Top 15 Best Swimming Beaches In Cape Town (2022)

Swimming is cool, and it is even more exciting when you are swimming on a beautiful beach. Interestingly, there are several superb beaches in Cape Town where you can enjoy the water and just have fun relaxing. Some of the best swimming beaches in cape town are in different parts of the city, and you can always go to the ones closest to your current location.

Top 15 Best Swimming Beaches In Cape Town

Here are some of the best beaches to swim in Cape Town:

1. Camps Bay

Let’s start this list with Camps Bay. This is a large beach that is positioned in a nice place in the city. It is pretty wide and isn’t complicated to get there to enjoy yourself. It is necessary to warn you beforehand that you should try as much as possible to avoid coming over with your own car when it is very crowded, because you may struggle to find a parking space (you can just use Uber).

One interesting thing we should also add here revolves around the location of this particular beach. There are various restaurants close by and you can always grab something to eat.

2. Beta Beach at Bakoven

Another superb beach around here is Beta Beach at Bakoven. While on the Atlantic coast like several other beaches, it has a reputation for the water normally being wave-free. Therefore, while making preparations to go here for fun, be set for the cold.

If you want to tarry here, you will have a good view of its sunsets and appreciate the beauty of nature. Due to certain structures here at the beach, it is regularly used for picture shoots.

3. Clifton Beaches

Care of a stylish beach in Cape Town? You should look towards Clifton then. You will be carried away by the magnificent white-sand beaches, and you can always find them with ease. These beaches are properly organized and have a unique atmosphere.

If you crave quietness and peace, this is the place for you. Unlike certain other places, one of the nice things we should emphasize is that you can enjoy your company a lot here since it is usually not congested.

4. Boulders Beach

A lot of people love this beach for various reasons. However, it is a pretty cool place that has a reputation for being one of the most sought-after beach spots in the city.

Boulders Beach is quite a beautiful place, and the African Penguins even added beauty to it. If you want to have a nice time around here (particularly if you love beaches), come over here.

5. Muizenberg Beach

This popular beach can also be patronized, as it is regarded as one of the best beaches around here. It is an amazing place where you can enjoy yourselves even as a family. With nice flavors like the Muizenberg Beach Huts, you have a lot of beautiful spots to take pictures too.

6. Llandudno Beach

Here is another superb beach you can visit in Cape Town. It receives various types of beach lovers from different places and is already the favorite of many. The beach is a pure one with large rocks.

Here, you get to enjoy relaxation in a peaceful and beautiful environment and can stay back to behold the sunset too.

7. Bloubergstrand

There are various nice things one can really do on this nice beach, which is one of the best in Cape Town. If you have an eye for kitesurfing, visit Bloubergstrand then.

8. Milnerton Beach – West Coast

Milnerton Beach is also a nice place you can relax and have fun. It is reputable in the city and many loves visiting this beach. Milnerton Beach offers superb views of the mountain.

Aside from being a great place for relaxing and all of that, it is also a spot for surfers to do their things (the waves here often bring great crowds). It was even made known that certain bold swimmers may want to take a plunge in the sea here.

9. Fish Hoek

Fish Hoek has swimmable water for swimming. Aside from what you find on the inside, the place also has adequate facilities which you should like. Here is a famous place that accommodates people of all ages.

Fish Hoek is superb for lengthy walks, sunbathing, and so on. If you are a bold swimmer, there are adventures you will like to engage in at Fish Hoek.

10. Oudekraal Beach

This is also one of the best beaches in Cape Town and is loved by many. It is right in the middle of Camps Bay and Llandudno, and is a great place to have a typical South African braai. In need of a place to catch good fun? You can try this out.

11. Long Beach, Kommetjie

Here is another stunning beach that is one of the most famous around. Aside from being a spot for those that enjoy relaxing at the beach (even with their families and loved ones), surfers will also find it amazing.

This beach is one with a long expanse of white sand and other beautiful things. Still seeking an exciting beach in Cape Town? You should consider this one. It is a nice spot for sunbathing, sandcastle building, and so on.

12. Glen Beach

Here is another superb beach here. There are very busy beaches as well as less busy ones. Glen Beach can be regarded as a less busy one, and you will enjoy its reasonable peace too. Due to this, you can get away from the busyness of the city and all, and have a soothing time on the beach.

Also, since certain structures have been put in place by the managers of the beach, you are allowed to have a full day of enjoyment in the sun at will. Remember, the beach is a pure one that offers you pleasure.

13. Hout Bay Beach

Hout Bay Beach is almost a kilometer long. There are nice reasons why such a beach is regarded as one of the most prominent around here. Aside from the beauty and other admirable things you find at Hout Bay Beach, it is also dog-friendly.

You can also feel some vibes seeing horses and their riders doing their things, as there is a stable nearby.

14. Mouille Point Beach

It is situated in a lovely place and is ok for several things. Let’s say you are looking for a conducive beach for an afternoon stroll, you can give great priority to Mouille Point Beach.

It is nicely organized and very lovely too, and there are various lovely things you can do here. Additionally, there are several l restaurants and cafés close by where you can enjoy great meals.

15. St. James Beach

This is not as big as several other beaches but is a great one and is among the best you will find around here. It is a nice beach even for families, adequately protected from the elements. There are several lovely huts, and you can also take lovely pictures.

In Conclusion

These are some of the best swimming beaches in Cape Town where you can enjoy and relax.

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