worrying about monthly payments of which you probably have a lot already.

  1. Monthly payments 

A common way of paying for your car’s extended warranty is monthly. Sometimes, an agreement can be made with your bank in which you authorize them to make the payments directly.

  1. Pay the policy with your monthly car repayments

This option is for those who are paying for the car instalmentally.

Whatever option you choose, it is a good idea to have an extended warranty coverage for your vehicle.