25 Cheap Fun Things To Do In Cape Town For Couples (2022)

Cape Town is an amazing place quite all right, and there are very numerous things to do there. It is even much more pleasant for couples since you can get to share the love with someone that means a lot to you. Incredibly, you must not even break the bank all because you want to have fun, since there are several cheap fun things to do in Cape Town for couples.

25 Cheap Fun Things To Do In Cape Town For Couples

Here are nice fun things to do in cape town for couples:

1. Hiking

You can have fun as couples hiking around some superb free hiking spots in and around Cape Town. Amazingly, all of these are not just very cheap but are mostly free too. You can go to the likes of Lion’s Head, Newlands Forest, and so on. However, if you are going to be hiking in mountains, for instance, make sure you follow adequate safety guidelines.

2. Groot Constantia

It is free to gain access to Groot Constantia (although you may have to pay for meals if you care for such). If you are wondering what it is, it is one of the oldest wine-producing farms in the area that has been active for so many years now.

You can come here to have fun with your partner without having to break the bank, having a feel of what has been for many years. Couples can take the free VoiceMap audio tours to explore the farm as well as its rich history.

3. Walking tours of the city

It’s free to walk around exploring the beautiful city of Cape Town. You can learn a lot about the place together with its history. If you want, you can do this with certain tour firms to add more flavor to what you do. This is one of the cheap things to do in cape town for couples that we can recommend.

4. Visit Green Point Park

Green Point Park is another place you should consider if you want to have a swell time as a couple. It is a nice place to walk together, enjoy a picnic, and even enjoy their outdoor gym too.

5. Swim in a Tidal Pool

This is a very interesting thing you can do in Cape Town for free. You can have a unique experience of swimming in tidal pools around the city. These rocky man-made pools offer a safe to enjoy yourselves.

6. The Company’s Garden

The Company’s Garden was established many years ago (as far as in 1652) and is located
It’s free to visit right there in the city center of Cape Town. It was constructed to bring forth fresh fruit and vegetables for the ships of the Dutch year back in South Africa. Right now, it is an abode to the oldest cultivated pear tree in the entire country. It is free to take a stroll here and enjoy the aura.

7. Beach

You can also have fun at Cape Town’s beaches cheaply and freely. Take note of the fact that there are several beautiful beaches all around the city (they have the reputation of being some of the most scenic in the world). Simply enjoy the bliss.

8. Kalk Bay

Kalk Bay is located in Cape Town and is really one with a great reputation on the global scene. This is because, some years ago, it was voted to be the coolest neighborhood in the world. There are several things to do here for a memorable experience. There are several eateries, etc.

9. A walk at the V&A Waterfront

You can go for an enjoyable walk at the V&A Waterfront with your partner and it is free too. It is located at the heart of the city’s working harbor and is one of the things we can recommend to others. The place has a very nice history and you can have a feel as you explore the place with your partner.

10. Go Gym

You can have fun while keeping fit in Cape Town, and it can be more pleasurable when it is with a loved one. Here, there are several outdoor gyms located in different parts of the city that are accessible to everyone for free.

The authorities are always bent on utilizing sport and recreation to make people as happy and healthy as possible. These are safe to use and are great for adults of all ages and fitness levels.

11. Rondevlei Nature Reserve

Another exciting thing you can do with your partner is to watch the wildlife in Rondevlei Nature Reserve, and you have to pay R12 to have access to the place. This of course is very cheap, particularly compared to the fun you will have. You will be able to see beautiful animals here – such as the Cape Grysbok Porcupine, Cape Clawless Otter, etc.

12. Newlands Forest

You can move away from the busy life of the city by taking a trip to Newlands Forest, with just around R36 for adults.

13. Helderberg Nature Reserve

This is situated in Somerset West and stretches as far as the cliff faces of Helderberg Mountain, and it takes around R25 to gain entry.

14. Neighbourgoods Market

You can explore different interesting markets around you in Cape Town (Neighbourgoods Market in this case) to get nice things cheaply.

15. Explore Intaka Island

This is another very great place you should give priority to. It takes just R25 to gain access, but it is worth the fun too.

16. Faire Un Tour Au Jardin Babylonstoren

Share the fun with your partner for just less than R50. It is a very lovely classical French-inspired garden that is located in Klapmuts.

17. Mountain biking in Meerendal

Have fun at another level by going mountain biking in Meerendal. You will need around R100 for this as a couple, but you will enjoy the fun.

18. Rietvlei Wetland Reserve

Couples can also explore Rietvlei Wetland Reserve (it cost just R17 for adults). This freshwater wetland is situated on the floodplain of the Diep River and you can discover a wide variety of birds in this place.

19. Visit SANCCOB

You will need between R30 and R50 to go here, but it’s also a very nice place. This is a non-profit organization that is about preserving seabirds.

20. Enjoy Poolside fun

There are several public pools in different parts of Cape Town, and you can enjoy any from between R8 and R23. If you can swim with your partner, you can consider the Sea Point Pavillion to have a swell time.

21. Food at the Bluebird Garage Market

One of the very nice things you should do with your partner in Cape Town is to enjoy food at the Bluebird Garage market, particularly on a Friday night. It is a nice place for a social family evening.

22. Enjoy a treat from Charly’s Bakery

Located in Cape Town too, you can enjoy their delicious cupcakes and cookies without breaking the bank with your partner.

23. Coffee at Truth Coffee Shop

Truth Coffee Shop is a superb place you should try out with your partner if you want to enjoy yourselves in Cape Town cheaply.

24. Kirstenbosch

You can also consider exploring Kirstenbosch. This is an oasis in the city with several nice features.

25. Watch the Sunset from Signal Hill

Another lovely thing you can do in Cape Town with your partner is to go watch the sunset from Signal Hill. This is a very beautiful sight to behold and you can consider this adventure.

In Conclusion

These are some of the cheap fun things to do in Cape Town for couples that can be recommended to anyone interested in having a swell time with their loved one in the city.