30 Best Paying Jobs in South Africa (2021)

Are you a graduate looking for the best-paying jobs in South Africa, or you are thinking of going to the University and then searching for the best course that will give you the best paying job?

Search no more because we’ve compiled a list of the highest-paying jobs in South Africa.

Best Paying Jobs in South Africa

1. Medical Specialists

Mean Salary: R1, 123, 890 

A Medical Specialist specializes in a particular branch of medicine, such as heart or bone disorder. They are also capable of performing surgery.

What Do They Do?

  • They collect, record, and keep track of patient data, such as test results, medical history, and records.
  • They also perform Minor and Major surgery.
  • They Maintain communication with medical professionals in the community and the hospital.


2. Technical And Business Architect

Mean Salary: R871,342

A business architect is someone who is concerned with the development and maintenance of an organization’s capabilities under its corporate strategy, as well as contributing to business strategies and plans.

What they do:

  • Understanding of business principles and concepts
  • Understanding how the market affects business, differentiating aspects in a firm, what and how values are produced, and how strategy creation can be supported are all skills that can be learned.
  • While corporate leaders focus on the vision, intended aim and advantages the corporation offers to stakeholders, a macro-level business architect creates principles and controls policies over interactions with suppliers, partners, and all sorts of outsourcing.


3. Pilot

Average salary: R695,000

A pilot is a person that conveys cargo and people on a flight.


4. Petroleum Engineer

Mean Salary: R694,700

A Petroleum engineer is a person who designs and develops methods for extracting oil and gas from deposits below the Earth’s surface. 

What they do: They pump more oil or gas from a reservoir, try using water, chemicals, gases, or steam to inject them.


5. IT Manager 

The average yearly pay for an IT manager is R663,539.

IT Manager oversees computer and information systems and is also responsible for planning, coordinating, and directing activities within their organizations.


6. Industrial Engineer

Average yearly salary: 663,347

In manufacturing, industrial engineers work to remove inefficiency in production processes. 

They construct a system that integrates workers, machines, materials, information, and technology to make products or produce services in a way that minimizes wasteful practices.


7. Lawyer 

Average salary per year: R655,000

Lawyers are people who interpret the law.

Every person needs a lawyer to manage a conflict or disagreement for them, to prosecute or defend them in a lawsuit, and to offer guidance on legal matters.

What they do;

  • Resolve legal issues and disputes
  • Brings evidence and makes a legal argument in court on behalf of their clients
  • May assist clients with the will preparation


8. Management Consultant

Average Salary: 625,038 

Management consultants are people skilled at helping businesses grow and expand by solving problems and uncovering new and better approaches to relevant problems.


9. Financial Manager

Average Salary: R619,240 p/a

Financial managers are people responsible for the financial health of a company and also offer financial advice on how to make an organization grow.


10. Actuary

Average salary: R550,656

An actuary is a business expert who deals with risk and uncertainty measurement and management, which can have a detrimental impact on both sides of the balance sheet. Asset, liability, and valuation management are all required to manage these risks.


11. Plant manager

Salary: R510,348

The person in charge of manufacturing or production facilities is known as a plant manager or an industrial production manager. They take part in plant operations every day and assist with the company’s strategic planning for the long term.


12. Project Manager

Average Salary: R500,000 p/a

Project managers are responsible for the planning and execution of a project.


13. Programmer

The average salary for software engineers is R494,730

Software engineers apply the principles of software engineering to the design, development, maintenance, testing, and evaluation of computer software.


14. Accountant

Average salary $482,649

An accountant is a professional who is employed by an organization to record all the transactions taking place within the business, as well as give a running account of the business’s performance to management.


15. Primary Care Physician (General Medical Doctor)

The average doctor’s salary is R437,527 per annum.

General Medical, often referred to as “general practitioners” or “GP’s,” are primary care physicians who see patients for acute and chronic illnesses and provide preventative care and health education to patients.


  • Medicine, M.D.
  • Med school (4-6 years)
  • Work experience (1 year)


16. Human Resources manager

The average annual salary of a human resources manager is R352,000.

HR professionals actively recruit, screen, interview, and place workers in an organization. They are in charge of providing benefits, training, and payments for employees.


17. Tax consultants

The yearly salary for tax consultants is R300,000.

A tax consultant is an individual who possesses knowledge of tax laws, as well as expertise in preparing tax returns and providing advice on how to handle any taxation-related issue.


18. Graphics Designer

The average annual salary is R246,000.

A graphic design is created by combining images or motion pictures to communicate either manually or with computer software.

Graphic design does not follow the standard model of job certification, which means that it’s not certificate-dependent. 

On the other hand, students who study computer science, graphic design, or art and design-based courses such as BFA’s, HNDs, or bachelor’s degrees in computer science, graphics design, or other design fields may benefit.

What they do:

  • The goal of graphic designers is to communicate ideas to consumers through imagery.
  • They build applications such as advertisements, brochures, and magazines using a combination of design layout and production design.


19. Company Secretary

Average Salary: R238,962

A company secretary is a higher position in a private sector company or public organization.

In a corporate or public sector organization, a company secretary is a senior job.


20. Director of Procurement


The Procurement Director is in charge of designing a corporate procurement and material management strategy for the purchase of direct and indirect goods and services.


21. Vice President of Sales: R220,000

A VP of Sales is in charge of ensuring that their sales team meets and exceeds sales targets.


22. Director of Marketing R200,000

Marketing directors are in charge of their company’s entire branding and image, as well as marketing and communications strategy.


23. Manager of a Country: R 199,000

A Country Manager’s major responsibility is to oversee the activities of a company’s affiliate in a specific country or region.


24. Company Secretary for the Group: R197,000

The Group Company Secretary is responsible for giving legal, financial, and/or strategic assistance.


25. Director of Information Technology: R196,000

The Director of Information Technology is the most senior executive in an organization who works with information technology and computer systems to achieve enterprise goals.


26. Information Technology Director: R195,000

They, like the CIO, work with the information technology department to help the company achieve its goals.


27. IT Security Manager: R193,000

An information security manager is a person who is in charge of securing an organization’s computers, networks, and data against computer viruses, security breaches, and malicious hacker attacks.


28. Chief Enterprise Architect: R190,000

The chief enterprise architect’s primary responsibility is to ensure that the company’s business strategy, as well as any relevant trends, are reflected in the company’s procedures.


29. Project Manager: R180,000

A project director is a project management position in which an executive-level employee strategically controls, monitors, and manages.


30. Sales Director / Head of Sales: R150,000

The Head of Sales establishes and communicates the company’s KPIs and targets to subordinate salespeople regularly, as well as analyzes consumer patterns.



Here you have it, the list of the best paying jobs in South Africa for the year.

Note that these jobs are ranked according to their average yearly salary (per annum).

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