Top 10 Best Primary Schools In Rustenburg

Primary Schools are institutions created for children about the age of four to eleven. Primary school enrolment for children is deeply important because it is the foremost and basic awareness community kids go through. One of the best reasons why kids must attend primary schools is that it boosts their confidence and makes them more independent. Primary schools usually are the first place where students learn new things, meet new people, and explore.

In this article, the list of the best primary schools in Rustenburg, a city in the North-West province of South Africa, is provided below. If you have been searching for the most equipped and amazing primary schools in Rustenburg, this is the right and the perfect place for you. South Africa is a popular and rich country located in Southern Africa. The nation is renowned for its strong economy and top-notch infrastructures. Besides, primary schools in South Africa aren’t bad as well. South Africa is one of the best places where you can find good primary schools. Check below to view the list of the best schools.

Top 10 Best Primary Schools In Rustenburg

1. Rustenburg Forest Hill Primary School

Rustenburg Forest Hill Primary School is located in WaterBoom Avenue, Protea Park, Rustenburg. This school offers children a good learning environment and high-quality education. Rustenburg Forest Hill Primary School’s vision is to keep providing life-changing opportunities for children via a good and quality education system.

2. Montessori School

Montessori school is located in Pendoring Avenue, Geelhout Park, South Africa. This school is focused on providing quality education that supports independence, creativity, and great learning within a calm and safe environment.

Maria Montessori, the founder of this amazing institution has spent a lot of time observing the children and important basics in building their various abilities. The founder realized children have a lot of potentials that can help in changing the world into a better place and that is why she was determined to create an environment equipped with the right learning equipment and opportunities.

3. Rustenburg Crèche And Primary School

Rustenburg Creche and primary school is situated at President Mbeki Street, Rustenburg, South Africa. The school is dedicated to assisting children to attain their utmost potential and to develop into future leaders. Rustenburg Creche and Primary school have a lot of professional teachers that are capable of offering teaching services to kids simply and amazingly.

4. Meridian College

Meridian College is located in Tlhabane, Rustenburg, South Africa. This elementary school is greatly known for its consistency in offering high-quality teaching services. The school is committed to developing learners into knowledgeable individuals. Meridian College offers a wide variety of activities that would help kids relish their learning experience. The school strongly believes in sports and cultural activities because they play a large role in promoting self-confidence, discipline, team awareness, and great socialization. Also, Meridian College provides cutting-edge learning technologies for children.

5. Twinkle Star School

Twinkle Star Schools is situated in Kerk Street, Rustenburg. The school provides an environment where kids can learn, play, and meet new friends. Twinkle Star School offers good and top-notch facilities to its learners. Spacious class, amazing playgrounds and so much more are available to be explored by Twinkle Star learners.

6. Noble Palms Primary School

Noble Palm is an independent primary institution located in Rhenosterfontein, Rustenburg. The mission of the school is to develop kids’ academic, physical, and spiritual abilities. Noble Palms school provides a good learning environment and amazing facilities. Also, the school is committed to providing good sporting activities for kids.  The school teachers are dedicated to training children to become good Christians and potential leaders.

7. Luka Primary School

Luka Primary School has been providing good teaching services and impacting kids’ lives since 2007. The school is located in Rathipa Section, Luka, Rustenburg, South Africa. Luka Primary school has competent teachers and provides top-notch learning facilities for kids.

8. Laerskool ProteaPark

Laerskool ProteaPark is an elementary school located in Protea ark, Rustenburg, South Africa. The school offers an environment where life is introduced as a challenge, full of adventure and simulating opportunities. Laerskool ProteaPark’s main mission is to guide children so that they will be physically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually capable of conquering any challenge the environment places before them.

9. Laerskool Vastrap

Laerskool Vastrap is located in Protea Park, Rustenburg, South Africa. The school is dedicated to providing well-rounded learners to South African society. Laerskool Vastrap is not only known for its academic excellence, but it is also a popular institution where learners can explore lots of rich cultural and sports activities.

10. Selly Park Convent Primary School

Selly Park Convent Primary School is located in Azalea Park, Rustenburg, South Africa. The school is exclusively a catholic school that accepts all learners that are seeking quality education. Selly Park Convent Primary School strives to provide the best teaching service to all learners irrespective of their gender, religion, race, or traditions.

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There are lots of primary schools in North West province, especially, in Rustenburg. Although, there are a high number of elementary schools in Rustenburg, besides, not all can be referred to as standard. Moreover, in this article, the list of the best primary schools in Rustenburg has been provided. Check these schools out, you won’t be disappointed.

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